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Name: SGA Big Bang Challenge
Date(s): 2007-2009
Moderator: Svmadelyn
Founder: Svmadelyn
Type: Challenge, Big Bang
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: SGA Big Bang (website on Wayback Machine)
sgabigbang (LiveJournal)
SGA Big Bang banner from 2007.

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The SGA Big Bang Challenge was first run in 2007, and during its three challenges produced a total of 99 fics by 89 authors inspired by 38 prompts and accompanied by 230 pieces of artwork by 98 artists.

As of 2010, it was succeeded by the Atlantis Big Bang challenge.

The Big Bang name was taken from a challenge originating in Harry Potter fandom but with modified rules and many changes.[1]

Svmadelyn explained the basic premise: "The SGA Big Bang is going to be a joint effort between writers and artists. Writers write a story, and a fannish artist or vidder will read your story and create something based on it (...). Then everything will go live all on one day, resulting in you going blind from trying to read all these huge stories and checking out all the fantastic artwork and vids."[1]

Stories had to be at least 40,000 words long to receive artwork or vids, stories with minimally 25,000 words would still be included on the website and only authors who had at least once completed a story of 10,000 words could sign up. The Big Bang entries were supposed to feature either John/Rodney, Ronon/Elizabeth or Teyla/Elizabeth as a primary aspect of the story to represent slash, het and femslash in the challenge[1] but in the end all the stories that reached the necessary word count to be eligible for art or for inclusion on the website were John/Rodney slash.

All stories had to be based on one of these prompts[1]:

1) Atlantis is cut off from Earth (at any point in time). Or destroyed. You pick!
2) A story set post-S3 of SGA. (...)
3) Forks in the Road. (Please note that the final one is a tiny spoiler for the latter half of S3.) Pick one of the following moments and…write what happens: (...)

The SGA Big Bang 2007 produced 16 fics by 17 authors inspired by 9 prompts and accompanied by 39 pieces of artwork by 24 artists.

Big Bang 2007

Aegis cover art by Yin Li

[Aegis] by Springwoof and Leah (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 90748.

Summary: The Ancients' genes didn't just confer the power to activate their technology. For ten percent of Earth's population, like John Sheppard, the ATA gene also gave them Gifts: special abilities that made them admired, envied, and feared.
Sheppard was a Charmer, one of the feared ones, whose particular Gift let him create faith whenever he needed to be trusted or believed. But Sheppard didn't trust himself not to destroy what he loved most. And somewhere along the line, amid the terror and chaos of the Expedition's first year in the Pegasus Galaxy, what Sheppard loved most had become Rodney McKay.
McKay didn't trust anyone. As soon as you started trusting people, you started counting on them, depending on them, and that was when you became vulnerable. And vulnerable things didn't survive. So just when, exactly, had he started trusting Sheppard?
And what was going to happen, now that he did?
Art: fanfic cover and two illustrations by brevisse (ink and Prismacolor marker on paper), cover art by Yin Li (digital).
All Falls Down cover art by aesc

All Falls Down by justbreathe80 (McKay/Sheppard, John/Ronon). Word count: 45616.

Summary: And maybe this was why people spent their entire lives preparing to Ascend, because there was so much to get over and make peace with to be able to really do this, to abide by all of the rules that they were supposed to abide by, without fucking it up. He would have needed another whole lifetime to be able to not want to be back there, every single second.
Art: fanfic cover and illustration ("Coming night") by aesc (PhotoShop7; collage), fic trailer by Genie.
E-book: Available at Amalthia's E-book Archive

And All We Have by seekergeek (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 49000.

Summary: Earth is gone, lost to the Ori and Atlantis has to take a hard look at how to survive now that they're on their own.
Art: fic trailer by merathanel.

Cage for Gods by Kat Reitz and Perryvic (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 63948.

Summary: It was meant to be a quick ascension, turn around and come back, don't let the revolving ascended plane door hit him on the ass on the way home. But maybe he got distracted or...something, because hours had become days, days had become weeks and Rodney hadn't come back.
Art: illustration by beeej (photoshop collage).

Critical Error by Tarlan (McKay/Sheppard, Jack/Daniel). Word count: 48071

Summary: The intention to destroy Atlantis changes when the plot is uncovered. The Goa'uld infesting Caldwell takes control of the city, trapping John, Rodney and a several others in Atlantis, completely at the Goa'uld's mercy. Their only hope of taking back the city before the Wraith learn of its continued existence, lies with Rodney and, perhaps not so surprisingly, Jack O'Neill.
Art: trailer vid ("Awakening") by Jen and a wallpaper by Tarlan.
Intimate, illustration for Every Day in Every Way by Crysothemis. John teaches Rodney something about intimacy.

Every Day in Every Way by velocitygrass (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 58476.

Summary: "I'm here to propose an arrangement. Between us. I assume you remember our talk from earlier today and how... challenging dating can be on Atlantis. And since we've established that you're attracted to me, I think it would be mutually beneficial for us to have sex."
Art: fic trailer by mamoru22, illustration by Crysothemis (pencil drawing).

In the Silent Water by tigerlady (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 40000.

Summary: "I wouldn't think you'd care much, what with the real deal right here."
"You know, your magic Sam Carter, Miss Universe herself."

Unaware that danger lurks below, John struggles to get Atlantis operational on a new planet, while dealing with the added burden of Elizabeth's command and the unwelcome presence of Rodney's ideal woman, Samantha Carter.
Art: story cover and two collages by Girlnamedpixley (Photoshop CS2), illustration by Crysothemis (pencil drawing).

Mirror Dance by trinityofone (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 45000.

Summary: John doesn't like to share.
Art: story cover by aesc (PhotoShop 7; collage), story cover and front and back cover by Siria (Photoshop).

None Can Quite Extinguish by Cate (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 45307.

