Ann Zewen

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Name: Ann Zewen
Type: writer and zine publisher
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
URL: some of her fiction is here
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Ann Zewen was a Star Trek: TOS and other Trek zine publisher (Orion Press) and writer. She passed away in 2003.

Some Memories

A memorial page for Ann is here; reference link

Some examples:

  • From Rob Morris: "Whether in real life or when writing of a fictional funeral such as Orion Press characters have seen too many of, and certainly Ann wrote a few of those, I always think of the simple words : There Are No Words. Because there aren't. Or rather, there are none able to undo the grief. For Ann, those words came well before this loss. Under her guidance, those words made Sam Kirk more than just Shatner lying still on the floor with graying hair and a moustache. By her hand and the heart she put in them, those words brought Carol Marcus's unfortunate decision to exclude her child's father from his life out of the realm of shrillness and petty coveting to a much more comprehensible, very human failing. In many respects, she was the ideal wordsmith for the practice of keeping to screen canon while writing fanfic. Despite knowing that Sam will die, that Carol will allow panic to color her choice, or that the Orions are totally vile, under Ann's skill, when we arrive at where we knew we would, it still seems like the only way it could have gone. The path and not the goal is a good writer's target, and Ann hit it true every time. For her loss, there are no words, and there are reams of words, because she wrote them.
  • From Zaquia Tarhuntassa: "All I can say is that I am stunned. While I had lost contact with her after your listserve was closed, I still consider her someone I was deeply honored to know. She was always a worthy opponent in any discussion and more often than not, an ally, but even when we disagreed, I could count on her her argument being thoughtful and even-handed. I never remember Ann opting for the cheap-shot, something that is far too common in fandom. By horrible co-incidence, she died the same day, plus five years, that my mother did. I always honor my mother's death by evoking a Hittite ritual at sunset. I will name Ann's name as well, in hopes it speeds her safely to her next life which will, I hope, be a long, happy and healthy one. Please send my regards to Beki, who must be devastated by this horrible turn of events.