MoonGlow Zine Productions

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Zine Publisher
Name: MoonGlow Zine Productions
Contact: Glow and Moonshine
Type: fan fiction
Fandoms: LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean, RPS
Status: active
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MoonGlow Zine Productions is a slash fanzine publisher.

From their website: "Glow and Moonshine formed MoonGlow Zine Productions in 2005. They have been writing and publishing in fandom for a combined total of over twenty years. Their award-winning fan fiction has been nominated for both on-line and convention writing awards, including the Huggy Awards, the STIFfie Awards, the Fan Q Awards, the SCREWZ Awards, and the Sizzler Awards." A list of their awards can be found here. A list of their published fanzines can be found here.

They also sell Supernatural and RPS fanzines on behalf of AgtSpooky.

This zine publisher has a sister site called Light & Shadow Press.