Summary: Unwilling to accept that Sateda has been destroyed, Ronon -- newly aided by the citizens of Atlantis -- convinces Weir to let him visit his homeworld and see things for himself. Accompanied by Teyla, Sheppard and McKay, he discovers that just over a hundred Satedans survived the culling of the planet, eking out life amid the ruins the Wraith left behind, taking care to breathe no word of their existence to anyone else.
Despite a rocky beginning to their relationship, the Lanteans attempt to help the Satedans flourish - an undertaking that's hampered by distrust, resistance, and factionalism among those who survived. Amid this, Rodney meets Caius, the 21 year old best hope for a scientist the Satedans can offer, and the role of science in destroying and rebuilding worlds becomes a point of contention for everyone involved - Satedans and Lanteans alike.
Art: fic trailer ("People Are People") by lim.
Striking Back... illustration for Sprites by Cynicatlantis. Ronon is slightly wounded by the first barrage of arrows and loses his footing on the shifting dune, but turns to strike back...

Sprites by LadyAmarra (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 44341.

Summary: "You know, the universe is a big place. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other again," Rodney said hopefully.
"Aye," Carson sighed. "Who knows?"
Art: three pieces of artwork by newkidfan (digital and traditional media), illustration by Cynicatlantis (Pencil sketch, digitally coloured).

The Fey by Oran (John/Rodney), (Rodney/Katie Brown), (Implied Lorne/Zelenka, Jack/Sam, Jack/Daniel). Word count: 69602.

Summary: Strange things keep happening around Rodney, and he's behaving a little oddly too. His friends are worried but the political/military situation surrounding Atlantis and a rift between Sheppard and McKay means it takes a while for everyone to realise what's happening and for John to decide to act.
Art: illustration ("orbital defence cube") by wychwood (Photoshop).

The Qualities of Silk by aesc (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 50897.

Summary: With no help from Earth and Atlantis lost, the expedition finds itself trapped at the alpha site. While Elizabeth struggles to hold on to her command, Teyla and Lorne undertake a dangerous mission to negotiate with the Genii, and John, Rodney, and Ronon travel across Pegasus in search of a long-lost Ancient warship, and Rodney fights to hold on to humanity and memory.
Art: A small two-part comic of a scene in Chapter 15 ("Arrival") and one of the times John and Rodney :sleep: together ("Sleep"), both computer colored drawings by anna luna, and a photoshop image of Rodney by beeej.
returning whole, illustration for The Return to Normalcy by jedoch. From the scene that starts: "He's never getting his deposit back, though."

The Return to Normalcy by Cypher (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 61900.

Summary: "The three month anniversary of the exile--as John thinks of it--falls on a three-day weekend."
Art: cover illustration ("returning whole") by jedoch (drawing).

Theory of Evolution by lavvyan (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 41993.

Summary: Stuck with a body he can't accept as his own, John withdraws - and Rodney lets him, certain that all John needs is time. But what if he's wrong?
Art: wallpaper collage in three different sizes by 2am_optimism, cover banner by Elli (wallscroll).

Together They Have Built A World and A Lot Of It Is Real by Sheila by (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 41254.

Summary: "I'll never get tired of watching it land," John says, watching the Daedalus glide smoothly toward the city. Thirty seconds later it blows up.
Art: cover by slodwick (Inkscape & Photoshop CS), story header by zoetrope.

View From An Occupation by Chensuu by (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 48667.

Summary: The Genii take over the Atlantis in The Storm/The Eye and John and Rodney form a half-hazard, insane plan to take the city back that may end up destroying the both of them in the process.
Art: illustration ("Respite") by ileliberte (digital painting), fic trailer by Sal.

Big Bang 2008

The SGA Big Bang 2008 produced 40 fics by 46 authors inspired by 22 prompts and accompanied by 100 pieces of artwork by 52 artists.

Flying, illustration by bellewhan for A Clear and Different Light. It fits with the following section: "Sheppard followed him up, gliding through the air with a complete disregard for gusts and currents that Ronon had always found a bit disconcerting. Ronon rode on the living, ever-changing wind, while Sheppard slipped through it like a blade; the mage couldn't match Ronon's speed, but he flew with steadiness and grace, drawing level with Ronon on the high air far above the City's gleaming towers."

A Clear and Different Light by friendshipper and naye (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 88000.

Summary: Rodney McKay, raised by a pod of telepathic whales. John Sheppard, mage with fae blood. Teyla Emmagan, rune-scientist. Ronon Dex, winged soldier. On the waystation of Atlantis, they're about to become embroiled in an age-old war against a brutal enemy.
Art: illustration of Sheppard encountering a disturbing new threat (title: Cleansing Fire, medium: pencil, with digital colouring) by Cynicatlantis, OT4 cover (digital drawing) and three illustrations (digital painting) by bellewhan.

A Face That Nobody Knows by aesc (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 44179.

Summary: The best night of Rodney McKay's life was when the Night-Owl started serving five-cent coffee after the government ended two years of ration restrictions. As it turned out, it would also be the night he encountered John Sheppard, and even much later there were times when he was still not wholly convinced that it turned out to be a good thing.
Art: John/Rodney digital painting/collage by almost_clara.

A Growing Connection by Joulez217 (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 44810.

Summary: With two new growing connections, can John Sheppard cope or will he give in?
Art: vid ("Come To Me") by mamoru22. Notes: The story of Atlantis and its crush on John Sheppard.

Astonishing Persistence Of Memory: Past Time by tielan (Emmagan/Sheppard, Sheppard/OC). Word count: 66779.

Summary: The last they saw of him was as Kolya's prisoner, drained by the Wraith. When Atlantis finds John Sheppard living in a Pegasus village, with no memory of who he is, they endeavour to restore his memory. But a lot of things have changed in six months, including John himself. And there are some things he doesn't want to remember.
Art: cover by Cesare (photoshop manipulation), illustration by Livia Penn (title "John Remembers Her", photomanipulation), Sheppard-centric fic trailer by The Libran Iniquity.

Chance, Fate, God or Grace by sardonicsmiley (McKay/Sheppard, Dex/Weir). Word count: 41760.

Summary: Presumed dead by Atlantis, with nowhere and everywhere to go in the galaxy, the Replicator clones do their best to make a new life for themselves, while struggling to come to grips with what they are.
Art: vid ("Chance, Fate, God or Grace") by paraka. Source Material (In order of appearance): Stargate Atlantis, Triangle, Women of Sci Fi Calendar Volume 1, Numb3rs and Star Wars Phantom Menace.

Children of Lantean Design by Xela (McKay/Sheppard, Dex/Keller, Lorne/Parrish). Word count: 93000. The pairings are mostly in the background, the story itself reads as gen.

Summary: An explosion in the abandoned sections sends Atlantis personnel scrambling to find out why. In another universe, Atlantis has fallen. All that's left of the expedition are a group of young refugees fighting for survival in the unexplored regions of the city, transported to a parallel universe by and Ancient device. What started out as a humanitarian effort to heal the kids becomes something more as they begin to find their way in this new universe, like their own but different in fundamental ways. They change the very fabric of Atlantis, and a few meddling kids might be what certain people need to realize what's right in front of their faces.
Art: cover art by newkidfan (medium: digital), illustration by Berlinghoff79 ("Light Switch")
Children of Lantean Desing cover by newkidfan

Circle of the Sun by LadyAmarra (McKay/Sheppard, Sheppard/OC). Word count: 42304.

Summary: The people of Cirellia find a naked stranger at the base of their sacred mountain and take him in. They give him a name, shelter and a Family, and the dark haired stranger tries his best to find a way to reciprocate their kindness but he struggles to fit in or be useful, secretly yearning for the sky of an unknown world, a city of silver spires and a blue eyed man who only exist in his dreams...
Art: wallscroll (5556x800) by le_mot_mo. It tells the story of Mies of Cirellia and John Sheppard. From the very beginning of the story up until the very end.

Conflicts of Interest by Lanna_kitty (Sheppard/Weir, AU). Word count: 70335.

Summary: In a world of Magic and Mad Science, John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir try to navigate the perils of a cross-species relationship as they and the rest of the Atlantis Expedition try to unravel a mystery that could destroy two continents.
Art: banner by comanche_rider (sketch w. photoshop), graphic art ("Steampunk Raven") and cover ("The Night") by Chelsey.

Down to Sleep by the_cephalopod (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 63880.

Summary: As the Atlantis expedition reels from their narrow escape from the Replicators, their re-location to a new planet and the loss of their commander, Team Sheppard is also attempting to deal the internal fractures which have developed. After mistakes made in the heat of conflict, John and Rodney manage to broker an uneasy peace. Will their fragile relationship be strong enough to deal with the latest threat that Pegasus appears to now be throwing at them or will their worst fears succeed in destroying them completely?
Art: two digital manipulations by Bluespirit ("Threat assessment", "True Kiss").

Draconian Measures by Tarlan (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 54851.

Summary: Following on from the Stargate SG-1 episode, 'The Road Not Taken'. Rodney is coerced into taking over Sam's role as President Landry's chief science adviser, but without another ZPM, he knows it is only a matter of time before the Ori return and destroy the Earth. However, the threat comes from an unexpected direction, and as Earth falls to the Goa'uld System Lords, who want to make Earth their final battleground against the Ori, Rodney and John organize the escape of those they are able to save using the last of Earth's ships (Daedalus and Prometheus) and the Stargate. As they battle to raise Atlantis and then power her, John and Rodney discover that the Goa'uld and the Ori are not the only enemy they must overcome before Atlantis can become a true refuge - and home.
Art: two covers by Berlinghoff79 (PS CS2, collage), illustration by taliosi ("Safe", digital Art-PS)
Isolation by Crysothemis, cover for Enthrall.

Enthrall by Springwoof and Leah (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 85901.

Summary: Rodney McKay thought his biggest failure was the Arcturus Project and the destruction of 4/5ths of a solar system. John Sheppard thought losing his confidence in Rodney was the hardest loss he would ever face.
But their most terrible failures were yet to come, and they would each face losing everything, including themselves.
Art: cover by Crysothemis ("Isolation", pencil drawing. John (as a bug) and Rodney), illustration by ileliberte ("At Peace", digital painting. John and Rodney at peace in the ocean).

Finding Home by Diamond-Raven (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 54960.

Summary: When John continued staring at him blankly, Rodney thought he'd clarify. "We're going to run, John. We've got two weeks before the Daedalus gets here. Which means in a week and a half, we have to be long gone from the city."
Art: cover by beeej (photoshop). John and Rodney, allies and enemies.

Five Elements by heimedall and snowbunny22 (Sheppard/Weir). Word count: 63644.

Summary: Atlantis finds themselves facing a new and unknown enemy with their only help from a mysterious five year old girl who suddenly appears. John and Elizabeth's relationship will be tested as the expedition must prepare for an oncoming storm of disastrous proportions.
Art: fic trailer by Clara, cover and illustration ("What did I do?") by Riekchen (Photopaint 11).

Guilty Until Proven by Chensuu (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 51111.

Summary: John Sheppard returns to Atlantis after burying his father and now the SGC and the IOA are sending him back to Earth again! Is there another Replicator on the loose and if so how are David Sheppard and John's father involved? Can Sheppard balance his relatively new relationship with Rodney McKay and a brother he can barely hold a conversation with, while at the same time dealing with revenge, family secrets and the ghost of Henry Wallace? Can Rodney figure things out in time before a quest for vengeance destroys John? And where in the world is Dr. Lee? Regardless of the outcome one thing is for certain, this time Rodney's not letting John out of the Pegasus galaxy without him!
Art: illustration by Leyna ("Midnight Confession", Digital Painting). Rodney & John.
Midnight Confession by Leyna, illustration for Guilty Until Proven. The scene in John's childhood bedroom when John finally starts talking about his past.

Imago: The Tao of John by Kristen999 (Gen). Word count: 49759.

Summary: Imago: a creature in its final stage of development. John receives a gift that might be used to destroy the Wraith. It might also kill him. Can his team convince him that the cost is too high? Team plus Carson and Elizabeth.
Art: two covers by slodwick (digital collage)

Life After by velocitygrass (McKay/Sheppard, mention of Emmagan/Kanaan, Lorne/OFC, Ronon/OFC). Word count: 48206.

Summary: "We could do more," John said, turning to him, and there was a conviction in his voice and eyes that sent shivers down Rodney's spine. "We could destroy the Wraith."
Art: illustration by anna_luna (Digital Art). John and Rodney.

Long Lost Friend by alternate0ego and anuna_81 (Sheppard/Weir). Word count: 60900.

