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Journal Community
Name: 150_comms, 150 Communities
Date(s): 2006-?
Moderator: free_mod
Founder: ?
Type: Directory
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: https://150-comms.livejournal.com/

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150_comms was a LiveJournal community whose goal was to collect theme communities hosted on LiveJournal. It allowed advertising posts, but was most notable for its directory of communities.

Affiliates listed in the profile were hp_directory, one_blanket, bigbluebox and fanfic_ads. There were versions on InsaneJournal (at 150_asylums) and GreatestJournal (at 150_comms; no usable archive).


How many times have you seen "inspired by 30_kisses," "inspired by fanfic100," or "inspired by wednesday100" in a comm's info? How many themed communities have you come across? How many weekly challenge? They're all so interesting, each in its own way! Ever looked through a few and just settled on one? Have you wondered where the one (or another one) for you could be? Have you ever wondered just how many of them could be out there? This is my attempt to answer that.


According to the last updated version of the Database Directory post, there were 528 total communities listed in its directory posts. In 2007, an update post by the mod listed 539.[1] Communities were apparently removed from the directory when they were deleted. Although the directory post was last updated 2007, there were still people following the community in 2011.[2]

Scattered advertisements in the community itself continued until 2017.


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