Orion Archives: 2270-2272 The First Hiatus

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Title: Orion Archives: 2270-2272 The First Hiatus
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): Randall Landers
Series?: yes, see below
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
External Links: Orion Press flyer
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Orion Archives: 2270-2272 The First Hiatus is a gen and het Star Trek: TOS anthology that reprints content published in previous Orion Press zines in particular from Orion. Some of the later issues also reprint online fanfic. The early issues are numbered, later on the titles are organized by the fictional timeframe the zine takes place in (many Orion Press zines take place in a vaguely shared universe at least as far as the basic chronology of the Trek universe is concered. Their website offers timelines and such that the zines adhere to). Issues are still being released as of 2009, and there are also re-releases of older Orion Archives issues. A full list is available at the Orion Press website.

Summary from the flyer: "These stories feature Star Trek characters from period of time following The Original Series and The Animated Series and just before Star Trek: The Motion Picture begins. Look for a diverse set of regulars including Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Vice Admiral Lori Ciani, Admiral James T. Kirk, his nephew Peter Kirk, Spock, Doctor Leonard McCoy and his wife High Priestess Natira, Engineer Montgomery Scott, Intelligence Officer Hikara Sulu, Academy Instructor Penda Uhura, Security Trainee Pavel Chekov, Captain Willard Decker, Lieutenant Ilia, Interstellar Trader Kate Logan and Doctor Christine Chapel."

cover of issue #1, 2001 edition
cover of issue #1, 2007 edition

Orion Archives: 2270-2272 The First Hiatus 1 contains 122 pages and artwork by Rick Endres, David Lawrence, Christine Myers, Gennie Summers and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

  • No Place Like Home written by Rick Endres (The story bridges the ending of Kirk’s first five year mission on the Enterprise to the beginning of the second five year mission when V’ger was approaching Earth. You’ll learn more about Heihachiro Nogura and Lori Ciani. Note: Sexual situations.)
  • Prisoners written by Donna S. Frelick (Spock has returned to Vulcan, Kirk has accepted a desk job, and McCoy has received an invitation from a certain Fabrini woman who wishes to pick up where they left off. Unfortunately, Yonadan revolutionaries have other plans.)
  • Scotty’s Vacation written by Mark C. Henrie (Our favorite chief engineer has a lot of time on his hands. To keep him busy, Starfleet arranges for him to escort some Starfleet brats on a tour of Tellar. But the Kzinti have other plans. A detailed look at life on Tellar.)
  • Federation Day Dreams written by Deborah Baudoin (Christine Chapel is visited by a somewhat drunken Penda on an auspicious holiday.)
  • That’s What Friends Are for written by Ann Zewen (A recollection of the personal tragedy Uhura faced prior to the refit of the Enterprise, and of whom she turned to in her time of need: Montgomery Scott. The story is meant to explain the hitherto unseen relationship between Scott and Uhura we find in Star Trek: The Final Frontier.)
  • Ski Vacation on Centaurus written by Diane Doyle (While vacationing on a nearby planet, Pavel Chekov and his girlfriend become involved with a deadly mystery.)

The Orion Archives:

Note: Though it has a different title format, Hyperion 2296-2323 may also fit into this series