Summary: An alien disease strikes the population of Atlantis, causing the members of expedition, apart from Ronon and Teyla, to lose their memories. When Ronon, Lorne and Sheppard attempt to bring a plant which can cure the disease from the Mainland, Sheppard gets lost, and Ronon and Lorne are forced to leave him behind.
When John Sheppard is found, Doctor Keller realizes that he might suffer from a permanent memory damage, unlike the rest of the expedition members who received their treatment on time. However, Sheppard begins to remember bits and pieces of his past. After he realizes he left the woman he loves in the hands of the enemy, he is determined to find her. Teyla offers to help him, and so the search for Elizabeth begins.
However, John doesn't know that the search after Elizabeth will turn out to be a search for his true self - and not just for him, but for his friends too.
Art: four banners by Ankareeda (collage, photoshop), two banners by medie (photoshop), banner and cover by atlantis_flygirl (photoshop)
Long Lost Friend wallpaper by atlantis_flygirl

Lost In The Veins of This City by hariboo_smirks and kalesbohan (Sheppard/Weir, AU). Word count: 75855.

Summary: As the death toll rises in the city of Atlantis, detectives Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard attempt to find the source of the problem, but all is not as it seems and what begins as a simple case may change their world, again.
Art: four banners by Ed_84 (manip, photoshop)

Mother Country by Chandri MacLeod (McKay/Sheppard, Dex/Keller, Lorne/Zelenka (if you squint)). Word count: 58880.

Summary: None of them were made for this bureaucratic nightmare, but they couldn't just leave the people of Pegasus to twist in the wind. That wasn't why they were here.
Art: book cover by thisissirius (digital manipulation), illustration by Leyna ("This Thing Between Us", digital painting).

Never As Bad As Anticipated (Until It Is) by bluflamingo (Mitchell/Sheppard (minor Emmagan/Kanaan, Brown/McKay)). Word count: 72923.

Summary: Atlantis wasn't Cam's first choice for reassignment; he probably wasn't Atlantis' first choice for the new expedition leader either. Sometimes you work with what you've got anyway, even if what you've got includes seers, ill-advised rescue missions, replicators, wraith in the city and John Sheppard.
Art: cover by sian1359 (digital photoshop), cover by Cala Jane (John and Cam), illustration by clayeer ("tulips", Photoshop).
cover by Chelsey

Parenthetical by havocthecat and medie (Sheppard/Weir, Emmagan/Heightmeyer/Lorne, hints of Dex/Keller). Word count: 44805.

Summary: After Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, and Ronon Dex escape from the Asurans in Lifeline, the ZPM they risked everything for is drained of power during the city's landing on a new planet. Everything that Elizabeth knows about herself could change in a heartbeat. She fears that she could endanger those the loves, so she pushes them away, but John is determined not to let her deal with this on her own.
Art: poster by quiet_fractures and Light by Chelsey

Pocket Full of Kryptonite by margarks (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 41075.

Summary: "Sam, you don't... you don't understand." Rodney's hands clenched in frustration. "I can't let him go alone."
Art: two illustration by Girlnamedpixley ("Introductions" & "Missed Opportunities", Photoshop Collage).

Providing the Flame by sharkie (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 50425.

Summary: When the American Government and IOA decide to declassify the Stargate program, they don't expect the reaction that they get, and John Sheppard is the focus of a whirlwind of deception and intrigue.
Art: cover by Elli. Cover art featuring John and Rodney.
Providing the Flame cover by Elli

Push Until It Holds by zillah975 (Dex/Sheppard). Word count: 52924.

Summary: Ronon has known all his life that the three pillars of victory are honor, loyalty, and unity. He's been a member of Sheppard's team for two years when the team to which he owes his first loyalty finds him again, during a time when Ronon must question whether his loyalty to Atlantis is returned. Torn, he chooses the team he believes needs him the most, but the price is more than just the home he's come to love, and the reward may be betrayal and death, or worse.
Art: cover by kyuuketsukirui (Photo collage), vid by Cosmonaut_elf, illustration by Barbana (digital painting).

Regions of Darkness and Light by puddleofgoo (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 130500.

Summary: After a particularly disastrous mission for Sheppard and McKay, the two are forced onto medical leave and into an even more volatile situation as word of Atlantis is leaked to the media. Forced into the limelight and onto the television sets of millions worldwide, Sheppard and McKay discover there is more to the announcement that meets the eye.
Art: two covers by bingeling

Resonance by Jadesfire (Gen). Word count: 45916.

Summary: As everyone tries to put Atlantis back together again, John has an accident that gives him more of an insight into the city and the Ancients than he ever could have wanted. Unfortunately, this also gives the city and the Ancients an insight into him.
Art: banner and cover by Genie (photoshop)
Mirror Image by Leyna, cover art for Second Chance

Second Chance by madison (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 59133.

Summary: Major Sheppard always wondered how his life would have turned out if he had only gone on the expedition to Atlantis instead of returning home at his father's request.
Art: cover by Leyna ("Mirror Image", digital painting), cover by lilbreck (photoshop).

See No Evil by Greyias (Gen). Word count: 89048 words. John&Rodney friendship that reads a lot like a romance plot and could be seen as preslash.

Summary: In a world without the SGC, John Sheppard never got his second chance and is ushered into early retirement. Nine months later he's working as a test pilot for the world's leading defense contractor on a groundbreaking new plane, and has just been introduced to his difficult new coworker, one Dr. Rodney McKay. However, not everything is as it appears to be. There's something very strange about this plane, John's employer--and Rodney McKay.
Art: cover by mapsandlegends (Digital media, collage).
The Fall of the House of Sheppard cover by Sal

The Axis of Pythia by packyrsuitcases (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 54875.

Summary: "The machine is a broken ascension machine and now I'm evolving at an accelerated rate..." John trailed off as he tried to assimilate the two very different viewpoints on the current information coming from Elizabeth and Rodney. "I don't care if they're subconscious, McKay, stop it with the monkey cracks." He threw a glare in Rodney's direction before turning to face Elizabeth. "Well, I don't necessarily have to ascend, right? I can just stay all highly evolved and channel Jean Grey—no, not Dark Phoenix—wait, what, woah. Ascend or die? Those are really shitty options you're giving me here." He took a step back, running a hand through his sweaty hair as he tried to process. "Damnit, Elizabeth, this is not fascinating, it's my life." John glared for all his worth. "So, fine. I'll just ascend, do a quickie turnaround and come back. No, Elizabeth, it is that easy; I'll make it that easy."
Art: illustration by Crysothemis ("Be Right Back", Watercolor and Photoshop). John ascends.

