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Synonyms: Multimedia (Multiple Fandoms)
See also: multifannish, monofannish, serially monofannish
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The term multifandom refers to using or following source texts from many different fandoms. A multifandom challenge may be pan-fandom like Yuletide and include RPF, Anime, Book, Movie, and Television sources. Another term for fan activities involving multiple fandoms is multimedia.

A multifannish person is one who participates in several fandoms, usually at the same time. This is in contrast to being monofannish, or serially monofannish, a term which refers to a fan person participating in one fandom at a time.

The term is not used for stories that are set in two or more fandoms -- those are usually called crossovers or xovers.)

Multifandom: History of the Term

The earliest term in media fandom for zines or other fan activities involving multiple fandoms was "multimedia." As the word "multimedia" became associated with CD-ROMs and "new media," the word "multifandom" became more widely used in places like LiveJournal, possibly to avoid confusion over the two meanings of "multimedia." In some fandoms and fan communities, "multifandom" has become the more common term, effectively replacing "multimedia" in those communities.


Multifandom songvids are ones with source clips from more than one show/movie/etc., set to the same song. (Garbage can vids are vids with tens, or even hundreds, of clips from different sources.)

Examples of vids that draw from multiple fannish sources:

AMVs, in contrast, routinely use clips from many different sources.

For zines see the list under Multimedia (Multiple Fandoms)/Fanzines.


A challenge may be called a multifandom challenge if it allows for more than one source fandom. Yuletide is one such challenge, in that it includes obscure fandoms from a variety of source texts. Other challenges like this would include:



Multifandom awards and contests allow entries from many different fandoms, sometimes from any fandom. They include:


Multifandom conventions may be devoted to a certain type of fandom, such as an anime convention, slash fandom convention, or science fiction fandom convention. They may also be devoted to a particular type of fanac, such as cosplay or vidding, across fandoms. Some examples: