Hellguard Social Register (Star Trek: TOS fiction zine)

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Title: Hellguard Social Register
Publisher: Rihannsu Press, distributed by Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Tim Blaes
Date(s): 1989-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Hellguard Social Register is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Tim Blaes. The stories focus on Spock and Saavik.

It has a sister zine, a letterzine by the same name: Hellguard Social Register.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1 by Lana Brown
back cover of issue #1

Hellguard Social Register 1 was published in spring 1989 and contains 62 pages. Front and back covers are by Lana Brown; interior art is by Gail Adams, Eunice Raymond, Bruce Shaw, and Gennie Summers.

The inside front cover has "#1 Vol.2" but this appears to be the first issue.

  • New Paths by Cheryl Whitmore--Spock investigates a distress signal from a colony and finds three part-Vulcan children. (13 pages)
  • On Alien Ground by Eunice Raymond--A Romulan ship crashes on a Federation planet with one survivor. (Tied for 1990 Fan Q Award for Best Star Trek Story with "Brand of Logic" by Chris Dickerson in Eridani #5) (17 pages)
  • The Sundering by Sue Ilse with calligraphy by Susan Rice (1 page)
  • Second Chances by Chris Church--Saavik's ship investigates a murder at a science station, and discovers a link to one of the Enterprise's old missions. (27 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I read an interesting little zine called HELLGUARD SOCIAL REGISTER #1. Even though I don't like to read Romulan stories, these stories peaked my interest, to the fact on the life of Saavik. One story, best of all in this issue, "Second Chances" by Chris Church; one reason its involvement of Doctor Gillian Taylor. I can't wait to read the next installment of HELLGUARD #2. [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, front cover by Marie Williams
back cover of issue #2, Lana Brown

Hellguard Social Register 2 was published in 1991 and contains 167 pages. It has a color cover by Marie Williams. Back cover is by Lana Brown; interior art is by Eunice Raymond, C.M. Parkhill, and Gennie Summers.

  • Frae Monie A Blunder Free Us by Eunice Raymond (The only survivor of a family of defecting Romulans, Tamal Thrax grew up on a distant Federation colony. Now he is an adult, husband, veternarian, and author. None of these things impresses his houseguest, Saavik, who would rather be anywhere else than under the same roof as a Romulan. Saavik must also come to terms with the child she is carrying.)
  • Undercover by Cheryl Whitmore (T'Khaya, anther orphan of Hellguard, was unsure she was the best choice to go undercover inside Romulan homespace. Failure to act like a Romulan could blow her cover, but success could crack her self-image as a Vulcan.)
  • Bitter-Sweet Victory by Yvonne Sampson (While serving on board the USS Yanche, Saavik leads a search party to the crash site of a small Romulan shuttle. Saavik may have more to do with the two survivors, a man and his daughter, than she'd care to discover.)
  • The Dregs of the Universe by C.M. Parkhill (Can a Romulan make Rock and Roll history?)
  • Through the Vortex by C.M. Parkhill (Have you ever wondered what the Romulans were like in the Mirror Universe? And what are "butt edits with wings" anyway?)
  • Children of the Rod by Chris Church (Giant wolf-like animals are killing miners and disrupting dilithium production on Grunfeld V. Can Saavik stop the killings, help an abused child, and keep herself from punching Caithlinn Dar in the snoot?)
  • a letter column

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Judy Kizler
back cover of issue #3, Zaquia Tarhuntassa

Hellguard Social Register 3 is a 170-page novel called "Blind Spinner" by Eunice Raymond. It was published in Spring of 1992. Cover art is by Judy Kizler and back cover is by Zaquia Tarhuntassa. Interior art is by Judy Kizler, Eunice Raymond, and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

From Bill Hupe: "A novel by FanQ award-winning writer. An Earth colony world in the Federation's boondocks. A lone Romulan set there by chance or fate in an otherwise Human society. The Enterprise investigates possible unauthorized goings-on. When Spock is poisoned on the first day of the investigation, and Klingons keep the Enterprise busy, something is definitely amiss. A sequel to On Alien Ground (HSR 1)."

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Hellguard Social Register 4 contains 84 pages. It contains all Romulan Saavik fiction.


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