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Name(s): Kiefer/Lou
Abbreviation(s): K/L
Scope/Focus: US TV & movies starring Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips
Date(s): 1980s-present
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Kiefer/Lou is a slash fandom that started up in the late 1980s, featuring characters played by Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips. The majority of the stories are based on the three movies the two were in together, but other stories are either crossovers between their films or slash one of their characters with an original character "based on" the other actor. In the '00s, 24 was added to the list of sources used for the fandom.

Historical Context

Kiefer/Lou started at a time when fandoms based on actors and crossover characters as opposed to a single TV show or franchise were rare (but not unheard of. See Harry & Johnny for an example). In media fandom, there was still an enormous divide between Fictional People Slash and Real People Slash, making Kiefer/Lou possibly the missing link between Fictional People Slash and RPS. The trend for same actor crossovers was much less strong in the 80's. 6 Degrees of Canada fandom started some time during or after due South's run in the 90's, fandoms like Hewligan wouldn't develop until the 00's.


The primary canons used in Kiefer/Lou fanworks include:

Starring both Kiefer and Lou:

Starring Kiefer:

Starring Lou:


There have been at least three anthology zines specifically for Kiefer/Lou, and a number of individual stories in various multimedia zines.

While the fandom's heyday was largely over by the mid-'90s, stories and zines continue to be published into the '00s. As recently as June 2009, a new Kiefer/Lou anthology zine, Only the Strong Survive, was published by Mkashef Enterprises.

In 2005, a Kiefer/Lou mailing list was started on Yahoo groups: Kiefer/Lou Fic.