Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar

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Title: Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar
Publisher: boojums Press,
in 1986, T'Kuhtian Press had permission to copy and distribute this zine
Date(s): 1973, 1974 (two reprints), 1975, 1976 (5th edition)
Medium: print calendar
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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flyer, click to read, printed in 1975 in A Piece of the Action #29: Krok's pronouncement was a little premature, as this calendar had at least one more reprint in 1976
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Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar is a Star Trek: TOS 14-page calendar created by Paula Smith and Sharon Ferarro. It includes, of course, a page for each month, as well art, cartoons, and poetry. Content by Doug Rice, Sharon Ferraro, Vicki M. Wyman, Gordon Carleton, Joni Wagner, Bill Bryant, Doug Herring, Phil Foglio, and Cara Sherman.

It was the first publication of boojums Press, preceding Menagerie.

This calendar was an inspiration for She-Warriors of the Empire, a 1996/97 calendar.

It was also the inspiration for Phil Foglio: "The first convention I went to was TorCon 2 in 1973, where I saw an ad for a thing called the ‘Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar’ – which I thought sounded really cool. So I wrote and said, ‘Gosh, I’d sure like one of those,’ and did a little drawing next to my name. The editor, Paula Smith, wrote back saying, ‘Here’s your calendar. Thank you very much, and by the way, love the little thing next to your name. Would you like to do some art for us?’ That’s how I got started doing fan art.” [1]

Bites the Dust

From the editors in 1975:

R.l.P--Requiicat in Pacem..The Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar Bites the dust. We are grateful to announce that the K.E.A.C. has finally gone out of print. Those of you who have one, can now start watching it appreciate in value. Those who don't - it's too late, this Calendar is dead, Jim. There are no more available except our own personal copies. We printed 450 of those things and that Is the end of that! [2]

That was the plan anyway. There was, however, a fifth reprint in 1976.

Sample Gallery

Reactions and Reviews

I'm afraid there isn't much I can say about it, except that I think it's great! What can you say about the "Weapon-of-the-Month (like the Marak plague, of the Neuronic Whip)? Or the monthly"Words to Live By"("A man's back is the safest target," "I kill, therefore I am.")?

The months are Klingon months, each with their own names (written in Klingon) and their own strange internal logic of ordering. Earth dates are thoughtfully provided in the corner of each day. And in the back, we are introduced to the Klingon alphabet. The calendar is arranged in the usual fold-down manner with the calendar on the lower page and a lovely piece of art on the upper page. Plus some very roudy Klingon drinking songs.

The over-all effect is pretty wild. A definite collector's item. [3]


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