Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes

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Title: Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): Randall Landers
Series?: yes, see below
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes is a gen and het Star Trek: TOS anthology that reprints content published in previous Orion Press zines in particular from Orion. Some of the later issues also reprint online fanfic. The early issues are numbered, later on the titles are organized by the fictional timeframe the zine takes place in (many Orion Press zines take place in a vaguely shared universe at least as far as the basic chronology of the Trek universe is concered. Their website offers timelines and such that the zines adhere to). Issues are still being released as of 2009, and there are also re-releases of older Orion Archives issues. A full list is available at the Orion Press website.

Summary from the flyer: "These stories are set between the events of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and slightly beyond Star Trek: The Final Frontier. The primary crewmembers from the first and second missions under Kirk’s command are reunited for a series of adventures which end with a return to Vulcan for the Enterprise and Sulu’s subsequent departure for the captaincy of the science ship Cooper."

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 1 (anthology)

cover of issue #1, first edition
cover of issue #1, 2001 edition

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 1 contains 228 pages and artwork by Vel Jaeger, Heather Krause, David Lawrence, Jeanne L. Matthews, Christine M. Myers, Julie Nosal, Zaquia Tarhuntassa, Sherry Veltkamp and Marie Williams.

  • You Are Not Alone written by Chris Dickenson (A Saavik story set between Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: The Search for Spock which explains the changes in the character. A masterful examination of Saavik, her motivations, and her stormy relationship with David Marcus. Note: Sexual themes.)
  • His Was the Most Human written by Rick Endres (McCoy comes to realize that Spock’s death has affected him profoundly.)
  • All That He Was...All That He Knew written by Linda McInnis (McCoy’s dysfunctionality increases as he tries to come to grip with Spock’s katra. This story carries the story all the way to McCoy’s rescue from a Starfleet Security holding cell.)
  • The Day They All Came Home written by Linda McInnis (Following Spock’s fal-tor-pan, the crew of the now-destroyed Enterprise finds waiting on Vulcan an enlightening experience as the friend they risked their careers for slowly evolves.)
  • The Wounding written by Linda McInnis (This story is set during the novella, "The Day They All Came Home." David Marcus has died, and James Kirk knows he has to be the one to tell Carol, even if it means going to Earth undercover and risking capture.)
  • Friendship’s Song written by Valerie A. Phillips (This Uhura story is set during "The Day They All Came Home." As Spock recovers from fal tor pan, Uhura seeks him out to return an old favor.)
  • The Difference written by Chris Dickenson (While in 1986, Doctor McCoy comes across a terminal patient which prompts a particularly tragic memory.)
  • Gillian Weep Not written by Linda McInnis (Doctor Gillian Taylor finds herself wishing to see her friends, George and Gracie again. Captain Spock, now recovered, offers her a unique method and opportunity to fulfill her wish.)
  • Questions written by Rick Endres (Maltz has been imprisoned at the Starfleet Maximum Security Detention Center on Alcatraz. He is pondering about his life in captivity, and finds himself wishing for death. That is, until xenophile Security Officer Stacey Saint James arrives on the scene to make life a bit more interesting for him. Note: Strong sexual themes.)
  • The Return written by Steven K. Dixon (Father Robert Welton, a heretic who aided Khan during the Eugenics War was cast into deep space as punishment for his crimes against Humanity. Now, awakened by an advanced life form, he finds a way of revenge on those who banished him from Earth: interference on the planet 892-IV in a way that shakes that planet’s religion to its very core. Can the Enterprise crew stop this madman in time?)
  • On My Mind written by Chris Dickenson (A short sequel to Ann Zewen’s "The Music Box." It’s a nice look at how the Chapel-Spock relationship has changed over the years.)
  • That’s What Friends Are for written by Ann Zewen (Uhura recalls the personal tragedy Uhura faced prior to the refit of the Enterprise, and of whom she turned to in her time of need: Montgomery Scott. The story is meant to explain the hitherto unseen relationship between Scott and Uhura we find in Star Trek: The Final Frontier. Note: Adult themes.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

* All That He Was... All That He Knew / [rep: Orion 22; also Orion Archives 3] Events from Spock's funeral to McCoy's imprisonment by Starfleet, from McCoy's pov. Nice.
  • The Day They All Came Home / [rep: Orion 25; Orion Archives 4] The interlude on Vulcan before STIV: Admiral Sheridan is out to get Kirk for his cowboy antics; McCoy inadvertently helps Spock recover his full self; Saavik struggles with Spock's awareness of how she saved him on Genesis, and forms a relationship with Sulu; Sarek takes on the task of rescuing the gang from Starfleet hardliners by Vulcan legal channels. Some nice bits. Unfortunately, it all finishes up with an unnecessary Klingon plot to eliminate Kirk & co. - they've been using Sheridan all along. [1]

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 2 (anthology)

cover of issue #2, Christine M. Myers

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 2 contains 292 pages and artwork by Danaline Bryant, Bobbie Hawkins, David Lawrence, Jeanne L. Matthews, Christine M. Myers, Gennie Summers, Zaquia Tarhuntassa and Patricia Wright.)