The Fall of the House of Sheppard by Martha (McKay/Sheppard, McKay/OC). Word count: 40150.

Summary: John Sheppard's strange inheritance has drawn Dr. Rodney McKay across two galaxies and back again. Now Dr. McKay must survive the dark forces at work in the Sheppard house to save the man he loves!
Art: two covers by Sal (Paint Shop Pro).

The Kids Are Alright by nakedwesley (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 43250.

Summary: When John Sheppard's father dies, he finds himself faced with an estranged brother, runaway Replicators, and a budding relationship with the ever-complex, frequently annoying Rodney McKay. There is only so much a guy can take before reaching his breaking point.
Art: five banners by clear_as_blood (photoshop)
Illustration by almost_clara for The Language of Hard Nouns

The Language of Hard Nouns by Siria (Teyla-centric gen, but with some incidental Teyla/Michael; background Ronon/Elizabeth and Jennifer/Ronon). Word count: 47228.

Summary: Teyla raised shaking hands to her face and traced the lines of her cheekbones, along smooth skin that was suddenly cooler to the touch, running her fingertips over the two slits in her cheeks which had not been there before. A strange cry forced its way out of her throat, high and inhuman; and that, she thought, with a sudden, dizzying clarity, was appropriate. How could she be human now; what was she anymore?
Art: Digtal drawing of Teyla and son ("Mother and child") by almost_clara.

The Most Unlikely of Couples by secondalto (Beckett/Emmagan). Word count: 40033.

Summary: A near death experience leads both Carson and Teyla to take a chance. A re-writing of the end of season three and all of season four.
Art: illustration by aretria ("The Bride", Photoshop manip). Teyla at the top of the control room stairs, just about to descend to meet Carson. Cover by Ls-Silence (Digital Art).

The Patriot Act by Irony_Rocks (Sheppard/Weir, AU). Word count: 74184.

Summary: An uncommon team of Secret Service agents are called in for a special assignment when the life of a diplomat by the name of Elizabeth Weir is threatened. What unravels is a global conspiracy perpetrated by a group of powerful and mysterious men, and Agent John Sheppard quickly realizes that conventional protocol is only going to get his charge killed. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and in this game, it's only the fate of a nation that hangs in the balance.
Art: three illustrations/banner by Ed_84 (photoshop), two banners by justhere1971 ("chemistry", CS3), ten promo images by Dele (photomanipulation).

The Price That Life Exacts by Cathalin (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 63848.

Summary: When John disappears without a trace during a routine mission, people in a beleaguered Atlantis eventually have to try to move on. Rodney never completely gives up hope of finding John, and though he soldiers on to help Atlantis, a year later he still lives every day with his grief.
The story opens with a shocking discovery that may help Rodney come to terms with some truths about himself and his relationship with John, and will have consequences beyond what anyone might predict.
Art: manip ("It Sounded Like This") by aesc (Photoshop 7)
Cover by Cesare for Astonishing Persistence Of Memory: Past Time

The Water Grinds the Stone by Auburn (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 242740.

Summary: When the Stargate Program goes public, old loyalties are set against new ambitions for the Atlantis team, but a deal with the devil to save McKay's life will bring everything full circle and leave Sheppard in need of saving too, when Earth finds itself in contention with the people of the Pegasus Galaxy.
Art: wallscroll by gblvr (digital).

This Bolder Life by Darkrose and Telesilla (OT4 (Stargate Atlantis pairing)|Dex/Emmagan/McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 40500.

Summary: After a pair of newspaper reporters uncover the existence of the Stargate Program, the team, along with Rodney and Teyla's baby daughter Elizabeth, travel to Earth in order for John and Rodney to testify before the US Congress. However, not everyone in the world approves of the program, and as Team AR-1 fights bureaucrats and politicians to keep the program alive, a group of extremists take matters into their own hands.
Art: cover by fractalreality (Photoshop).

Turned Upside Down by Melyanna (Sheppard/Weir, Heightmeyer/Lorne, Teyla/Michael, AU). Word count: 41458.

Summary: In the final months of fighting in the American Revolutionary War, Loyalist John Sheppard arrives in Williamsburg, Virginia to investigate a suspected traitor, and lands the household of Patriot Elizabeth Weir.
Art: two banners by Ed_84 (manips, Photoshop), cover and banner by medie (Photoshop)
Turned Upside Down banner by Ed_84

We Fought in a War by clockstopper (Gen). Word count: 70339.

Summary: This is a complete rewrite of season four (and the first two of season five apparently, but seriously, a lot of this was written before that) with the concept that Radek Zelenka was made leader of Atlantis. Some of the changes are subtle, some of them are very drastic, but mostly this is Radek's story and his struggle to balance all the things that make him who is plus his new position as leader.
Art: illustration by Fruiturchin (Digital - Photoshop, Radek Zelenka), banner by lilbreck (Photoshop CS2, Radek and Atlantis).

Zen And The Art Of Jumper Maintenance by Indybaggins (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 40119.

Summary: The one where Rodney gets sucked in and John… follows. Featuring a quirky John, Rodney in orange robes, crazy Ancient-worship, sheep milking and jumpers that aren't broken but need to be fixed anyway.
Art: illustration by kiden ("happy birthday", drawing).

Big Bang 2009

The SGA Big Bang homepage in 2009

The SGA Big Bang 2009 produced 43 fics by 46 authors inspired by 11 prompts and accompanied by 91 pieces of artwork by 51 artists.

A Pinnochio Story by Adrian (Sheppard/Woolsey). Word count: 40998.

Summary: When Richard Woolsey's mother sends him to live with his dad for his senior year of high school, he is thrown into a completely new element and begins the process of becoming 'a real boy'.

A Wing and a Prayer by Kriadydragon (Gen). Word count: 97156.

