Orion Archives: 2292-2323 U.S.S. Chosin

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Title: Orion Archives: 2292-2323 U.S.S. Chosin
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): Randall Landers
Date(s): 2004, re-release 2008 with an additional story
Series?: yes, see below
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek & Original Characters
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Orion Archives: 2292-2323 U.S.S. Chosin is a gen Star Trek anthology with fiction featuring original characters. This zine reprints content published in previous Orion Press zines in particular from Orion. Some of the later issues also reprint online fanfic. The early issues are numbered, later on the titles are organized by the fictional timeframe the zine takes place in (many Orion Press zines take place in a vaguely shared universe at least as far as the basic chronology of the Trek universe is concered. Their website offers timelines and such that the zines adhere to). Issues are still being released as of 2009, and there are also re-releases of older Orion Archives issues. A full list is available at the Orion Press website.


Orion Archives: 2292-2323 U.S.S. Chosin 1 contains 186 pages. Artwork by BEKi, Rick Endres, Randall Landers, David Lawrence and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

Summary from the publisher: "These stories feature original characters set in the Star Trek universe. All stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Chosin, NCC-2950, during the command of Captain Shaun Kelsey, Executive Officer Thorrell, Chief Science Officer Arlene Williams, Chief Tactical Officer Hrisherisch, Chief Engineer Ghilar Stronton, Chief Medical Officer Shakura, Chief Helm Officer Aherrowla, Chief Navigator Miranda Roberts, Starfleet Marine Major Mason, Transporter Chief Rion and Physical Fitness Trainer Torval Q'stor. Look for some of your favorite regulars to make appearances from time to time as well."

  • Old Feuds written by d. William Roberts (Under the command of Captain Shaun Kelsey, the Chosin is dispatched on a mission to determine the nature of the Tholian attacks on the Federation. Unfortunately, they discover a graver threat to the Federation in the Beta Quadrant. Can Kelsey and his brave crew solve the mystery of the Tholians while escaping the terrors of an old foe?)
  • Suffer the Young written by d. William Roberts (Following the events of Old Feuds, Captain Shaun Kelsey and his wife Commander Arlene Williams transport William's father, his wife DeShana and their children to New Saar to reunite them with his first wife: Admiral Susan Williams. No one is expecting the reunion to be a pleasant one. Meanwhile, the captain and his wife have some life decisions of their own to make... (only in the re-release))

The Orion Archives:

Note: Though it has a different title format, Hyperion 2296-2323 may also fit into this series