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Name(s): Hewligan, sometimes also Six Degrees of SGA
Scope/Focus: characters played by David Hewlett and Joe Flannigan
Date(s): ~2004-present
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Hewligan is a mash-up pairing name combination of "Hewlett" and "Flanigan" - David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan, to be exact, who play Dr. Rodney McKay and LTC John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis. Although straightforward SGA RPS fic is written about Hewlett and Flanigan, many SGA fanfic writers, in particular McShep fans, write crossovers, pairing up the actors in the form of characters from either of the two actors' past repertoires. Hewligan refers to the group of all those pairings rather than being meant directly as an RPS Name Smoosh, i.e. it uses the actors' names as stand-in for a group of characters in the manner of Kiefer/Lou fandom.

For instance, a writer might pair Dr. Rodney McKay (played by David Hewlett) with Pete Sherman (played by Joe Flanigan in Sherman's March[1], a short-lived 2000 television program). Or they might write a romance starring LTC John Sheppard with Patrick Stewart (David Hewlett's character from A Dog's Breakfast).[2]

To make matters more complicated, Hewligan writers might leave SGA out of the picture altogether, and simply slash any given David Hewlett character with any given Joe Flanigan character - e.g., Nick (Farewell to Harry[3])/Michael (Century Hotel[4]). Other source material frequently used for crosses are Traders, Boa Vs Python, Thoughtcrimes, First Monday, etc.

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