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Title: Matelotage
Publisher: MoonGlow Zine Productions
Author(s): Glow and Moonshine
Cover Artist(s): Suzan Lovett
Illustrator(s): Bluespirit and Kate Nuernberg‎
Date(s): 2006
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Language: English
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cover by Suzan Lovett

Matelotage is a 225-page slash Pirates of the Caribbean novel by Moonshine and Glow.

The title comes from the word Matelotage (mä-t-l-täzh'): a homosexual union wherein the partners hold their possessions in common, with the survivor inheriting; pirate marriage.

Summary from the publisher

"The continuing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner resume a few weeks after the close of Parley, the award-winning slash novel that united our heroes in the bond of matelotage—marriage in all but name. Matelotage unfolds within the universe created in Parley and WILL NOT REFLECT EVENTS FROM THE NEW MOVIES. The action opens as Jack, Will, and the crew of the Pearl undertake their maiden voyage as newly minted privateers. Armed with what amounts to a license to steal, our jolly pirates are in hot pursuit of plunder. Unfortunately, whilst everyone aboard seems to have a special function, Will is wracked with doubt as he has yet to realize what his place will be aboard ship. Though it pains him, Jack knows he must give his William the freedom to find his way."