Klingon Assault Group

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Name: Klingon Assault Group
Date(s): 1989-?
Founder: John Halvorson was one
Fandom: Star Trek
URL: http://www.kag.org
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Klingon Assault Group is a Star Trek fan club that had/has participation in a number of countries.

A UK group was headed in 1990 by Anne Mitchell.

From a 1991 flyer for a US group: "Klingon Assault Group is a not-for-profit Star Trek Fan Organization with headquarters in Michigan. It's [sic] members are highly motivated, aggressive, the BEST the Empire has ever produced. KAG was formed in the summer of 1989, and already has become an influential tool of the Klingon Empire. KAG has no dues and tries to keep rules, regulations, and bureaucracy to a minimum. KAG continues to grow based on cooperation and communication between it's [sic] members. KAG Members can look forward to immediate responses, and something New all the time from KAG HQ. Uniforms are not required, but are desired. Promotions can be earned in many ways:level of personal involvement/correspondence/recruiting/con action-participation/construction of one's own uniform and weapons/etc."


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