Blond Shall Not Touch Blond, Nor Curly Touch Curly

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Blond Shall Not Touch Blond, Nor Curly Touch Curly is a tongue-in-cheek fannish warning instructing fic writers to follow the rule that characters with similar physical appearances not be paired together.

It was in use by at least August 1994 as per comments in Strange Bedfellows. In 1995, Sandy Herrold referenced this trope by name in a post that predates the official Fandom's Ten Commandments:

... the true rule is "Curly shall not touch curly." I read all S/H x Pros stories with enormous trepidation, fearing the author will not respect this most serious of all slash rules (and no, you can't just say that Doyle's is a perm. Hmpt!). --

Snady [1]

Examples of Use, and Variations

  • "I thought [ Roj Blake and Del Tarrant ] looked real good together. And I'm not a deeply prejudiced person, I think. I believe it is O.K. for two curly men to have it off with each other." And "Egad! Sandy, I hope you're wrong about two curly-haired guys sleeping together being incestuous. I've read some really great Tarrant/Blake stories; I'd hate to think that their authors will be run out of fandom on a rail for breaking the "elemental taboo"!" [2]
  • "I know the Rule of Curl (Curly may not touch Curly) stands, but Sandy wants a Rule of Bald (Hair-Impaired may not touch Hair-Impaired). I protest! (Unless this keeps Frank away from Skinner…) And the bottom line is, as Nicole says, "They could have all met in Vietnam." [3]
  • "Can bald touch bald? Can Frank McPike (Wiseguy; FBI, Vietnam Vet, round glasses, highly controlled, intense, short and bald) get together with Walter Skinner (X-files: FBI, Vietnam Vet, round glasses, highly controlled, intense, tall and bald)?" [4]


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