Kentucky Sons

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Title: Kentucky Sons
Publisher: MoonGlow Zine Productions
Author(s): Glow
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2009, second edition 2011
Medium: print
Fandom: Elizabethtown
Language: English
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Kentucky Sons is a 210-page (first edition) slash Elizabethtown novel by Glow. The second edition has 224 pages. The pairing is Drew Baylor/JD (Johnny Depp).

This zine has a sequel called California Boys and a sister zine called Bloomtown.


From the publisher: "Question: What would happen if one of fandom's most beloved slash writers rewrote the Orlando Bloom movie Elizabethtown—but this time cast Johnny Depp as the love interest? Answer: A tender, mature, and scorching-hot romance between two of the world's most beautiful men! Come meet Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom)—a young man who has lost his career, his father, and his sense of self—and JD Depford (Johnny Depp)—the stranger in the night who comes to his aid. You'll enjoy being a fly on the wall as these Kentucky scions are intimately drawn together despite their best laid plans."


"Slowly, their hands began to wander, little touches at first . . . over the face (JD had exquisite cheekbones), down the arms (such quiet strength), against the neck (straining with hungry need). Drew wondered what JD was thinking during his own exploration. Does he feel how his touches make me quiver? How they leave a trail of heat across my flesh?

Shifting, JD rolled onto his back, his hands urging Drew to follow. Before he could comply, JD eased their lips apart and held up a staying finger, whispering, "Hang on."

Lying on his side, catching his breath, Drew watched as JD twisted, grunting uncomfortably as he looked to be reaching behind himself for something. Then he sat up, inching to the edge of the bed, carefully setting his wallet upon the nightstand within reaching distance. Drew's brain was hazy, but a thought struggled to make its way to the surface. Very little about this night had fallen within the realm of his experience, but he did know the reason guys kept their wallets near the bed during a romantic liaison.

He frowned, pissed at himself for having been so thoughtless. The idea of precautions hadn't crossed his mind, which wasn't like him. He sure as hell didn't want to appear inconsiderate and neglectful toward someone who had treated him with more tender regard than he had ever known.

"Hey, don't worry."

Drew blinked, the words pulling him from his distracted musing. It was then he realized that JD was staring at him intently with those soul-searching eyes that read him so easily. But this time, he had surely misinterpreted Drew's expression, because his hand was up in a staving gesture, his voice apologetic, as though he believed he had somehow offended Drew.

"I'm not going to let anything crazy happen, believe me. I'm going to be real careful. I just wanted you to know you're safe."