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Title: Qapla'
Publisher: Klingon Occupational Force
Editor(s): Lana Brown
Type: newsletter
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Qapla' is a gen Star Trek: TOS Klingon newsletter edited by Lana Brown. It has the subtitle, "The Magazine for the Sophisticated Klingon."

Reactions and Reviews

A comment in 1989:
The newsletter QAPLA comes out once every two months from Lana Brown in New Zealand. Although this is the Klingon Occupation Force newsletter, subject matter is not limited to Klingons, but has a range of topics including all aspects of original and NEXT GENERATION Trek. I am not a Klingon fan; even so, I found this interesting reading. Klingon fans will find even more items to enjoy in this newsletter. [1]

Issue 1

Qapla' 1 was published in May 1986.

Issue 2

Qapla' 2 was published in July 1986.

Issue 3

Qapla' 3 was published in September 1986.

Issue 4

Qapla' 4

Issue 5

Qapla' 5

Issue 6

Qapla' 6

Issue 7

Qapla' 7

Issue 8

Qapla' 8

Issue 9

Qapla' 9

Issue 10

Qapl'a 10

Issue 11

Qapla' 11

Issue 12

Qapla' 12

Issue 13

Qapl'a 13

Issue 14

Qapla' 14

Issue 15

Qapl'a 15

Issue 16

Qapla' 16

Issue 17

Qapla' 17

Issue 18

Qapla' 18

Issue 19

Qapla' 19

Issue 20

Qapla' 20

Issue 21

front cover of issue #21, Sue Frank

Qapla' 21 was published in May 1989 and 20 pages. The editor says she has just ended her other zine, Hypertension. "For economic reasons, I've folded my info zine, 'Hyper-tension,' and decided to combine its best points with 'Qapla'.'

  • the cover of this issue is by Sue Frank
  • this issue has an account of Universal Studios from Star Trek America
  • there is a filk called "Owed to Ferengi"
  • this issue has an ad for conVERGE II and a flyer for Enarrare
  • a fan submits a long letter on female roles in Trek
  • there is a review of "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll
  • this issue has an article called "The Scandal Chronicle of Science Fantasy" by Andrew Lubensky

Issue 22

Qapla' 22 was published in July 1989 and 20 pages.

cover of issue #22, Gennie Summers
  • this issue has an article on the Klingon language
  • there is a con report for BabelCon II
  • this issue has the text of "The Klingon Observer's Speech" and "Imperial Intelligence"
  • there is a reprint of an article called "John Larrroquette Holds Court"
  • there is a filk called "The Irate Klin"
  • this issue has an article called "Laldhan: A Brief Overview of Published Klingon Belief Systems" by Kthor zantai Azhir
  • there is a flyer for Hellguard Social Register and Artforum

Issue 23

Qapla' 23 was published in September 1989 and 20 pages.

cover of issue #23, Jayne Rogers
  • there are about six long letters
  • this issue has an essay called "Fear and Loathing at Rainbows End, or, If God Had Meant Us to Go on Rollercoasters, We Would Have Been Born with Wheels on Our Feet" by Yvonne Harrison
  • there is a reprint from Kanutu-Wom'n, a newsletter by K'Shona Jackson aka Lady DawnSinger; the article is a feminist view of the fifth Star Trek movie and entitled, "The Kanutu-Won'n Speaks" -- one excerpt: "The campout silly sing-along scenes was painful to watch -- so unbelievably amateur ST fanzine-ish. I cringed and had difficulty believing it ended up in a mega-buck movie. The same goes for the embarrassing 'love' scene between Uhura and Scotty - it was unprofessional, and insulting to Uhura as a career officer AND a woman."
  • there are ads for Rebel, the B7 zine, and information about saving Starman
  • this issue has a short review of the pro book "The Peacekeepers"
  • there is an article called "The Disappearing Dwalsk, or, The Vanishing Vulcanoids by Kthor zantai Ashir -- it starts with "What ever happened to all those green-blooded, pointy-eared freaks? You know, the ones who were into science and occasionally raised a disapproving eyebrow at you as you prowled the conventions?"

Issue 24

Qapla' 24 was published in December 1989 and 20 pages.

flyer for David Gerrold's Star Trek: TNG unsold script that dealt with AIDS
cover of issue #24, Lana Brown
  • there is a photo of a fan who has built a replica of the bridge; she is sitting in the Captain's chair
  • this issue has an essay called "The Tera'Daq Tlhinganghom" by Kthor zentai Azhir
  • the editor writes of her trip to the US and the Paramount studios
  • there is a an ad for a unused script by David Gerrold that deals with AIDS and two gay crew members; Gerrold is selling it for $35, with most of the proceeds going to charity


  1. from Treklink #19