Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission

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Title: Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): Randall Landers
Series?: yes, see below
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission is a gen and het Star Trek: TOS anthology that reprints content published in previous Orion Press zines in particular from Orion. Some of the later issues also reprint online fanfic. The early issues are numbered, later on the titles are organized by the fictional timeframe the zine takes place in (many Orion Press zines take place in a vaguely shared universe at least as far as the basic chronology of the Trek universe is concerned. Their website offers timelines and such that the zines adhere to). Issues are still being released as of 2009, and there are also re-releases of older Orion Archives issues. A full list is available at the Orion Press website.

Summary from the flyer: "Beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a.k.a. “In They Image”), these stories detail the adventures of the the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, on its second mission under the command of Captain James Tiberius Kirk until the terrible events of the Serenidad Tragedy three years later. Look for some of your favorite regulars including Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, Lieutenant Commander Hikaru Sulu, Lieutenant Commander Penda Nyota Uhura, Lieutenant j.g. Pavel Chekov, Doctor Christine Chapel, Lieutenant Xon, Transporter Chief Janice Rand, Lieutenant M’ress, Lieutenant Arex, Ensign Indri, and even Admiral Nogura and intergalactic sex symbol Princess Teresa."

The Orion Archives:

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 1

cover of issue #1, 2001 edition
cover of issue #1, 2007 edition

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 1 contains 254 pages and artwork by Jim Boursaw, Donna C. Clark (Oakes), Rick Endres, Don Harden, Bonnie Reitz, ERIC (Evalou Richardson), Zaquia Tarhuntassa and Marie Williams.

  • Upon Golden Tears written by Pamela J. Corsa (A beautiful and sad story of an encounter between the crew of the Enterprise and a hitherto unknown alien race. Not all such encounters are peaceful. Many are tragic. Some are both. An excellent story!)
  • No Margin for Error written by Linda McInnis (A stream-of-consciousness piece involving Kirk in a command decision situation. A solid look at the thoughts of Starfleet’s renowned starship captain.)
  • Hover-boards and Photons written by d. William Roberts (Orion pirates attack the Enterprise, and only Lieutenant Kelsey can figure out a way to save the ship once their targeting sensors are fried!)
  • To Hellguard and Back written by Linda McInnis (This wonderful Saavik origin story does a terrific job in capturing the youth’s personality in a believable way.)
  • The Sound of Death written by Randall Landers (A tragic mission is bound to prompt some changes in the automated first contact procedures the Federation employs.)
  • Shades of Gray written by Chris Dickenson (Serving as a secret agent, Chapel investigates a Romulan plot on a backwater colony world. The problem is that she’s suffering from amnesia, and it’s up to Sulu to go in and get her out of there.)
  • Dignity written by Chris Dickenson (Ambassador Sarek is caught up in a Klingon-supported revolution on a Federation world. The Enterprise is sent to rescue him and his staff, but the landing party is marooned as the Enterprise becomes involved with a wolf-pack of Klingon ships. Spock performs a mind-meld, and to his horror, Sarek appears to be insane leaving Spock with a clear duty: tal shaya.)
  • To Weather a Storm written by Jody P. Crouse (While on an emergency trip to a starbase for repairs, Spock is beamed off the bridge by aliens who want him for his computer expertise. It is one of the weaker stories, and as one of our consultants pointed out, rather pointless, but I chose to include it here as a matter of personal preference.)
  • Just Another Routine Assignment written by Ann Zewen (While Kirk is doing a cultural survey on Stradith, Klingons invade the peaceful planet.)
  • Only the Sound Remains written by Linda McInnis (Spock is offered to choose between an existence any Vulcan would dream of with a woman any Human would die for, and his friend, Jim Kirk.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Upon Golden Tears / [rep: Orion 34]
  • No Margin for Error / [also Orion Archives 3] Fine vignette on Kirk's decision-making. Regs; lifeform
  • Hover-boards and Photons / [rep: Orion 34]
  • To Hellguard and Back / [also Orion Archives 4]
  • The Sound of Death / [also Orion Archives 2] Fundamentalist planet commits mass suicide at first contact.
  • Shades of Gray / [also Orion Archives 5]
  • Dignity / [also Orion Archives 7]Spock and McCoy, attempting to rescue Sarek from a war zone, face off when Spock decides the best thing he can do for Sarek is tal-shaya. Nicely put together, switching between Sybok's exposure of McCoy's "pain" and the earlier story as Spock discovers what McCoy really did for him.
  • To Weather a Storm / [also Orion Archives 1] Spock transported away by energy beings to repair their weather computers.
  • Just Another Routine Assignment [also Orion Archives 4]
  • Only the Sound Remains / [also Orion Archives 1] Spock as merman: siren; Call; group mind; air-algae; aquashuttle [1]

