Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard

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Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard
Alternative name(s): John/Cam, Flyboys
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Gateverse
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: small but dedicated fandom
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John/Cam is Stargate slash pairing.


John Sheppard and Cameron Mitchell appear together in canon once, very briefly, in the SG-1 10th season episode, The Pegasus Project. Most of their conversation is spent discussing Rodney McKay.

The SGA episodes, The Return, Part I and II, where John Sheppard is on Earth for several weeks, allow for fanworks that create encounters between the two characters, although Cameron Mitchell does not appear in the episodes.


The main Livejournal community for the pairing, sg_flyboys opened for business about a year after The Pegasus Project first aired in the US. The community hosts the John/Cam Thing-a-Thon! once a year.[1].

Fans of the pairing may be drawn to the similarities between the characters—both are Air Force Colonels leading a top team for the SGC. They may also want to explore their differences—John Sheppard is much less the "golden boy" than is Cam Mitchell. This difference in the way these heroes of their respective shows are portrayed gives rise to a familiar trope in John/Cam fic, the maverick John Sheppard who seems to be an outcast within the Air Force and the SGC but has the loyalty of his own people, and the war hero Cam Mitchell, who seems to be the darling of his superiors and his teammates.

A lot of John/Cam writers create backstories for both characters that gives them a common past, often in service in Afghanistan or Iraq.

For stories set during canon, the big obstacle is the commute. Many stories overcome this by having Cam appointed to head the Atlantis expedition instead of Samantha Carter or Richard Woolsey.


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