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art depicting members of the Klingon Diplomatic Corps, one of the first Klingon fan clubs. Printed in Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar.
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"“And some [Klingon fan clubs] dress-up like ferocious, scowling aliens who like their combat brutal, their conversations blunt, and their sex ferocious.” [1]

Klingon Fan Clubs are an early form of Star Trek cosplaying and role-playing. Klingons, their language and culture are a popular theme for many Star Trek fans and fan clubs have sprung up based around Klingon warships much like the Star Trek fan clubs that center on fictional Federation starships. According to one article, dress-up Klingon fan clubs were born in 1974, when Robert Asprin formed the Klingon Diplomatic Corps to provide security at cons.[1]

Fan clubs recreate the military hierarchy of a battleships, with each fan member creating a Klingon identity and assigned a military rank and role with a back story and skills and interests. Klingon fanzines and newsletters are written and published by club members. Fan clubs also meet in person (and more recently online), host social and charity events, and engage in mock battles with other Klingon fan clubs. At fan run conventions club members often stage elaborate battles in costume to often large and enthusiastic crowds. Klingon Karaoke is also a popular fan club activity at conventions.

The popularity of Klingon fan clubs led to the documentation and creation of both a dictionary of the Klingon language and a newsletter devoted to the language HolQeD, the translation of several of Shakespeare's play into Klingon, a Klingon langauge summer camp, and even a Klingon cookbook.

cover of the Klingon Hamlet published by Pocket Press

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