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 2

cover of issue #2, 2001 edition
cover of issue #2, 2007 edition

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 2 contains 290 pages and artwork by Steven K. Dixon, Rick Endres, Don Harden, Robert Jan and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

  • Homecoming written by Rick Endres (Spock is reunited with the Romulan Commander from the "The Enterprise Incident" under less than desirable circumstances: a pon farr brought on early by his mental contact with V’ger.)
  • A Crystal Clear Problem written by Rowena Warner (A Kirk-Spock-McCoy friendship story set on an ice planet slated for terraforming. Can they find a way to save this beautiful work of nature from destruction?)
  • The Balance of Nature written by Jeffrey Woytach (The crew of the Enterprise works feverishly to free themselves from a unique animal senselessly bent on a course for their mutual destruction.)
  • A Collection of Lines written by Linda McInnis (What is it like when one of the junior officers on a starship loses a family member? And what is it like for the captain? A heart-rending look at what must be a commonplace, yet rarely seen, tragedy.)
  • The Last Survivor written by Rick Endres (In this sequel to the episode "A Private Little War," the Enterprise returns to the planet Neural only to discover how the situation there has worsened. This is a gruesome but probable conclusion to the events set forth in the episode. Note: Graphic violence.)
  • The Wages of Vengeance written by Rick Endres (The peaceful planet of Serenidad is at the cusp of a major decision: whether or not to join the United Federation of Planets. Just as the treaty is to be signed, however, Captain James T. Kirk apparently leaps to the ceremonial platform and executes Don Fernando, El Caudillo of Serenidad, in a cold-blooded assassination. Note: Adult themes, violence.)
  • A Serpent in Eden written by Jim Ausfahl (This story is quite a change of pace. While the Enterprise is conducting a cultural study of a recently discovered alien world, Lieutenant Pavel Chekov finds himself on the planet’s surface investigating a murder!)
  • Resurrection written by Rick Endres (In this sequel to "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the crew of the Enterprise discover Gary Mitchell to be alive and well and living without his powers on Delta-Vega. Note: Adult themes.)
  • Until Judgment written by Rick Endres, Thomas Harden & Randall Landers (A landing party entrapped in a power struggle between nearly omniscient superbeings and their neanderthallic minions. Note: Adult themes, rape, violence.)
  • Out of the Ashes written by Ann Zewen (The Stradia resistance fighters and Captain James Kirk had vanquished the Klingon invasion force. But were they really gone? Not if all the recent sabotage was any indication. Note: Adult themes, violence.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

  • Homecoming / [also Orion Archives 1] Spock goes home to die in pon farr and is rescued by The Commander, who has been trailing him.
  • A Crystal Clear Problem / [also Orion Archives 3] The gang must find an indigenous "lifeform" to protect a magnificent ice planet from terraforming - and do a little skating on the way.
  • The Balance of Nature / [also Orion Archives 3] Antimatter creature needs to get back to its own universe.
  • A Collection of Lines / [also Orion Archives 1] Interesting - first-person narrative of an officer whose lover is killed on Security detail, and Kirk attempting to comfort her. Nicely done. The "lines" are those on her face.
  • The Last Survivor / [also Orion Archives 2] The Hill People and the Villagers finish their war. Everybody's dead, Jim. Tyree last.
  • The Wages of Vengeance / [rep: Stardate ?; also Serenidad Collection] First and one of the more interesting of the Serenidad set - Kirk is seen to assassinate the president of Serenidad, so he and the crew have to find the Klingon double. All the usual Endres rape-and-torture of cardboard women.
  • A Serpent in Eden / [rep; Antares 6] Though I couldn't follow the set-up for this little Chekov whodunit, it was delightfully written with a plausible new civilization. Chekov goes undercover as Socath, a Seeker in a rigid (pre-contact) caste society, trying to figure out what has become of a vanished starbase. He is only allowed to speak in questions, which is one of the finest points of the story. He is immediately nabbed to be on a jury in a murder incident and turns detective. Evidence points to Romulan involvement - all such evidence is hushed up by Jonax, their jury's Holder of Hidden Knowledge. I didn't quite follow the resolution - the Holder evidently decides the time has come to reveal his Hidden Knowledge - the existence of other planets and peoples - because some kind of danger of paradox is now past.
  • Resurrection / [also Orion Archives 2] Gary Mitchell is rescued, and back to his old godhood tricks. Kirk & co have to kill him again.
  • Until Judgment / [also Orion Archives 2] Landing party gets in the middle of a power struggle between superbeings (in globes, a la Sargon) and the neanderthalic race they have bred to serve them. Carolyn Palamas serves as the beautiful rape victim for this one. So-so.
  • Out of the Ashes / [also Orion Archives 5] "The Stradia resistance fighters and Captain James Kirk had vanquished the Klingon invasion force. But were they really gone? Not if all the recent sabotage was any indication." Ann's nice writing, with some good Spock/McCoy scenes - especially when Kirk and Spock beam down to get the Klingon invaders. Spock orders McCoy to stay behind, he goes down anyway, and ends up taking a disruptor blast that Spock has dodged. A bit marred for me by the common Orion sub-plot of Kirk romancing a rape-victim into recovery. As if a little un-committed sex is the solution. [2]