  • My Gift written by Cathy German (Spock’s final recollections as he succumbs to death in the reactor room.)
  • No Refuge written by Cathy German (At the end of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Uhura comes to a sudden realization that things may never be the same again.)
  • Intermezzo written by Ann Zewen (Jim Kirk and Carol Marcus come to an understanding following the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Note: Sexual themes.)
  • The Listening Stranger written by Mary Lee Boyance (While the Enterprise undergoes makeshift repairs, James T. Kirk encounters a rather unique listener on the surface of Pacifica.)
  • Contempt of Council written by Selek (Sarek’s point of view of the events relating to Spock’s death, the return of his katra to his body and the trial of his friends before the Federation.)
  • Russian Winter written by Patricia Wright (Following the return of the Enterprise to Earth from the Genesis planet, Chekov finds himself under scrutiny from his old mentor at Starfleet Academy, his friends like Sulu, and most importantly, himself...)
  • The Decision written by Marnita Howald (With his forces depleted and his strategy failing, Admiral Kirk faces a tough decision...)
  • Where or When written by Michelle Arvizu (also in Interludes) (An exploration of the relationship between Jim Kirk and Gillian Taylor, while taking a somewhat more serious look at other emotional issues confronting the former admiral. If you like a good, old-fashioned romance combined with an indepth character study, then this one is for you! Note: Strong sexual situations.)
  • Rapids written by CarolMel Ambassador (Following the events of “The Return,” Jim Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise are diverted to Betazed. An investigation into the disappearance of one of Captain Kirk’s old friends place both Kirk and Spock in jeopardy. But their escape leads to even more potentially serious consequences and the discovery of a betrayal.)
  • Let Me Help written by Ann Zewen (After the missions to Tellus and Betazed, Jim Kirk has suddenly realized just what he is he has lost. Grieving for his son, his command performance is ebbing, and it’s because of help from an old friend that he suddenly realizes that he is not alone. Note: Sexual situations.)
  • Captain's Bars written by Rick Endres (Hikaru Sulu finds himself receiving the captaincy he has long since deserved. Unfortunately, it’s not quite what he expected...)
  • The Trainer written by Jim Ausfahl (The senior officers of the Enterprise find themselves evaluating a new teaching tool under less than academic surroundings.)
  • Blindside written by Carol Kummer (The Enterprise is sent to the Edam star system which is ending its ties with the Federation. But soon Kirk and Spock learn from the expelled ambassador Carlysle and her son of that that there’s more to the situation than the Federation suspects!)

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 3 (novel: "Keeper of the Katra")

cover of issue #3, first edition
second edition cover of issue #3 by The Italian Star Trek Club

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 3 is a 159-page novel called "Keeper of the Katra" written by Chris Dickerson. Artwork by Jim Boursaw, David Lawrence and Gennie Summers. The cover is by the Italian Star Trek Club.

  • Written as a sequel to Star Trek: The Final Frontier, Chris introduces to Spock’s bondmate, T’Liba, and explains why the name of Sybok has not been spoken in decades. The Vulcan political intrigue, Kirk’s anger toward Spock, McCoy’s mediation skills, and Sarek’s family history are all fully explored so that the readers can actually read this story and make sense of what we see in Star Trek V. Note: Sexual themes.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Fine writing & characterization as Spock carries Sybok's katra and Kirk confronts Spock's neglect to reveal himself Keywords: Lyre; share the pain; containment; IDIC vs logic, Gol vs. Sarek; ; words vs. deeds [2]

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 4 (novel: "Valley of the Shadow")

cover of issue #4, Christine M. Myers

Orion Archives: 2283-2284 Interludes 4 is a 130-page novel called "Valley of the Shadow" by Donna S. Frelick. Artwork by Christina Kyle, David Lawrence, Jeanne L. Matthews, Christine Myers, Julie C. Nosal and Zaquia Tarhuntassa. It was first published as standalone zine novella Valley of the Shadow in 1997, then reprinted as part of the Orion Archives in 2001 (in a digest size) and re-released in 2008 (in full size).

  • The Enterprise is ready for its first assignment following the events of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: a diplomatic mission to a war-torn planet with a most attractive Federation ambassador aboard to mediate the dispute. Unfortunately, a plague seems to be sweeping through the area, and one side is blaming the other for using biological weapons while the other side insists there is no plague at all!

The Orion Archives:

Note: Though it has a different title format, Hyperion 2296-2323 may also fit into this series


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