Summary: An expedition of humans and their dragon companions travel to the Pegasus Galaxy in search of Atlantis. There they discover a people bonded to telepathic griffins, and that before the expedition can find the lost city they must first earn the right to become its new caretakers. When Major Sheppard is taken and returned with a piece of his memory missing, what began as a search for the city of the Ancients becomes a race against time and an enemy that is the very definition of being more than they seem.

Actions and Reactions by Aqualegia (Sheppard/McKay). Word count: 43797.

Summary: The actions of some people differ after John arrives back at the S.G.C. in time to hear General O'Neill's report from Atlantis. John and Rodney's reactions to the threat that the Replicators pose have a marked effect on the future of Atlantis.
Battle over Replicator World by Korilian, artwork for Adrift.

Adrift by Cypher (McKay/Sheppard, Ronon/Jennifer, other minor pairings). Word count: 86800.

Summary: Atlantis is forgotten, at least, the people have forgotten who they are. They struggle to find themselves in an alien city, adjusting to this new isolated life. But there is also another story out there, one of a team not exactly who they think they are. They must fight to save the very galaxy themselves, or watch all life in be exterminated. The balance of power is shifting in Pegasus. Fate is in flux, and there may be more than one city that can save the day.

Alive Beside You by secondalto (Carson/Teyla, background John/Rodney). Word count: 40078.

Summary: He's not who they think he is. Alternate season 5, romance.

Blood Red Sunrise by coolbreeze1 (Gen). Word count: 66976.

Summary: Being abducted by aliens, stuck with an implant, experimented upon, and then returned to his room in the morning? For John, it was just too classic a story to actually be true - the stuff of alien abduction scifi movies everywhere - until evidence begins to surface that what he thought he was only dreaming about might actually be happening to him, with dangerous consequences.

Bridges by busaikko (John/Rodney (past Rodney/Katie) (Jeannie/Kaleb, Teyla/Kanaan, Jack/Daniel)). Word count: 52260.

Summary: Engineer Rodney McKay went to North Carolina's Crystal Coast to help his sister design a series of bridges. He hoped to rebuild his career following a professional disaster; he didn't expect to be drawn into the small community of Athos Island, where he found friendship and perhaps something more with helicopter pilot John Sheppard. But when Rodney tries to learn more about John's past, what he discovers might tear them apart. (non-Stargate AU)
Calling Down the Lightning illustration by Leyna. Rodney vs the lightning storm.

Calling Down the Lightning by dreamwaffles (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard). Word count: 55498.

Summary: The gift of magic carries a death sentence on Earth, and one so accused can be executed on suspicion, for the simple reason that the destructive power of an angry wizard can lay waste to entire countries. When magic awakens in a person just as they leave their teens, whether it is the untamable power of a wizard or the lesser abilities of a mere magician, life becomes a constant struggle to hide it at all costs.
Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD PhD, is a wizard. Incredibly, he has learned to control his power and is one of the few wizards in the world to have survived past his twenties. In order to remain hidden, he has sworn never to use his magic except in the most desperate of circumstances, when lives are at stake. But what will happen in the Pegasus Galaxy, where desperate circumstances are commonplace and chaos threatens to overwhelm the expedition at every turn?

Children of the Abyss by writerjc (Gen). Word count: 40599.

Summary: During a survey of an uninhabited world. a wardrobe malfunction leads Team Sheppard into mystery and danger at the bottom of an alien ocean.

Dawn Will Break by ca_pierson and darkmoore (McKay/Sheppard, mentions of: McKay/Brown, McKay/Keller, and McKay/Carter). Word count: 92401.

Summary: When Atlantis - upon returning to the Pegasus Galaxy from Earth - breaks apart in hyperspace, only John is saved from the debris. The group of Ancients that retrieved him offer him a bargain: Either he helps them make corrections in some universes, where things have gone wrong, or they put him back where he was found. Reluctantly accepting, John embarks on a lonely journey through a multitude of universes until he finally reaches the place he could again call home.

Deception by obsessed1o1 (Gen). Word count: 48901.

Summary: Sheppard is attacked offworld by one of Ladon Radim's men and after his gene starts to malfunction and he is forced from Atlantis, he must work with Ladon, who he suspects is involved.
Genesis cover by winter-elf

Disaster It Strikes On A Daily Basis by Megan (McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Keller, McKay/Brown, Sheppard/OFC). Word count: 48119.

Summary: On their first mission back to the Pegasus galaxy, Rodney is nearly killed, forcing John to reevaluate his relationship with not only Rodney, but his whole team. While trying to deal with his feelings, a device is discovered that could bring an end to the Wraith.

Genesis by the_cephalopod (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 61930.

Summary: In the aftermath of the Dorandan mission, Rodney thinks things can't get any worse. Not only has he lost his faith in his abilities and his science, but he has also alienated the people who mean the most to him. With his confidence and his relationships lying in tatters, the news that the SGC is sending an independent reviewer to assess his performance comes as a final blow - surely it is only a matter of time before he will be forced to return to Earth. But things in Pegasus are not always what they seem and soon it becomes clear that Rodney must learn to trust himself again and work with John and the rest of the team before it's too late - not just for Atlantis, but quite possibly for the entire universe.
Guardian cover by LadyAmarra

Guardian by Tarlan (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard). Word count: 41292.

Summary: They'd given John a choice: Antarctica or resignation. He had chosen to resign, but during a simple journey ferrying executives for his father's company, John becomes the latest victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. With time running out, all of John's hopes for survival now depend on the self-proclaimed genius of an arrogant astrophysicist that he'd known for one glorious night—Rodney McKay.

Hooke's Law by Zinnith (McKay/Sheppard, background Beckett/Cadman). Word count: 75610.

Summary: Five years ago, Major John Sheppard read a novel and fell in love with the author, one M.R. McKay. His life has changed a lot since then. He might not be able to fly anymore, but he has a job he loves and he just moved into a new house together with his boyfriend. But not everything is perfect. Who is the crazed fan sending Rodney those deeply unsettling letters? Will the rest of the world conspire to tear down everything that matters to John?

Hope Flies Alone by Slybrarian (Gen). Word count: 88600.

