Lana Brown

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Name: Lana Brown
Alias(es): Lana Pennington-Brown, Lana Fahey
Type: fanzine publisher, fan writer, con convenor
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Simon and Simon
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Lana Brown is a Star Trek fan who played an influential role in the Star Trek community in her native New Zealand.

Lana was recognized by the creators of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 when a school on the show was named after her - The Pennington School - which was placed in her home town Wellington, New Zealand. (Pennington was her mother's maiden name).[1]

In addition to writing fan fiction, Lana published fanzines and was also a fan artist. She won the 1987 Surak Award for both 'Best Artist - Action' and 'Best Artist - Portraiture' and was awarded New Zealand's Sir Julius Vogel Award in 1990 for 'Best fan writing' and in again in 1993 for 'Special achievement'.[2].

Lana convened two science fiction media conventions: ConVERGE (1988) in Wanganui, and ConVERGE II in Wellington (1990). In 1993, she also served as the convention chair for Defcon, a large science fiction convention held in New Zealand and Australia.[3]

Boldly Writing offers the following description of Lana: "Lana, a superb artist and Klingon fan, often went to conventions dressed as a Klingon. She was also a Saavik fan.....[Her other publications included] 'Qapla', the newsletter of the "Klingon Occupation Force," had readers from all over the world. ..... Lana had another general newsletter, Hypertension. She published issues 4-10 in 1986. This newsletter contained information on clubs, conventions, fanzines, and merchandise from all over the world." (pg. 72, 75).

Her fanzine publications covered a wide range: from the New Zealand clubzine The Alternative Factor to the Star Trek fanzine, Katra.

She also may have published adult themed fanzines under the name As You Like It Press.