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Name: AgtSpooky
Alias(es): Barbara Nice-Miller
Type: fan writer and fan artist, vidder
Fandoms: Sentinel, Supernatural, POTC, X-Files
URL: Sentinel fan fiction, X-Files fan fiction (archived link)
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AgtSpooky is a het and slash fan writer and fan artist whose work has appeared in numerous fanzines. She also participated in the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season and published her own Supernatural fanzines. She has also made several songvids both individually and as part of the Cherokee Chicks vidding group.

In 1998, shortly after the Sentinel TV show was canceled she formed the Sentinel Ad Group to raise funds to place an ad from the fans asking that the show be brought back.

"The Ad Group was formed by myself just after word of The Sentinel's cancellation was announced in May, 1998. I'd seen an ad in USA Today, taken out by the Magnificent Seven fans, who were in the same situation as we were -- trying to save their show. I'm a graphic designer, and my first thought was, "Why can't we do this, too?"
I posted the Ad Group idea to Senad, and the response was overwhelming. I became in charge of the project, and soon had more than 100 Sentinel fans from all the lists and from around the world sending me donations for our own ad. Thus, the Ad Group was born. (Current membership stands at just over 200).
I collected over $4,000 and our first ad ran in the USA Today on June 15, 1998. It was a tremendous success. The general public became aware of The Sentinel's plight, and UPN became aware of just how serious the fans were in our fight to save our show.
About a month after the USA Today ad ran, UPN announced that The Sentinel would return as a mid-season replacement.
The Ad Group placed yet another ad after this announcement, this time raising $1,500 for an ad in the Hollywood Reporter on July 7, 1998, welcoming back the cast and crew, and thanking Paramount and UPN.[1]

In 2010, her Supernatural art work Saving Dean won the Best Horror Art Award in the Art Show at MediaWest.