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 3

cover of issue #3, 2001 edition
cover of issue #3, 2007 edition

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 3 contains 270 pages and artwork by Rick Endres, Don Harden, Bonnie Reitz and Margaret O'Quinn.

  • Oath of Vengeance written by Rick Endres (The Klingons have returned to Serenidad to lay claim to that planet’s vast dilithium wealth. They have captured both Prince Consort Carlos and Princess Teresa and plan to extract their vengeance on the young lovers, unless a certain starship captain can stop them in time. Note: violence, rape, sexual themes.)
  • Mark of the Beast written by Rick Endres (The crew of the Enterprise is confronted with a murderous beast which is wandering the corridors in a blood-lust feeding frenzy... Note: Violence.)
  • A Minor Irritation written by Holly S. Trueblood (On the surface of an abandoned Romulan colony world, Spock succumbs to a strange infestation, and it's up to his friends to help. You can't die from an itch, can you? A hurt-comfort story.)
  • The Human Equation written by Rick Endres (An awesome Human (or should we say Vulcan?) interest story as young Lieutenant Xon comes to deal with the Human elements of the Enterprise crew, as well as love, life and death, all parts of the Human equation. Note: Sexual themes.)
  • A Klingon Holiday written by Randall Landers (What if the Klingons tried to capture Kirk while he was on the shore leave planet? A dark-humored answer. Note: Adult themes.)
  • Masks written by Bonnie Reitz (A Romulan peace envoy, alien ambassadors, a shape-changing being and a powerful entity come aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, all causing James T. Kirk more than a little consternation.)
  • Klingons! written by Randall Landers, with Rick Endres (Three distinct stories all involving Klingons with the crew of the Enterprise, and with an alien abduction of Spock!)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

  • Oath of Vengeance / [rep; Stardate (GA) #8; also Serenidad Collection] The Klingons have returned to Serenidad to lay claim to that planet's vast dilithium wealth. They have captured both Prince Consort Carlos and Princess Teresa and plan to extract their vengeance on the young lovers, unless a certain starship captain can stop them in time. I find all of the Serenidad series overly violent and rather tedious. Teresa is cardboard, just there for torture fantasies.
  • Mark of the Beast / [also Orion Archives 3] Werewolves explained, when one gets aboard Enterprise. Full of plot holes and extremely bloody, but has its entertaining moments.
  • The Human Equation / [also Orion Archives 1] Xon, disturbed by Lisa Templar's attentions and then her sacrificial death for him, delves for emotion and finds more than he bargains for. Nicely done.
  • A Klingon Holiday / [also Orion Archives 4] Lively romp on the Shore Leave planet, full of giggles as Klingons capture endless Kirks trying to find the real one - not to mention the Security guard, who accidentally stuns him in the midst of a passionate tryst with Rand.
  • Masks / [also Orion Archives 3] More werewolves - a Romulan one this time. And nefarious ambassadors with a mask that takes out sensors and allows the wearer to project a nasty killing blackness to roam the ship.
  • Klingons! / [also Orion Archives 3] An action/adventure trilogy, centered on Klingon race wars and a Klingon-trained spy on the ship. Standard fare, with a few nice character bits. One disturbing feature is Starfleet's use of perscans - glossed over by so many of us. Who would sign up with that level of invasion of privacy? A sensible tidbit is that the Organians will only take action if the war gets too close to them so that the violence disturbs them.
  • To Capture God / Amid factional wars among the Klingon races, McCoy is captured as bait, resulting in Spock's apparent death. However, he has been simultaneously whisked off by a platypus-ish Evern planning to use present him to his church-ruled world as a lesser Star God, and thereby take over the planet. Meanwhile, mourning Spock, Enterprise heads for a starbase to deliver a Klingon defector, doing battle with Kor and others who try to destroy the Enterprise to eliminate both their spy and their defector. They just happen to head for Evern to do some repairs, where they find Spock, who has been attempting to contact them through mind-links, producing nightmares.
  • An Assassin in Our Midst / The Klingon agent assassinates the defector, along with several crewmen, before we discover it to be Chekov's lover, and he kills her to protect Kirk.
  • To Deny All Truths / Kor is recalled, but instead, goes off to invade Earth. Enterprise, damaged, is ordered to the defense, but heads for Organia instead. Kor creates a bloodbath until he is challenged and killed by a Kh'myr; the Organians reset the timeline to undo the tragedies. [3]

