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Name: Atlantis Big Bang
Date(s): 2010 - October 2012 (last entry)
Founder: Gblvr
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Associated Community: atlantisbigbang (LiveJournal); archive link
URL: Atlantis Big Bang 2010 Fanfic
Atlantis Big Bang 2010 Art
Atlantis Big Bang 2011 Fanfic
Atlantis Big Bang 2011 Art
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The Atlantis Big Bang challenge was, as of 2010, successor to the SGA Big Bang Challenge.

The challenge is open to any writer, stories submitted as part of the challenge must be at least 40,000 words, be read by at least two beta-readers, and must be new (that is, not have been posted online in its entirety before).[1]

The 2010 challenge produced 25 stories, all with related artwork, and the 2011 challenge 17 stories with artwork; fanworks from both years can be found here at the Archive of Our Own.

Masterlist 2010

Against all odds cover by murderdetective

Against all odds by ca_pierson, darkmoore (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 54,307.

Summary: Over two thousand years have passed since Aloneru last saw Ariondu. Reborn on Earth and given the name John Sheppard, he's almost lost hope to find his mate before his current mortal lifespan is at an end. That is, until he sits down in a chair that feels like home and a familiar voice says, "Major, think about where we are in the solar system." Together they are off to Atlantis where they must deal with human disbelief, hostile natives, and a terrible enemy no Reincarnate mated pair has ever successfully confronted: the Wraith.
Art: One cover, one wallpaper, and seven icons by murderdetective, two pieces of photo art by taibhrigh.
The Bearskin Cloak: A Frontispiece by Trishkafibble. Notes: "Did I say I'd be submitting computer art? Silly me! The amount of hand-drawing I've put into this pic probably surpasses the total amount of time I've spent with pen in hand over the past decade."

As Deep Cries Out To Deep by race_the_ace (John Sheppard/Evan Lorne, Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex). Word Count: 40,543.

Summary: John Sheppard had served his country and just wanted to be left alone for the rest of his life. Too bad Rodney McKay had other ideas. So when John moves to Atlantis, at Rodney's behest, he discovers more than the City of the Ancients, he discovers Evan Lorne.
Art: banner by gamilaroi, 2 title pieces and a story piece by taibhrigh.

The Astonishing Persistence of Memory: Future Indefinite: 3 title banner by hollow_echos for Tielan's story.

The Atlantis Factor by sian1359 (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 88,463.

Summary: In a world where the stargates and aliens do not exist, there is still an Atlantis.
Art: The Marriage Factor, 2 snapshots by Cesare (photo art), 2 graphics by from_the_corner.

The Bearskin Cloak by Horridporrid (Gen). Word Count: 59,236.

Summary: After everything he's ever known has been destroyed, Ronon stumbles into the magic-thick forests of Atlantis. When he accidentally frees two strangers from a cruel trap, he realizes old enemies still spin their wicked plans. An enchanted prince, a cursed city: Ronon's fight has just begun. (Inspired by: The Traveling Companion by Hans Christian Anderson)
Art: Cover by neevebrody and The Bearskin Cloak: A Frontispiece by Trishkafibble. The latter is a fairytale illustration using Sharpie marker, Photoshop Elements, and plenty of tracing film. Cover Art: The Bearskin Cloak by neevebrody (banner).
Code of Honor cover by TheOtherWillow

Charming Demeter's Daughter by sharkie335 (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 43,404.

Summary: Earth cuts off contact with Atlantis. They're trying to survive, but there's dissension in the leadership of Atlantis. Plus, someone's not convinced that all is as it seems. How far will he go?
Art: illustration by almost_clara, two banner by winter_elf.

Code of Honor by Reddwarfer (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard; past Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard). Word Count: 41,732

Summary: John Sheppard, former Republic soldier, was lost after a devastating war, and the tragedy that followed, until he met three people who changed his world and gave him something worth fighting for.
Art: cover by TheOtherWillow, illustration by chkc (Playing Pazaak).

Connection by Samantha_kathy (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 45,475.

Summary: When John Sheppard went to the Pegasus galaxy, he was prepared for a lot of things. Falling in love, though, was not not one of them. The road to love is a tough one and being an Air Force officer in love with your best male friend is not easy. Will he find his happiness?
Art: Illustration by kaygreatness for the scene at the fair where John and Rodney watch a movie together. Title graphic by danceswithgary.
Distant Memories illustration (Fugue) by omb_wtf_yeah

Distant Memories by Tarlan (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill). Word Count: 42,350.

