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Synonyms: fic/fanwork request
See also: Fill, kink meme, Comment fic, Reverse Bang, Imagine (genre)
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Prompt is the term commonly used for the short bits of text (for varying values of short), or in some cases the artwork that are intended to inspire the creation of another fanwork, most often fanfiction, but sometimes a piece of art or a vid.

The term is commonly used on kink memes and other types of fanwork-creation memes, such as comment fic fests. The artwork created for Reverse Bangs is also sometimes referred to as the prompt for the accompanying fic. Some Big Bangs offered prompts as inspiration or themes for fic writers, see for example the SGA Big Bang fics. The Artword challenge, another writer/artist collaboration challenge in Stargate Atlantis fandom, also used prompts.

For examples of fic prompts, see any fannish kink meme.

Sometimes on a fanwork-creation meme a temporary halt to new prompts will be declared, called a prompt freeze. The purpose of this is to concentrate effort on fanworks already in the process of being created.

Prompt List/Sketch Month

With the growth of platforms like Tumblr and Instagram, season challenges have become commonplace. The prompt lists and sketch months, which are nothing more than challenges that occur within a period of 30 or 31 and can occur once or twice in a year.

Some of these challenges are quite popular, being followed by countless fanworkers having been conceived by other highly renowned artists, while some are produced by lesser known profiles.

Examples of Prompt List/Sketch Month

  • inktober: month of October dedicated to the arts, hence the name ink
  • mermay: month of May dedicated to the Mermaid universe
  • flufftober: month of October dedicated to fluffy