Murmurs (Battlestar Galactica zine)

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Title: Murmurs
Publisher: Osiris Publications. ed: Joy Harrison
Author(s): Honore Bryte
Cover Artist(s): Karen River
Illustrator(s): Gennie Summers & Mel White
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Murmurs is a het 105-page Battlestar Galactica novel by Honore Bryte. The cover is by Karen River. Interior art by Mel White and Gennie Summers.

cover by Karen River
back cover


Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style which, in turn, is a ad from Datazine #25: "Starbuck thought he was dying; he'd been given a death sentence. A degenerative nerve disorder had already slowed his reflexes, barred him from flying and taken from him all that might make his last sectons bearable. He sought oblivion -- and met his future in an ethereal, dark-haired woman, garbed in shimmering white."

Zine's Prologue

Once, a being who called himself Count Iblis came to the battlestar GALACTICA, offering to become the Saviour of Mankind. Captain Apollo, Commander Adama's son, was suspicious of the stranger, and defied him. For this defiance, Lieutenant Sheba, for whom the young Captain cared greatly, was condemned to die, that her lost soul might curse him for all Eternity. But It was Apollo whom Iblis struck down In his rage.

The entitles who caused Iblis to flee after committing this murder offered to restore Apollo to his grieving friends — for a price. Sheba and Lieutenant Starbuck volunteered their own lives as his ransom, but such sacrifice proved unnecessary. Calling the two Warriors "spirits of great promise," the entitles of the mysterious Ship of Lights freely returned Apollo to them, alive and unharmed. The GALACTICA continued on her course. In possession of possible coordinates to her destination, the planet Earth. For Sheba, the day every Warrior dreads came all too soon — she left on a mission from which she did not return. Apollo suffered the most at her early death, for he had come to love her since the day he died for her; and, but for a cruel quirk of fate, he would have been her wingmate on that ill-destined patrol. He still carried that love and guilt in his heart when Iblis returned to take the vengeance he had sworn against the Captain. Apollo and Lieutenant Reise, a complete Innocent, were kidnapped and taken to die on an inhospitable world where the natives worshipped Iblis as a god, and where they freely carried out his commands (APOLLO'S ODYSSEY, OSIRIS Publications, 1981). Starbuck sought desperately to reach his friends, certain he could somehow save them. He discovered Reisa's body, but could find no trace of Apollo. He stayed too long, and realized he was doomed only when the ancient world began to disintegrate around him in its death throes. Caught in a volcanic eruption, unable to reach his ship, with no possibility of escape, Starbuck willed himself to face a fiery death — then found himself safely returning to the GALACTICA, with no memories except the certain knowledge that Apollo was alive, somewhere, by some Power he could not fathom. That thought carried him through his subsequent illness, sustaining him despite the many suggestions that he had become insane from his ordeal.

The GALACTICA and her combat squadrons adjusted to Apollo's loss as they had been forced to adjust to so many other deaths since their escape from the Cylon-wrought destruction. Lieutenant Boomer, promoted to Captain, took Apollo's position as Flight Commander, end Starbuck returned to the ranks of Blue Squadron...

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