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Title: Agonizer
Publisher: Sue Frank
Type: letterzine/newsletter
Date(s): 1989 to mid-1990s, 2000-?
Frequency: quarterly, later annually
Medium: print
Size: ~100 pages per issue
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Klingon
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Agonizer is a Star Trek: TOS letterzine/newsletter devoted to exploring aspects of Klingon culture through the lens of fandom. In addition to letters, articles, newspaper clippings and interviews it also contained fan art and poetry. It was originally published quarterly and then later went to annual publication. Each issue ran around 100 pages. [2]

The fanzine went on a long hiatus before it was revived in 2000.

Regarding Letters of Comment

I devote a big chunk of Agonizer to letters from friends and readers since most of the correspondence I get is related to the zine. I have made the mistake, though, of printing people's letters to me when they contain material I feel is of general interest to Klingon fandom or promotes the writer himself as an interesting person others might want to contact, without getting clearance first. Once or twice (mercifully not often!) I have received angry letters from someone whose letter I had used in this way. I have taken to asking for permission to use what newcomers have written to me before printing any of it. Live and learn. Guess I had assumed that anyone writing to a notorious zinemaker would not be shocked to find his (not personal) material going to good use. [1]

Special Supplements

V.1 N.1

Agonizer v.1. n.1 was published in Autumn 1989 and contains 40 pages.

  • Dedication:To Kralax (1)
  • Editorial (2)
  • Salute to the KSF from Gennie Summers (3)
  • From KTis theknife-Kurkura (4)
  • From the Center Seat: Two Reviews - Admiral Keel zantai-K'ta-Ri (5)
  • Editor's Intro to K'thor's report (6)
  • The Tera'daq Tlhinganghom - K'Thor zantai-Azhir (7)
  • Command Profile #1 - K e-K/K z-R (8)
  • Klingon Character Profile - Azhurlar sutai-Jeriska (9)
  • Welcome, New Officers of the KSFL (12)
  • The Scholars of Njght by JM. Ford - review by Klan zantai-1iraal (13)
  • Cryocorp Raid - report by K'mak zantai-Kluge (14)
  • Command Profile _K'rosok vestai-Sintari (16)
  • Weapons Assessment: Orion Hand Laser- Kuzuhl zantai-Zhod (17)
  • Handlist of Fan-Produced Klingon Publications - K'Shona epetai-Ishkra (18)
  • News From Around the KSF (24)
  • Imperial Klingon Marine Forces- Kohl KA-RagL (28)
  • Weapons Assessment: Kytha Feen - Kuzuhl zantai-Zhod (29)
  • Notes on Imperia1Sub-Races- a Report in Two Parts: Part I - Kian sutai-Kazenthi (30)
  • Agoniur Theme issues (31)
  • Ferengi Forum - Ads and Announcements (32)
  • Klingon Strike Force Honors and A wards - report by lGan zantai-Jiraal (34)
  • Kirk's lament: A Klingon Ballad - Karq vestai-Rustadz (36)
  • Coming in the next Agonizer (37)
  • Contributors to this issue (38)
  • Subscribe and Submit! (40)
  • The Klingons are Out for Blood! - Announcement of the KSF Blood
  • Challenge to Star Fleet (inside back cover)
  • art credits: on the cover: Chris Sovereign's portrait of Lcrndr. Kraden sutai- Khemara, Gennie Summers - 3, Korlyn - 23, Zuhl (Kuzuhl) -17, 29, Kishin - 8, 11, 20-21, 36, 39 inside back cover, Danah - 35, Kveld - 2, 4, 6, 12, 16, 28, 31, back cover, Who sent the handsome thing on p. 15? You, K'rosok?, June Lauer - photo - 1, Kee1-27

V.1 N.2

Agonizer v.1. n.2

V.1 N.3

Agonizer v.1. n.3

V.1 N.4

Agonizer v.1. n.4

V.2 N.1

Agonizer v.2. n.1

V.2 N.2

Agonizer v.2. n.2 was published in Spring 1990 and contains 124 pages. The front cover: "Kian Jirall with Agonizer," back cover: "Mudji and Kishin": Zuhl.

front cover of v.2 n.2
back cover of v.2 n.2

It has illustrations by Kathan, Tar, Kishin, Kveld, Linda Slusher, Karlassa, Kian Kazenthi, K'zhen, Kiatae, Marg, Melody Rondeau, Kilmeny, Kraden, Danah, Kris, HoD yo'gIJ, Lt. Fran Druckrey, Maal, Kolline, Kragtowl, Ka'Takar, and Kru.

