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Zine Publisher
Name: T'Kuhtian Press
Contact: Lori Chapek-Carleton and Gordon Carleton
Type: fan fiction
Fandoms: Star Trek & multi-fandom
Status: active
URL: http://www.mediawestcon.org/tkuhtian.htm
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The press's name is derived from the name "T'Kuht" given to the sister planet of Vulcan by Gordon after it first appeared in the Star Trek animated series episode "Yesteryear".

flyer from 1980
flyer from 1982
From their website:
T'Kuhtian Press was founded by Lori Chapek-Carleton and Gordon Carleton in 1977, originally as a student organization at Michigan State University. We quickly became known in fandom as the publishers of fanzines such as Warped Space and The Weight Collected, and subsequently as the proud sponsors of MediaWest*Con.

We have been referenced in Textual Poachers, Television Fans & Participatory Culture by Henry Jenkins (Routledge 1992), the official fan club publication Star Trek Communicator, and in Strange New Worlds (Pocket Books 1998).

Gordon was a major contributor to Startoons (Playboy Press 1979), has had cartoons published in various issues of Starlog magazine, and has written for Classic TV magazine. [1]

One of their more well known fanzines was Obsc'zine, an early adult themed fanzine published in 1977. While it featured mainly het fiction, it featured a nude Spock, with a strategically placed hand on the cover. Also in 1977, the press began offering to print out-of-print fanzines, provided that the editor or publisher authorized the duplication. [2]

In 1980, Lori won the FanQ Award for Best Editor. The press continued publishing its multi-fandom fanzine Warped Space until 1984.

List of Zines Published

About the Dissolution of The Michigan State University Star Trek Club

From a 1980 issue of Warped Space:

The interminable legal fight Lori Chapek-Carleton was forced into against the Michigan State University STAR TREK Club (led by members Tina Henry, Marty Siegrist, and Don Calderone) begun in 1975 was ended in Lori's favor on May, 20, 1980 when a Satisfaction of Judgement was signed (although a default judgment against the Club was handed down on March 21, 1979 saying that Lori was owed $922). The Club turned over 567 copies of various WARPED SPACE back issues from 1 & 2 through 21 and the members testified under oath that they had something like .50 in the Club treasury and had sold all Club property except for one stapler over the past two years. In effect, the Club is now defunct, and Lori is trying to recover through sales of the copies of WARPED SPACE that were turned over for the money the Club owed her.


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