Summary: Ten thousand years ago, a great darkness awoke in the Pegasus Galaxy. For almost a hundred years, the people of Atlantis battled the Wraith, until at last they were forced back into their city. There were great victories and great defeats, tragedies both small and large. Many saw the war as unwinnable and focused their efforts on seeking ascension, but some fought until the bitter end, even to the point of defying death itself.
Purgatorio by Lenkti, artwork for Pegasus Purgatorio

Know How To Fall by Auburn (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 84044.

Summary: Three-day event rider John Sheppard inherits Pegasus Farm and falls hard for prickly neighboring horse trainer Rodney McKay when he decides to build a new life there with old friend Teyla Emmagan and her son. Meanwhile, John's friendship shakes up Rodney's life, making him want to take chances again, but a harassment campaign aimed at making John sell Pegasus turns violent and soon endangers them all before anyone can figure out what and who they really want.

Make The Devil Feel Surprise by Telesilla (John/Rodney (primary), Jeannie McKay/Ronon, Elizabeth/Radek). Word count: 48000.

Summary: In a dark mirror universe of our own, sixteen year old Rodney McKay is brought to Atlantis by the Chief Science Officer, his older sister Jeannie, after their parents die. While Jeannie has no real use for Rodney, Colonel Sheppard does. Now Rodney has to come to terms with the fact that not only is he Sheppard's boy toy, but also that Sheppard is a moody, paranoid sadist.
For his part, John isn't quite sure what to make of Rodney, who is an almost too perfect match for him. Just as he and Rodney carefully start to settle into a complicated relationship, a conspiracy begins to surface, forcing Rodney to take a stand.
Mercy of the Fallen cover by calcitrix

Mercy of the Fallen by Kat Reitz and Perryvic (McKay/Sheppard/Beckett). Word count: 101986.

Summary: Rodney turned away from the Captain, and moved towards the middle of the room. "Good afternoon. I'm sure we're all anxious for this interviewing process to start, but there's a demon in the room. Lieutenant Barnes there is possessed, and I'm not going to stand here and pretend I don't see it. I'm sure some of you have seen it — well, this whole room is full of us. Why play the secret game?"
Art: calcitrix

Mirrored In The Visible by scheherezhad (Lorne/Zelenka). Word count: 40566.

Summary: On a mission gone wrong, Lorne and Zelenka have a bonding experience. Back on Atlantis, they have to decide if what they're feeling is just a surface attraction or a hint of something deeper that's mirrored in the visible.

New Shores by velocitygrass (John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, minor Teyla/Kanaan, references to past Rodney/Jennifer and John/OMC). Word count: 42312.

Summary: When John Sheppard and Rodney McKay meet, they both want to leave their old lives behind and start over. John is determined not to enter another relationship. Rodney has to finish his latest book. They agree to share a house for practical reasons, but as their house turns into a home, they have to realize that their relationship is turning into much more than that of roommates.
Warlord of Atlantis by pollitt, movie-style teaser poster for Variations In D Major.

Nice Place To Visit by sabinelagrande (McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Caldwell). Word count: 42960.

Summary: When an accident leaves John and Rodney stranded on a far-flung planet, Rodney gets a crash course in- among other things- cultural relativity, calligraphy, BDSM, and the care and feeding of heavily drugged Lieutenant Colonels.

No Good Deed by Forestgreen (John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell). Word count: 65620.

Summary: John opened the closed record that Stargate Command had on him and skipped over its content: "Dr John Sheppard, Civilian Consultant to the U.S. Air Force, member of SG-1, PhD in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Computer Science, gifted mathematician with a penchant for stealing, trustworthy." A small, satisfied smirk crooked John's lips. He struck the last part out and added a correction in red: "Gifted thief with a penchant for mathematics, not to trust." He saved the document and erased all traces of his presence in the system. It'd take a while for McKay to figure out that John had found yet another weakness in the SGC network. He ordered pizza and waited for the rest of the SG-1 to arrive. It was Mitchell's turn to pick the movie.

Pegasus Purgatorio by MrsHamill (Sheppard/McKay). Word count: 114700.

Summary: It is difficult to write a paradise when all the superficial indications are that you ought to write an apocalypse. It is obviously much easier to find inhabitants for an inferno or even a purgatorio. (Ezra Pound)
Restoration banner by Ankareeda

Restoration by Scary Kitty (Sheppard/Weir, Teyla/Kanaan, McKay/Keller). Word count: 60290.

Summary: AU/The Season 6 That Should Have Been. Atlantis's return to the Pegasus Galaxy is marked by new discoveries and adventures, continuing conflicts stressed to the breaking point, the return of old friends and foes alike, and more than one miracle that no one expected.

Second Verse by madison (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 58725.

Summary: The Pegasus expedition needed Rodney McKay. They just didn't know it yet.

Solitary Man by Bluespirit (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 40700.

Dialogue As A Diagam by blowthathorn, artwork for Disaster It Strikes On A Daily Basis.
Summary: John Sheppard was used to being on his own. He'd been booted out of the Air Force, was estranged from his family and was haunted by the guilt of everyone he'd ever let down. Then a wrong turn on a snowy night changed his life forever.

Stricken by Squeaky and Leah (McKay/Sheppard; Other Het and Slash Pairings). Word count: 88579.

Summary: In the beginning of their fourth year on Atlantis, the Expedition has survived the attack by the Asurans' wormhole-powered satellite, and successfully flown Atlantis to a new planet with little damage and no casualties. But the city has barely landed when Rodney McKay receives a devastating message, and that's just the beginning of a new and terrible threat.
Now, with all the Gifted on Atlantis in danger and Rodney facing imminent death, Rodney, Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard are in a race against time to save the most powerful and vulnerable members of the Expedition. For John, that means confronting his deepest fears about his Gift—and even that might not be enough to save Rodney's life.

Surrogate by seekergeek (John/Rodney). Word count: 57255.

Summary: Rodney manages to save the team, but at a terrible cost to himself. When John later stumbles across an Ancient facility, he finds that it can give Rodney what the scientist had given up as a lost cause due to his sacrifice. But the facility is rapidly running out of power and John has to make a snap decision. How far is John willing to go to help a man that he loves far too much for his own good?

That Which by Darsynia (John/Rodney, minor Jennifer/Ronon). Word count: 54192.