Summary: Fourth in the Architects of Fate AU Series. After becoming the Chief Medical Officer on Atlantis, Rodney's medical skills and that of his staff are put to the test when the exploration of the Ancient Medical facility on the north pier sets in motion a sequence of disastrous events that threaten first his own life and, later, the life of the man he loves. Yet not all of Rodney's problems originate on Atlantis, and Rodney is forced into a race against time once again to save John and the rest of the new Atlanteans from a dangerous Pegasus virus, with only the help of a stranger--Ronon Dex.
Art: Fugue photo collage by omg_wtf_yeah, cover and banner by taibhrigh.
Dragonlord illustration by darthneko

Dragonlord by Icarus (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard). Word Count: 86,830.

Summary: A bewildered John, lead contender to the Hold of Benden, is caught in the male-bonding, homoerotic culture of the Dragonweyr when he inadvertently Impresses a dragon. (fusion with Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern)
Art: cover and 3 illustrations by darthneko. Interior (sepia & lineart) pieces drawn in Manga Studio with texture effects done in Photoshop. Cover piece done in a combo of Photoshop and Corel Painter, with photo reference (because John's hair is HARD. x_x). A Weyr of our Own is an illustration by Mizu_no_Tsuki. It is set quite early on in J'ohn's time in the Weyr, he and the hatchling Lantis watch the sunset over the ragged mountains at Benden Weyr

Hand drawn in PhotoShop CS3(digital airbrush).

Everything in its Right Place by Vipersweb (John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagen, Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller, Ronon Dex/Amelia Banks). Word Count: 45,248

Summary: Post-Enemy At the Gates, the expedition is given some time off. John invites Teyla to join him in visiting his brother, while Amelia takes Ronon back to her home town to show him the sights. Rodney has the pleasure of meeting Jennifer's father before they head up to Canada to see Jeannie. They return to Atlantis to discover that the IOA has decided the City will remain on Earth. Not happy, this small group of conspirators try to figure out how to commit treason by bringing the City back to Pegasus while navigating their romantic lives. Conspiracy whispers through the halls of Atlantis and the question is: who can they trust? But nothing is ever perfect and someone experiences heartbreak. Unexpected help emerges and it looks like they might actually succeed. Will they want to? Who will go and who will stay?
Art: trailer by Valika.
Human 3.0 cover by sian1359

Giving the Devil His Due by Telesilla (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan/Kanaan, Ronon Dex/Jeannie Miller). Word Count: 60,723.

Summary: Six months after the events of Make the Devil Feel Surprise, Rodney's come to terms with his place on Atlantis. However, unknown to the people of Atlantis, political tensions on Earth lead to increased scrutiny of Atlantis in general and its leaders in particular. When John learns of the State's decision to change the nature of the Expedition, he must make a decision that will affect everyone in the city.
Art: cover and wallpaper by marlislash, illustration by Sal (Mine).

Human 3.0 by perryvic, Zaganthi (McKay/Sheppard, Beckett/Sheppard, Beckett/McKay). Word Count: 69,532.

Summary: "That's the sort of thing you need people like me to stop. Out of the couple of handfuls of manifesting natural 3.0 humans that exist on the planet, the SGC had four of them. That wasn't a coincidence."
Art: cover art by sian1359, cover art by Syble.

The Journey Home: Rodney's Story by puddleofgoo (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 196,814.

Summary: When John is forced to leave Atlantis, Rodney makes the toughest decision in his life: to leave Atlantis and the work he could only dream of five years ago. Instead, he throws himself into John's life, making sure his devastated friend has something to life for, to strive for. Somewhere along the way, though, Rodney discovers his own life and family may not be as far off as he originally thought.
Art: 4 illustrations by Bluespirit (digital manipulation).
Mightier Still cover by Korilian

Knowing by velocitygrass (John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller). Word Count: 46,749

Summary: As the members of the Atlantis expedition wait for the order to return, Rodney struggles with his relationship with Jennifer and his own expectations. Spending much time with John does nothing to clarify his feelings, but in the end he still finds the answers to his questions.
Art: cover graphic and illustration (photo art) by mella68

Mightier Still by meansgirl (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 43,497.

Summary: An active ATA gene means that the carrier has access to superpowers. John Sheppard happens to have the gene, and along with a smart aleck sidekick, a doctor, two scientists, and a mysterious commune of super-powered do-gooders, he must face off against an enemy intent on using their powers for evil. AU.
Art: cover art by Korilian, art and a mix by gblvr, jinjurly.

Old Friends and New Enemies by tenacious_err (John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir). Word Count: 43,286.

