Distasis (multimedia zine)

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Title: Distasis
Editor(s): Laura Michaels
Date(s): 1990, 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
External Links: Publisher website
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Distasis is short for DImensional STASIS. It is the name of a multimedia fanzine [1] with an emphasis on crossovers. It is also the name of a fan fiction archive that has been around since the 1990s which contains reprints of some of the stories from the issues plus many other works.

The 'zine is a gen multimedia fanzine edited by Laura Michaels. Both the 'zine and archives contain positive stories suitable for all ages with upbeat endings.

The name is a reminder that the stories and other works in this 'zine attempt to present material that is true to character and faithful to the universes they recreate. According to the 'zine, "Its mission is to share positive, humorous, entertaining and upbeat material with its readers."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Distasis 1 was published in 1990 and has 249 pages. It features A-Team, Battlestar Galactica (1978) and Star Wars and Star Trek. It contains 130-pages of The A-Team fiction and an A-Team comprehensive episode guide by Michele Lellouche. Illustrations and graphics by Gennie Summers, Paul Pence, Michele Lellouche, Rachelle Wadsworth, Laura Michaels, Sid Michaels.

From the introduction:

Welcome to DISTASIS (pronounced di sta sis).

Its mission is twofold. One, to seek out material that is positive, humorous, and entertaining; to find anything that will make people feel good when they're reading it. Two, to present material that is true to character, and faithful to its universe. In other words, this fanzine tries to create a Dimensional STASIS where the situations are as realistic and accurate as they were in the original media presentation of any particular universe.

DISTASIS is also intended as a home for material that has a hard time being placed elsewhere. For example, it's very difficult to find a 'zine to take A-TEAM material, but there are a lot of good A-TEAM stories and people interested in reading them.

I'd like to thank all the contributors for their help in making DISTASIS a reality. I'd also like to thank Judi Raish for her expert advice on the more technical aspects of putting a 'zine together in the D/FW area.

There are no plans to produce any further issues of DISTASIS. (However, if I get enough assorted material in my files AND enough people are really interested in seeing it, I may consider another issue of DISTASIS some time in the far future.)

  • Introduction (2)
  • Maneuvers by Sharon Monroe (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (4)
  • When Shadows Fall by Susan Garrett ("Does the A-Team believe in ghosts? Strange things happen in an abandoned house.") (A-Team (18)
  • Flight Games, (poem) by Laura Michaels (A-Team, misc) (39)
  • Pasadena Murdock and the Gem of the Sahara" by Michele Lellouche and Laura Michaels ("An unauthorized version of this story was published in Closed for Remodeling #4 giving credit only to Michele. The CFR version is different and not the official version." [2]) (44)
  • A-Team Episode Guide by Michele Lellouche (63)
  • Star Trek Time Line by John Cirillo (111)
  • Notes on the Nature of Pon Farr, article by Paul Pence (Star Trek: TOS) (122)
  • Science Fiction and Adventure Programs - Sabaac and Sej by Laura Michaels (Software in BASIC written for IBM compatibles and Cocos) (Star Wars, SF) (126)
  • Missing my Mission, poem by Tracy Revels (Mission Impossible) (133)
  • Mission: Spaghetti by Tracy Revels (Mission Impossible, features characters from the TV series remake of Mission: Impossible, not the original series.) (134)
  • Discoveries, poem by Sharon Ann Campbell (Doctor Who) (142)
  • Just in Time by Tracy Revels (Back to the Future) (143)
  • Everybody Comes to Milliways by Michele Lellouche and Tracy Revels (Blake's 7/Star Trek: TNG/Star Trek: TOS/Alien, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Stringray, Back to the Future, SF, misc) (146)
  • When Capricans Meet Corellians by Laura Michaels (Star Wars/Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (163)
  • Never Thought I’d Be Rooting For A Cylon by Mary Wernke (Battlestar Galactica (1978)/Quantum Leap) ("Sam leaps into an actor during the filimg of Battlestar Galactica.") (173)
  • The Quantum Doctor by James Ira Canterbury (Quantum Leap/Doctor Who) (20 pages) ("Sam leaps into the Doctor's companion.") (182)
  • That Sinking Feeling by Gennie Summers (Doctor Who/Star Wars) (202)
  • Wanted: Missing Vans (script-format) by Laura Michaels (A-Team/Star Wars) (207)
  • autobiographies of the authors plus autograph section (249)

Issue 2

Distasis 2 was published in 2003 and contains 140 pages. This issue features Pretender and contains all Pretender and Pretender crossovers. It is digest sized. It includes Pretender/Beauty and the Beast (1st season), Pretender/Early Edition and Pretender/X-Files crossovers.

  • Ice Cream Social by Laura Michaels
  • A Day at the Beach by Terry Owen
  • Currently Missing a Heart by Jessi Albano
  • A Day At The Park by Laura Michaels
  • Chicago Phoenix by Marian Allen and Sarai M. Allen (Pretender/Early Edition)
  • Angel by Melanie-Anne (Pretender/X-Files)
  • Getaway by Laura Michaels (Pretender/Beauty and the Beast) - Sequel to Patience (Miss Parker takes some time off from chasing Jarod to getaway for the weekend with her old friend Catherine Chandler. Jarod follows to discover why.)
  • Bios - Autobiographies of authors plus autograph section

Issue 3

Distasis 3 Open for submissions. The editor will produce future issues as long as authors are still interested in submitting to 'zines. If there are enough submissions to go to press, this issue will either be a small print run mainly for contributors and those interested in the 'zine or if there's a large interest, it may end up as an e-publication. The focus of this issue would most likely be shows like Legion and Generator Rex.


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