Summary: That which does not kill us by collapse, frustrate us to death by refusing to love us easily, or confound us by sabotage—that which gives us hope… makes us stronger.
When Teyla's still missing, Rodney's done pining, and John's just trying to figure out where to go next.
Morning View by renisanz, cover for The Astonishing Persistence Of Memory: Present Tense.

The Astonishing Persistence Of Memory: Present Tense by tielan (John/Teyla). Word count: 60207.

Summary: When John returns to Atlantis after six months' absence, things have changed. There's a new commander in the city, he's struggling to regain his team, and he's beginning to hear the Wraith in his head again. There are things he'll have to lose if he's going to keep Atlantis safe, and there are things he'll have to reach out and grasp if he doesn't want to lose them entirely.

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars by Kyizi (John Sheppard/Cam Mitchell, Teyla/Lorne). Word count: 60084.

Summary: Atlantis is stranded in another galaxy for the second time, John Sheppard is lost and Cameron Mitchell can't quite work out how the hell he manages to cope with running the city; his only consolation is that he's not the one running the whole show. When one of their teams is lost and planets start to disappear from the night sky, things suddenly take a turn for the worst. Struggling to cope with their loss, the people of Atlantis have to pull together to fight an enemy they unlike any they've seen before and their only chance of winning seems to lie within the city itself, but the cost of survival may just turn out to be too high.

The Journey Home: John's Story by puddleofgoo (Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/OFC, McKay/OFC). Word count: 258500.

Summary: When John is forced to leave Atlantis and the Air Force, he thinks his life is over. But amid the chaos of his shattered life he discovers the true meaning of family and where he really belongs.
Mindgames by Cynicatlantis, illustration for The Long Engagement. Acrobat John and Dr McKay match wits...

The Long Engagement by omg wtf yeah (McKay/Sheppard, secondary Teyla/Ronon, peripheral Keller/McKay (predating McShep)). Word count: 51222.

Summary: McShep Steampunk!Atlantis AU. John is the leader of the Sheppard Circus Company. Lost in their travels, the troupe happens on the hidden city of Atlantis where McKay is the mistrustful leader of the Lanteans. McKay makes an agreement with the troupe wherein they'll stay on in the city and perform a number of shows. He also asks John for his adopted sister, Jennifer Keller's, hand in marriage. When John refuses to give them his blessing, Rodney proposes that the only way to change his mind is to get to know each other better. But as the two men become close, Rodney begins to question if marrying Jennifer is what he really wants or if what he wants could be something totally unexpected.

The Magical Number Seven (Plus or Minus Two) by general_jinjur (Gen). Word count: 61155.

Summary: This is a treatise on the nature of identity, and the interrelation of legitimacy and memory. Which is to say, it's mostly about John Sheppard, and how he found his way home. Also, there's a high body count, and Kraft Dinner is an exotic delicacy.
Home by Sal, illustration for The Magical Number Seven (Plus or Minus Two)

The Road to Hell by wildcat88 (Gen). Word count: 49817.

Summary: Desperate to reassure himself that he has fully recovered from being turned by the Wraith, Ronon asks Sheppard to join him in a test of endurance and teamwork. Ronon has the best of intentions, but the Pegasus Galaxy has other plans. Soon Ronon and Sheppard are trapped on a world they cannot escape from, forced to make impossible choices, each one leading them a little further into hell.

The Sweep of Easy Wind by Blackchaps (John/Rodney). Word count: 65000.

Summary: John is a military prisoner under Colonel Caldwell's command. Controlled by Goa'uld technology, he is little more than a slave. Briefly stationed on Atlantis, his ATA gene is discovered by Rodney, who is a force to be reckoned with.
These Proverbs We Made in the Winter Must End, cover by friendshipper.

These Proverbs We Made in the Winter Must End by Siria (Jennifer/Ronon, minor John/Rodney/Teyla, other background pairings). Word count: 40400.

Summary: The planet of Posturr is on the brink of civil war and Ronon's team is missing. Amid chaos and betrayal, Ronon must work closely with Jennifer to find them, facing the ghosts of his past as he rethinks his present.

Thousandmother by springwoof (McKay/Sheppard). Word count: 49121.

Summary: A run-in with the Wraith results in the Team being separated and stranded on a cold, harsh planet without help or supplies. As they struggle to survive and find each other, the Team discovers a new alien race and secrets that the Ancients left behind. Including a secret about Ascension that neither the Ancients nor the Ori want anyone to know.

Through a Cracked Glass by luckycricket_1 (Carson/Teyla, Rodney/Katie, Radek/Jeannie, Grodin/Weir). Word count: 62738.

Summary: John, Ronon, Rodney and Teyla are swapped with their counterparts from a very different universe. Both teams must find a way to return to their respective universes before the changes in space-time become irreversible.

Trinity of One (a tale of love, loss and redemption) by Helena K. (John/Rodney (John/Rodney/Teyla and others as per summary)). Word count: 58679.

Trinity of One, banner by mapsandlegends
Summary: Imagine the future of Atlantis, beginning with its landing in San Francisco Bay. What if Rodney had been named the boss in Atlantis? Or Pegasus? Ah, but not to worry. He merely thought he'd been in charge. And it wasn't John either. It was Teyla whose wisdom prevailed, her vision for her people and all of the worlds in Pegasus compelling her to keep her mind firmly focused on her goals. Her determination and perseverance did not waver, even as she encountered tragic losses throughout her life.
But nothing would extinguish her love for her people, in Atlantis and throughout Pegasus, for her children and, on occasion - when they weren't being too irritating which wasn't often enough - for John and Rodney. Through her, they learnt the true meaning of redemption.

Variations In D Major by sian1359 (McKay/Sheppard; others in background). Word count: 73618.

Whipping Boy cover by soloproject
Summary: Whatever happened to the original Atlantis expedition?

Whipping Boy by skinscript (Gen). Word count: 45754.

Summary: McKay, Lorne, and three teams of Marines head out on a research mission to a planet on the edge of the galaxy, and disappear without a trace. Eight months later Lorne returns with two injured team members, a counterfeit McKay, and no explanations. What the hell happened eight months ago, and where's McKay?

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