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 4

cover of issue #4, 2001 edition
cover of issue #4, 2007 edition

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 4 contains 280 pages and artwork by Rick Endres, David Lawrence, Christine M. Myers, Margaret O'Quinn, Bonnie Reitz and Gennie Summers.

  • The Voice of Time written by Joanne K. Seward (At an archaeological dig, Jim Kirk learns that opening an ancient tomb can be like opening Pandora's Box as a voice from the distant past draws him backward in time. Can he resist?)
  • Shattered Fortress written by Eileen Curtis (The mind is a fortress, and the Vulcan mind a formidable one. But what happens when that fortress is shattered?)
  • Fire in the Shadows written by Bonnie Reitz (Kirk must come to work with an ally of the Romulans in order to save the galaxy from a doomsday machine and from yet another war with the Romulans. Taut, well-paced, gripping...)
  • The Cost of Freedom written by Rick Endres & Linda McInnis (Their plans to conquer Serenidad to claim its vast treasures of dilithium frequently thwarted, the Klingons have launched a full-scale invasion of the peaceful, little planet. Their primary weapon: a deed to the planet signed by Princess Teresa while under the influence of the mindsifter. Their second weapon: a reprogrammed Prince Carlos. And this time, Leonard McCoy himself is on-hand to witness the atrocities later to be called... "The Serenidad Tragedy." Note: Violence, sexual situations, mind rape.)
  • Teresa written by Rick Endres (The Klingons again driven from Serenidad, Princess Teresa sets out to restore that which was broken: Serenidad itself.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

  • Fire in the Shadows / [also Orion Archives 3] Rather interesting story in which a Romulan woman, Ayden, is the last survivor of an honor guard for Mendolin, a powerful High Lord from beyond the barrier (with eyes to match Gary's). Despite suspicions all around, they must team up to defeat a Doomsday Machine running amok.
  • Serenidad: The Cost of Freedom / [pt 1 - ?; pt. 2 - Orion 22; pt. 3 - Orion 24; Serenidad Series] Grisly continuation of the Serenidad saga. Teresa has been raped and tortured and mind-wiped and finds she is pregnant with a Klingon baby which McCoy refuses to abort. Klingons virtually wipe out the Serenidad government and put Carlos and Teresa under the mindsifter. Carlos gets converted into a Klingon puppet. Teresa can't be converted, so she is tortured instead. Just about everybody is dead, Jim, in very bloody ways, by the time the Enterprise ignores orders and joins the fray. Valkris appears here as sister/lover assassin-buddy to Klingon warrior wonder woman L'yan, whom Carlos manages to kill in the end. And McCoy (pushing 50?) is in love with Teresa (18 or so). Yeah, right.
  • Teresa / [also Serenidad Series] After the Klingons are repulsed, Teresa must deal with those who would have her get rid of her half-Kligon child, ponder her growing affection for McCoy, bury Carlos, and assert her crown rights to the Council. Valkris discovers how her lover died, and vows vengeance. [4]

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 5

cover of issue #5

Orion Archives: 2272-2275 The Second Mission 5 contains 296 pages and artwork by Rick Endres, Toni Hardeman, Don Harden, Randall Landers, Christine Myers, d. William Roberts and Gennie Summers.

