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Journal Community
Name: 500themes
Date(s): 2009-2016 (active)
Moderator: moonlitxmelody, ivy_tsuta
Founder: ?
Type: Challenge
Fandom: multifandom
URL: https://500themes.livejournal.com/

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500themes was a LiveJournal-based prompt community. There were 602 entries and 1,113 comments left in the community during its active years.

There was a Yahoo Group by the same name linked from the community profile, but there is no record of the group's size or activity.


Greetings, reader and welcome to 500themes

I know, I know, you've all heard it before, but you're gonna hear it again, so you may as well just sit back, relax and listen, akay?

The below info was all magically yoinked from 365_themes whose info was kidnapped for ransom from 30_losses whose info was snatched by a band of hobbit thieves in the dead of the night from 30_kisses and tweaked to suit the spirit of this particular challenge.

We are a friendly, low-pressure (heheheh yeah right) community of writers and artists who want to explore and develop their writing and/or drawing skills. We can't truly say we were inspired by any particular community, as we have yet to come across a challenge this large, but we love, respect and are morally inspired by every single one of those amazing writing and themed coms out there. For a real list of the incredible work other mods have done, then visit 150_comms

Writers/artists of all fandoms are invited to participate, and couples of all orientations are welcome and encouraged. Homophobia/heterophobia will absolutely NOT be tolerated. If you are either, then leave. Now.

I have two words for you. Open Fandom. For those of you who aren't quite sure what that means, it's pretty simple. It means you can write about anything. Any characters, any groups, any fandoms you please. The mods understand the absurdity of trying to squeeze out 500 fics for one specific character/pairing/series/etc, so we've made it easier for ya.

However, just do us a favor. If the fandoms you want to write in aren't in the Tags List, just let us know here so we can add them for you.

Simple? You know it!


Original characters, original stories, OCs with fandom characters, crossovers between two fandoms, RP fiction, AU stories, drabbles, flash fictions, short stories, novelas, novels, epics, poetry, lyrics, screenplays, songfics, etc. are all acceptable. Icons and/or banners are not. (Try iconfiend100 for things such as that.)