  • Dedication: to Kor (3)
  • Letters—To the Editor, To You All (4)
  • Karlassa vestai-Dvistrill (15)
  • Character Profile: Kian Kazenthi (16)
  • News from Around the KSF (19)
  • Klynnon ST-TNG: Two Episodes that Belong Together (24)
  • From the Center Seat: Admiral K'Ta-ri Reviews Star Trek Novels (25)
  • Worf [portrait] by Kiatae (28)
  • Sister Not Forgotten [poem] by Kian Jiraal (29)
  • K'Shona epetai-Ishkra Memorial Archive (30)
  • Shona: In Her Own Words by Azhurlar (31)
  • Landing Party [poem] K'Shona epetai-lshkra (32)
  • Perception and Shadow K'Shona epetai-lshkra (33)
  • Poem for K'Shona Kathan (36)
  • Editorial: Sex in the Komerex (37)
  • The Male of the Species by Wendy Frank (39)
  • Ensign Krinti tai-Alin (41)
  • Quality Time [cartoon] by Linda Slusher (42)
  • Rockin'Klinzhai Kveld (43)
  • teDagh Kohl (45)
  • Weapons Assessment: Segmented Blade by Marg (46)
  • The Last Word in "Mary Sue" by Linda Slusher (47)
  • A "Poisonal" Ad and some "Klingon Close Encounters" by Blackie and Friends (49)
  • Klingon Wedding Couple (50)
  • Ticklish? by Elaine Gregory (51)
  • Krugel Gourmet [cartoon] by Melody Rondeau (55)
  • "Better Safeholds and Garrisons" by Kian Jiraal and Azhurlar (56)
  • The Song of Mara by Rose Wolf (57)
  • Hope Chest [cartoon] by Kilmeny (58)
  • Readers Speak to the Theme (59)
  • Fertility Dance [cartoon] by Linda Slusher (62)
  • Consortship by Marg (63)
  • A Naked Time by Rose Wolf (64)
  • Light and Shadow by Kian Jiraal (65)
  • Into Darkness by Sue Isle (fiction, first appeared in Spock #45) (67)
  • "Hide and Who?" by Linda Slusher (69)
  • Kamma, Fleet Comedian! [cartoon] by Kris epetai-Kurkura (71)
  • Grok Around the Clock, or, Time Stands Still For No Fan by HoD yo'qlj (72)
  • The Federation Technician's League Goes Nova byHoD yo'qlj and friends (75)
  • KAG Marine Forces/-Use of Combined Arms. by Kohl Ka-Ragi (78)
  • Galactic Cocktail Party [cartoon] by Halvoreon/King (79)
  • Kris epetai-Kurkura Remembers the Founding of the Klingon Strike Force (80)
  • Letter to Klingon Leaders Announcing the "RIF" Campaign by Kris epetai-Kurkura (83)
  • Food Fight, cartoon by Maal (84)
  • Kolline vestai-Pallara- A Klingon Life. (85)
  • Kragtowl Trekkan: an Introduction 87)
  • Weapons Assessment: "Deathtongue" Kragtowl 88)
  • Welcome, IKV Altair! (89)
  • Tactical Critique of the L-32 Bird of Prey Kretorg (90)
  • Klingon Silent language, continued. Marg (91)
  • Catalog of Existing Klingon Organizations Kishin (93)
  • Lady in Gown [portrait] by K'zhen (95)
  • The Earthly Klinbillys [filk] by Tar and K'Jarg (96)
  • Building Klingon Uniforms by Kishin (97)
  • Kaluk Goes to a Con by Kaluk (99)
  • Klingon Unity: Some Thoughts by Kthor epetai-Azhir (101)
  • Kvietai-Rok (103)
  • Code of the Komerex Warrior by Koryo (104)
  • Star Trek Story Chronology and Synopsis by Sue Isle (105)
  • Will of Iron-an Inscription by Kuzuhl (107)
  • Universal Studios Meets a Real Klingon and Survives!! by Kaar (108)
  • Publications and Ephemera Received in the KSF Archives by Kishin (111)
  • Those New Bumpy Roms! [cartoon] by Kru (114)
  • Ferengi Forum-Ads and Announcements (115)
  • Coming in August—and Farther Along (117)
  • Kveld's klin-zha sets Are Ready (119)
  • Contributors to This Issue (120)

V.2 N.3

Agonizer v.2. n.3 was published in Summer 1990.

V.2 N.4

Agonizer v.2. n.4 was published in Winter 1990. Religion. Future of the Empire.

cover of v.2 n.4

V.3 N.1

Agonizer v.3 n.1 has art by Gennie Summers. It was published in Spring 1991 and contains 70 pages.

cover of issue v.3 n.1, Gennie Summers
  • "Kris, the first KDC, letters, con reports, valentines.."

