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Name: Tarlan
Alias(es): Tamar, Sharon Mills, Tarlanx
Type: fan writer, fan artist, archivist
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1, The Magnificent Seven, The X-Files, Eureka, Thoughtcrimes, Jurassic Park, Boa vs Python, The Chronicles of Riddick, Adventure Inc, SeaQuest, Primeval, Hewligan, Blood Ties, Moonlight, Cube, Blade Trinity
Communities: Michael Biehn on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth
URL: Tarlan at AO3
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Multi-Fandom fan, writer and artist for a long, long time.

Owner and archivist for:

I give blanket permission for anyone who wants to create podfic, art or write stories based on any of my work - art or fiction. My only request is that you link back to and/or credit me for the original art/story idea! I'd also LOVE to see whatever you create!

Example Works