Summary: With Atlantis grounded on Earth, John and his team join the Daedalus on a routine mission back to the Pegasus galaxy. When a distress call sidetracks them John comes face-to-face with the one person he never thought he would see again.
Art: 2 illustrations by mific.
The Seventh Circle Of Hell illustration (Punishment) by Artmetica

Reinventing Destiny by fade2red, shepweirfan (Sheppard/Weir). Word Count: 41,113.

Summary: After stepping through the Stargate in Fran's body,(Ghost in the Machine) Elizabeth Ascends once again. She follows Atlantis to Earth and after making contact with John they devise a plan to make her human again. There's an ancient device that can clone Elizabeth's body and put her consciousness back in it. The catch it's back in the Pegasus Galaxy. After the transfer is complete everything is fine until Elizabeth's new body begins breaking down. Then the race is on for John and the others to find a gene therapy treatment that can save her. One of Michael's labs holds the key, the data is retrieved, Elizabeth is saved and they live happily ever after... for now.
Art: 2 Wallpapers and a banner/header by ankareeda.

Rise to Victory by musesmistress (Ronon Dex/Elizabeth Weir). Word Count: 64,287.

Summary: It's always a frightening thing to be sent to live on another planet, but the adventure for Elizabeth doesn't end with simply moving or being handed over to the King of a proud people. Especially when she discovers he has no use for the training she'd had. A concubine just isn't welcomed on Sateda and she has to learn to become someone completely different. Queen Elizabeth.
Art: cover by strivaria
Te Of Radek illustration by calcitrix. Lorne and girl!Radek.

The Seventh Circle Of Hell by telperion_15 (McKay/Sheppard). Word Count: 53,413.

Summary: While on an off-world mission, John is punished by the conservative race of the Nimaani for his 'unnatural desires'. But it isn't until the team return to Atlantis that John and Rodney discover that the punishment has only just begun...
Art: That Wasn't Me, illustration by crysothemis. Punishment, illustration by Artmetica.

Te Of Radek: 3 illustrations by calcitrix (Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka)

through banner by mapsandlegends

through by Siria (Teyla Emmagan/Jennifer Keller). Word Count: 49,584.

Summary: Jennifer and Teyla are captured by the Wraith while on an away mission—and for the Queen who catches them, there is greater sport in making Jennifer prey, and Teyla her only hope of survival, than in making Teyla run alone. Left to run on a seemingly uninhabited planet, Jennifer and Teyla must find each other if they want to outrun the Wraith—and unravel all the surprises this world has in store for them.
Art: no way out but through, banner by mapsandlegends.

Time and tide ~ a love story with interruptions for murder by Bluespirit (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard). Word Count: 40,448.

Summary: Lord John Sheppard was no stranger to the business of murder, but he'd hardly expected to find it on a weekend in the country. But murder it was, and what's more, Rodney McKay was the prime suspect. Can John find the real murderer and, in the process, prove McKay's innocence? Time is running out, and he'll need all of his famous sleuthing skills – and McKay's help – to keep the man he's falling in love with from the hangman's noose.
Art: banner, wallpaper and icons by mad_lynn
Unnatural Selection illustration by mashimero

Unnatural Selection by auburn (Sheppard/McKay, others). Word Count: 164,390.

Summary: Human error, operant conditioning, survival instinct and evolution as horror. An examination of the SGC's failure to anticipate and prevent the losses of Atlantis and the Alterran survey ship Destiny. One year after the first, the second Earth Expedition to Wraith-occupied Atlantis is diverted to an Ancient ship and struggles to survive with no way home and enemies within, while John Sheppard, considered a traitor by everyone who once knew him, tries to hold onto what humanity he has left and save them all.
Art: title banner and illustration by davincis_girl, frontispiece by sian1359, 4 pieces of artwork (1 movie poster, 1 collage, and 2 pieces of concept art) by mashimero.

You Belong With Me by gamilaroi (John Sheppard/OMC, Ronon Dex/OFC). Word Count: 58,787.

Summary: John Sheppard and Darcy O'Neill have strong feelings for each other, but must surpress them due to both being in the USAF. When a machine is discovered off world everything changes for both men.
Art: title banner by gblvr

You Can't Take It With You (Except When You Can) by Atlantis_Jackson, Merrov (Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Carson Beckett/Radek Zelenka, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Radek Zelenka/Carson Beckett). Word Count: 62,668.

Summary: Rodney shot him a look then grudgingly nodded. "Since you're not an idiot, it's nice to meet you too."
John laughed and gently shook his head. "I bet people love meeting you."
Art: Frontispiece by sian1359.


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