V.3 N.2

Agonizer v.3. n.2 was published in spring 1991.

cover of v.3 n.2

V.3 N.3

Agonizer v.3. n.3 was published in the fall of 1991 and contains 73 pages. ADF copy can be found here.

front cover of v.3. n.3
from v.3 n.2: "Marg sutai-H'Havraadh suggests that Klingons who want to honor the creator of the Star Trek universe consider a formal, public gesture: perhaps a death-howl when we are assembled in uniformed groups to attend Star Trek VI--The Undiscovered Country. Mrak and Koch K'Nera encourage Klingons to adopt a commemorative black splash on the left cheek--of some dark substance like shoe polish or black lipstick--about two inches long and as wide as a finger.
  • Gene Roddenberry, Farewell 1
  • Letters 3
  • Dedication: IKV 'Avwl'-Jev yitwI'-P'rang 20
  • Editorial 21
  • Dear K'Rabby K'vin and Kerissa 22
  • 'Avwl' and Honor [Poems] Varah Kaliy and Torgh 23
  • Strikeforce and Success [Poems] Korsal Korsai 24
  • Starfleet and you DaSpu' 25
  • Lazer Tag Krila 26
  • Klingon Kristmas Karols K'tln 27
  • "Why Klingon, Klingon?" Kris 29
  • Klingon Intercourse Klag 31
  • Kael K'thess 33
  • Klin-Kon Kishin &Co. 34
  • The Night Before Christmas (a Komerex version Kian Jiraal 38
  • Profile:ChristopherPlummer Gunarhk Moirai 40
  • Con Reports: SEATREK '91 K'Hack 41
  • TREKFEST '91 Kataliya 42
  • STAR TREK MARA THON Kataliya 43
  • SHORELEAVE XIII: An Interview with Kaluk zantai-Dyzala
  • 44 ARCHON
  • Taj Ho' 45
  • Krila Meets Captain Kirk 45
  • FREEDOM TREK '91 K'mak 45
  • TORONTO TREK V Anon. 46
  • ROVACON Khatan 47
  • ROCKON 15 Gorf 49
  • JULY 4 IN SANTA ROSA Keldas 51
  • JULY 4 IN BANGOR Rogue 52
  • Kaluk's Kvetching Comer 58
  • A Creation Con Report Krelin 58
  • Thought Admiral Keel epetai-K'Ta-ri reviews Star Trek Novels 60
  • News From Around the KSF 61
  • Klingon Strike Force Honors and A wards 63
  • Publications and Ephemera Received in the Imperial Archives Kishin 64
  • Ferengi Forum-Ads and Announcements 67
  • Next Agonizer and Flightdeck 69

V.3 N.4

Agonizer v.3. n.4 was published in spring 1991. On the cover: "Klingon Land Transport."

cover of issue v.3 n.4

This issue has a special supplement: see Klin Zha.

V.4 N.1

Agonizer v.4. n.1 was published in Spring 1993 and contains 148 pages.

cover v. 4, n.1

V.4 N.2 (#11)

Agonizer v.4. n.2 was published in Summer 1994 and contains 198 pages. It is photocopied, GBC-bound.

This issue is referred to as #11.

  • full-page color copy collage of Klingon WorldCon costumers
  • eight smaller color portraits of fannish personalities in their Klingon characters
  • art, poetry, con reports, reader letters, informative and "how-to" articles
  • material on the theme of "Klingon Mysticism and Magick": rationale for a Klingon tarot
  • descriptions of two sets of Klingon runes
cover of issue v.4 n.2 (#11)
table of contents for issue #11
from issue #11

From the title page: Agonizer 4.2. I know. It makes no sense. Call it #11."

Reactions and Reviews: V.4 N.2 (#11)

Given the fact that the Klingon empire is a military dictatorship populated by grunting, trigger-happy warriors with bad teeth, one might wonder why anyone would want to obsess over this dark quadrant of Trekdom as Sue Frank's gargantuan zine The Agonizer does. But with humans in the 24th century living in a kind of Kumbayah paradise, and the Federation one big happy cosmic family, embracing the wild and hot-blooded Klingons is an act of rebellion. Not to mention the fact that the Klingons have the cooler uniforms.

