Interludes (Star Trek: TOS gen anthology)

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Title: Interludes
Publisher: Orion Press
Editor(s): Ann Zewen
Date(s): 1996
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Interludes is a gen Star Trek: TOS 154-page anthology edited by Ann Zewen. Cover: Christine Myers.

Description from a 1995 Submission Request Flyer

Fiction, art and poetry submissions are now being sought for Interludes, a redesigned and redefined version of the Classic Star Trek issues of Idylls, the popular Orion Press fanzine featuring stories of romance and family.

Interludes will feature tales of the Enterprise crew during the intervals of their lives before, during, between and following their missions exploring the Galaxy. We're looking for stories showing what the various crew members do when they're off duty aboard ship, on shore leave or otherwise off ship. We're also interested in stories of the characters' childhoods and retirement years and events which occur during the time periods between the various aired versions of Trek (i.e. between the five-year mission and V'ger or between V'ger and Khan). As with Idylls, these may be stories of romance and/or family. They also may be light, humorous stories about any of the many ways the crew unwinds — at play on the recreation deck, at holiday celebrations on while enjoying R&R.

Stories may range from G to R rating (No X-rated or slash material, please.) and can range in tone from light comedy to poignant or bittersweet drama.


Reactions and Reviews

  • Where or When, Gillian helps Kirk come to terms with the change in his relationship to Spock. Very well written, lots of good dialog & a good understanding and humorous touch with the characters. Excellent resolution with Kirk and Spock exorcising the dead Spock.
  • Whatever Your Heart Desires, Uhura goes shopping for perfumes and gets a problematic genie.
  • A Whale of a Time, A detective goes hunting for what became of Gillian. A fun one.
  • All That They Had, Ambassador Spock represents the Bajorans at a peace conference, coming into conflict with Sarek and discovering that his father is ill. An interesting "Reunification" prequel.
  • The Temple Maiden, Kirk inadvertently offends a planetary official and has to be smuggled out of town as a temple prostitute.
  • A Time to Heal, Worried by a missed phone call, Kirk visits his elderly mother, then has McCoy and Spock join him for a vacation in which he & Spock end up mentoring a young man with strong telepathic abilities. [1]


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