  • Conquering the Cube written by Sandy Adams (from Orion 36 (1996)) (Captain James T. Kirk has defeated all sorts of foes: Klingons, Romulans, Tholians, Orions, Kzinti. He’d never known the taste of defeat. But along comes a rather ancient toy...)
  • The Temple Maiden written by Ann Zewen (from Interludes 1 (1996)) (On a diplomatic mission to Deivar Four, Captain Kirk commits a major faux pas and must do the unthinkable to escape with his manhood intact! A silly little romp.)
  • A Stitch in Time written by Chris Hamann & Mary Cress (from Idylls 1 (1984)) (During their first shore leave in two months, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock find themselves on Ebulon II in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something one of them definitely regrets. A light-hearted conversation amongst friends.)
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered written by Autumn Lee (from Orion 33 (1993) (While investigating a mysterious planetoid, the Enterprise command crew encounters a unique bar with even more unique clientele and a comely barkeep whose interest in Doctor McCoy is "just what the doctor ordered.")
  • Trapped written by Cathy German (from Antares 10 (2002)) (Trapped under a collapsed building, McCoy learns that Spock and he share a certain penchant.)
  • The Tale the Cap Told written by Cathy German (from Antares 9 (2002)) (McCoy seeks to solve the mystery of a family heirloom and unwittingly involves Kirk and Spock in events which could cost them their lives.)
  • Encounter at Deneb written by Lord Garth (from Antares 10 (2002)) (Ever wonder how another captain would've handled things differently? Here's how James T. Kirk handled Q...)
  • Rules of Life written by Diane Doyle (from Antares 15 (2006)) (While on shore leave, Lieutenant Chekov meets a pair of old friends and discovers a secret plot to kill one!)
  • Traxus written by Amanda Cassity (This story was originally a standalone zine novella published as Orion Archives 2274: Traxus in 2001. That edition was a digest-size zine.) (Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy find themselves struggling to bring peace to a war-torn planet. Yet nefarious forces are at work to prevent peace for financial gain. Attacked by those forces and separated, Kirk and McCoy do what they each can to learn the secret of Traxus and the identities of those who prefer war to peace.)
  • Bad Luck Holiday written by Carol L. Lance (from Tantalus 4 (1992)) (Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and Doctor McCoy truly understand the meaning of "Be careful what you wish for" as they fall victim to the Amusement Park planet's computer's interpretation of their wishes...)
  • Da Woid written by Cathy German (from Antares 9 (2002)) (The Enterprise returns to Sigma Iotia II with an even greater problem to solve. An amusing and chilling sequel to "A Piece of the Action.")
  • Sarek's Flitter written by Selek (from Antares 10 (2002)) (While Sarek is negotiating with the Legarans, the Lady Amanda allows Kirk and Spock to borrow Sarek's flitter.)
  • The Strange Case of Undersecretary Lynch written by Anna Perotti (from Antares 13) (The Enterprise crew is asked to help locate a Federation Under-Secretary who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the non-aligned world of Lovely II.)
  • Gorgon's Lair written by Diane Doyle (from Antares 13) (Lightyears from Earth, some of the staff of a Federation research base experience a bizarre death: they’re literally turning to stone! Is this some new form of radiation, or are there truly Gorgons on the planet! James T. Kirk is determined to find out.)
  • Dream Catcher written by d. William Roberts (from Antares 13) (On a newly discovered planet, an Enterprise landing party finds dreaming particularly engaging...and peculiarly deadly. Can Shaun Kelsey and his security team protect them from the ‘dream catcher’?)
  • Liberty written by Amanda Cassity (While the Enterprise takes on supplies at a remote neutral planet, Jim Kirk enjoys shore leave with a most unusual companion. Note: Sexual themes.)

Orion Archives: 2275 The Second Mission 6

Orion Archives: 2275 The Second Mission 6 (aka Orion Archives 2275: The Daystrom Project) is a 200-page novel by Rick Endres. It was originally issued as a standalone zine The Daystrom Project and won the 1987 Fan Q Award Winning Writer and Zine. Artwork by Rick Endres, Don Harden, Julie C. Nosal and Marie Williams. It was reprinted as part of the Orion Archives in 2001 and then re-released in 2008.

  • The dreaded Kh’myr Klingons have kidnapped Doctor Richard Daystrom and his daughter. Their goal: to construct a multitronic computer with the engrams of a Kh’myr imprinted upon it, and thereby ease the way to conquer the galaxy! Only one man stands in their way: James T. Kirk! Note: Adult themes, rape, violence.

Orion Archives: 2273 The Second Mission 7

cover of issue #7, Christine M. Myers

Orion Archives: 2273 The Second Mission 7 is a 254-page novel by Holly S. Trueblood called "The Dorian Solution." Cover artwork by Christine M. Myers. written by Holly S. Trueblood. It was first published as a standalone zine novella The Dorian Solution in 1998, then reprinted as part of the Orion Archives in 2001, and re-released in 2008.)

  • Due to an accidental crash landing of a Federation observation probe, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura and Sulu venture down to the planet Doria to establish contact with the civilization there. They find a culture backwards in many ways, and yet seemingly advanced in others, especially socially, until they learn the true secret of the Dorian solution...


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