In this day and age of fancy, professionally produced zines, it's nice to be reminded what a "fanzine" was once all about; The Agonizer will knock you upside your head with its heavy devotion to those knot-headed space bikers, the Klingons. Every year or so, a 100-plus-page issue emerges, tediously crammed with letters, impressively bad fan art, photos, stories, newspaper clippings, and ponderous essays on Klingons of both the TV and live-action role-playing varieties. In early issues, Frank even took the time to paste in color photos of especially fetching Klingons decked out in full convention regalia.

Thumbing through page after page of Klingon speculations and no small amount of playful bravado from groups with names like The Klingon Attack Group, Klingon Strike Force, and The Klingon Language Institute may be bewildering to "mundanes" (those who don't subscribe to the Klingon faith.) But if you're just dying to slap on your Klingon battle knife and a ridged prosthetic forehead, you may be ready for The Agonizer. The most recent issue (#11, published in 1994) is on Klingon mysticism and magick and the next issue, on Klingon games, is in the works.

Qapla'! (I have no idea what that means, but all the Klingons use it.) [2]

V.4 N.3

Agonizer v.4. n.3

V.4 N.4

Agonizer v.4. n.4


Agonizer v.5 n.1 (perplexingly called "Issue 12") was published in December 1999, contains 89 pages and has a theme of "Klingon Games". It contains many articles and 'boodless' or great art. The next issue was scheduled to appear in July 2000 with the theme is "Klingon Performing Arts and the Heroic Age." (As reported in the 2000 issue of 'Battle Lines'). A sample PDF copy of this issue can be found here.

cover of v.5 n.1
  • Letters From Readers 3
  • A Warrior's Ballad Kitch vestai-Dok'Marr 10
  • A Christmas Tale Kerge TaChookma 11
  • Deck the Halls Nick Nicholas 12
  • The Night Before Christmas Kian zantai-Jiraal 13
  • Fiction: Lt. Sweetkin's Transfer Sue Frank 15
  • Star Trek Chronology Kordite sutai-Tasighor 18
  • The Fall ofKang Gar-eth Mog-ur-Baq 26
  • Interview with the Klingon Robert Jan .27
  • Stars Wars Celebration Gary Nelson 30
  • Navigation Test 31
  • Feature Section: KLINGON GAMES
  • yilI Quj Gaughta Kleevage 32
  • vo'DII-Iompu' Gar'eth Mog'ur-Baq 34
  • nItlh Hompu' K'Tura sutai-Doqro' 36
  • Zero Gee Rollerball Rogue 38
  • Battleball · Kroesh zantai-Septaric 39
  • The Dating Game! Kutaj zantai-KorDaS & K'Aos Prona 40
  • Kirandii and Hunkaa K'Tura sutai Doqro' 47
  • Klin-Zha Annotation David Barron 48
  • Tri-Level Klin-Z/1a 49
  • Klin-Zh.aHut 51
  • Basic Klin-Zh.a Rules 53
  • Essay: Women and the Empire M'Ratt vestai RaHmoS 55
  • Fiction: The Outsiders Kordite sutai-Tasighor 65
  • A Chemical Analysis ofMOXIE Kestrel sutai-KorDaS 69
  • R'uustai: the Bonding Ritual 70
  • Poetry 71
  • K-13 Recon Ship Specs YuchtaR tai-Klaan 73
  • Mirror Mirror 74
  • Klingons at Medieval Times Christine Shaw 76
  • Klingon Krossword Tar 77
  • Klingon Language Bank Tamek Tjorzn 79
  • That@$%# CAT! from the Demonfleet Room Party 80
  • Klingon Imperial Anthem HoD Krankor 81
  • Announcements 82
  • Art Credits: Clay-o: 6,65,68. Tamekus 4,83. Robert Jan 5,16. Larry De Souzz 8. Anna-Karin 9,71,81. Kordite 10. CheDpa 10. Chok 12,32,69. K'Hack 12. Kris 14. Warg 15,53,56. K'zhen 17,31,60,61. Kov 33. Talus 20,26,49,55,75. Beth'Lar 23,57,58,59,62,63. K'Jett 47. Kveld 50,51,72. Keve 54. Qo'rraq 60. Trebor 61. Kruge 71,81. Kyehl 73,74. Yuchtar 73 Houg Hardy 79 K'Qyr 84 Jeffrey Park 11 Rogue 2,6,8,12,38,48,54. Kortah 72,87. M'Rratt 7. NoClue 62, front cover.


Agonizer v.13 was published in 2000 and contains 57 pages. A pdf copy of this issue can be viewed here.

Sample poem from an unspecified issue: [3]

The Naked Stars
… And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife had found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me
"Now you shall die, and none shall know."
And the fool looking down believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulder,
the naked stars,
Each one remembering."

Gallery of Some Pages from Unknown Issues


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