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Journal Community
Name: The Ultimate FanFic Challenge
Date(s): 2005 – 2017
Moderator: casper_san, fanfic100_admin, vyvolat_hokej, noneofyours, hawkeyecat, curlykew
Founder: vyvolat_hokej
Type: fanfiction challenge
Fandom: multifandom
The Big Damn List of Claims
fanfic100 at LiveJournal

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fanfic100 was a challenge community that hosted an open challenge to write 100 fics for a table of 100 fixed prompts. There were 18,305 entries and 24,747 comments posted to the community since 2005.

Their website Fanfic100 We're crazy about fandom hosted the "BIG DAMN TABLE" of challenges and challengers, was defunct by late 2015, but you can access archived versions on WayBack Machine.