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Name: Sentinel Slash Virtual Season
Owner/Maintainer: FiveSenses Inc
Dates: 2000-2002?
Type: Virtual Season
Fandom: The Sentinel
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The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season (or Five Senses) is a slash fan fiction virtual season that picks up after the ending of the 3rd season where the aired version of the Sentinel ended.

Each season was divided into 'aired episodes' with authors posting their fan fiction and art according to a fictional broadcast schedule. The editorial board consisted of: Alyjude, Helen, Mre, Orange852, RDV, S'Belle and Winds-of-Dawn.

In addition, a mailing list was set up to allow fans to discuss the episodes as they 'aired'.

The season ran for three virtual years. There are also holiday specials that do not follow the timeline of the regular episodes.

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The Adventure Continues After "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg." Follow Jim and Blair as they deal with the aftermath of Blair's press conference, discover their love for each other, and learn to live together as a couple, balancing their personal lives with their self-sworn duty as Sentinel and Guide to protect Cascade from terrorists, bank robbers, assassins, drug smugglers, and other assorted criminal elements that rightly make Cascade the most dangerous city in America![1]

The page was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.[2]

Description from Unexpected Places: "If you like slash with more than a little plot and continuity thrown in, this is the place for you."[3]

Interviews with Creators

The project hosted some brief interviews with the virtual season's participants. See Sentinel Slash Virtual Season Interview Series.

Other Sentinel Virtual Seasons

The show has six, the most of any other fandom.



Reactions and Reviews

As the show did, these episodes have interesting cases to be solved, but they also include the evolving relationships between the various characters, which was always the real draw for fans. Additionally, the SVS took the show’s subtext and took it a step further by having Jim and Blair in a romantic relationship. If you’d rather stay gen, there were three other virtual season projects created in the same time period and their links are found on the SVS home page. If you look at the writers and artist who participated here, it reads like a Who’s Who of the early fandom writers, and the quality of the writing, artwork and layout reflect that. Certainly there are many other great writers in The Sentinel, but it’s fun to go here to see so many recognizable names who contributed to such a great organized and enduring project. This is also a gateway to the heart of TS fandom; the generosity and cooperation that exists between all the talented writers and artists we are blessed with. Enjoy. [4]

Season One

  • SVS-01: What Goes Around by Alyjude (G). As Jim and Blair come to terms with the aftermath of the press conference, a new case takes them back to Rainier and Blair ponders the wisdom of continuing as Jim's roommate. Illustrations: Glenda.
  • SVS-02: Comes Around by Candy Apple (R). Jim and Blair continue to unravel the truth about the theft at Rainier University, while taking the next step in their relationship.
cover for A Question of Intent by The Unusual Suspects, Shar
  • SVS-03: Call of the Wolf by Winds-of-Dawn (NC-17). As Blair returns to Rainier, Jim and Blair run into a case that reminds them of a painful moment.
  • SVS-04: The Field Trip by Bluewolf (NC-17). Blair goes with Professor Stoddard and a second-year anthropology class to a dig in the Cascades.
  • SVS-S1: Thanksgiving Special by Various Authors (NC-17). Selection of non-canon, no-holds barred, hot and sizzling short stories.
  • SVS-05: Dragon at the Gate by Griffin (NC-17). Jim and Blair are sent to San Francisco for a FBI conference on Interagency Cooperation. Through mischance, they wind up in the middle of an investigation, and have to put 'interagency cooperation' into practice.
  • SVS-06: The Two-Hearted Path by Maggie (NC-17). Jim and Blair join forces with the FBI to bring down a crime lord who does business in drugs, prostitution and murder. As they investigate, disturbing visions lead them to some truths about not only the case but themselves.
  • SVS-07: Regrets by VampyrAlex (NC-17). Blair and Jim travel to meet Blair's dying grandfather and get caught up in the schemes of a power hungry man trying to force people into selling their businesses so he can build a shopping-mall.
  • SVS-08: The Thick Blue Wall by MrsHamill (NC-17). While trying to help a battered woman and her child, Jim and Blair must face some hard facts about police society and their relationship.
  • SVS-S2: Christmas Special by Various Authors (PG to NC-17). Non-Canon Stories for the Holiday Season
  • SVS-09: Welcome to the Jungle by Barbara Nice-Miller (R). Jim is poisoned and given only 24 hours to live. Can he and Blair find who did it and why -- and the antidote -- before it's too late? Jungle Warfare Part 1.
  • SVS-10: Into the Jungle by Alyjude (NC-17). Jungle Warfare 2: The war continues -- with members of Major Crime as targets!
  • SVS-11: Where the Jungle Ends by Jade (NC-17). The battle reaches a climax as the foes return to the jungle. Jungle Warfare, conclusion.
  • SVS-12: Vengeance 101 by XFreak (NC-17). Blair is targeted by a stalker with an axe to grind.
  • SVS-13: The Mountie Who Fell To Earth by Josephine Darcy (NC-17). While on an investigation Jim and Blair stumble across a Chicago Cop, a Mountie, his pet wolf and a murder. Eventually the gang is led on a wild ride across the Canadian wilderness in persuit of a demented religious freak. Can Jim and Fraser save their partners before it's too late?
  • SVS-14: Stoddard's Protege by Bluewolf (R). What happened to Bob Gemmell, Stoddard's problem student from The Field Trip (SVS-04)? Quite a lot, actually, none of it pleasant, and Jim, Blair and Stoddard intervene to give the young man a new start in life.
  • SVS-S3: Valentine Special by Various Authors (PG to NC-17). How many shapes can love take? Selection of non-canon short stories.
  • SVS-15: Carefully Taught by MrsHamill (NC-17). There's a new hate group on campus, and it comes between Blair and two of his favorite things: Jim and teaching.
  • SVS-16: Hell Hath No Fury (NC-17). When strange crimes are committed in Cascade, Jim and Blair are not at all prepared for what they find....
  • SVS-17: Freedom Run by Geli (NC-17). When two Triad gangs start a fight, Jim and Blair are caught in the action.
  • SVS-18: Collateral Damage by Corbeau (NC-17). Blair thinks Jim's senses need a tune-up away from the city. A quiet vacation, a beautiful Lodge in the forest -- what could go wrong?
  • SVS-19: Become the Moon by Maggie (NC-17). Jim and Blair track a ritual murderer through a path marked by jealousy and desire.
  • SVS-S4: Spring Special by Various Authors (G to NC-17). Bits of Non-Canon fun!
  • SVS-20: Lightning Strikes Twice by Rogue (NC-17). Sometimes lighting DOES strike twice, but will history repeat itself? Jim, Blair, and another female sentinel in Cascade...
  • FiveSenses Experimental Theater: Mother Love (NC-17).Non-Canon. A participatory story, with endings contributed by readers. Content may be disturbing.
  • SVS-21: Finders Keepers by SVS Staff (NC-17). When Stephen Ellison does not return from a business trip, Jim travels to Idaho to find his brother.
  • SVS-22: Fall From Grace by Alyjude (NC-17). Jim and Grace Ellison work hard at building a new relationship until fate and a new case intervene.
  • SVS-23: A Question of Intent by The Unusual Suspects (NC-17). First Season Finale. Jim and Blair investigate a drive-by shooting. Illustrations: Shar, Virginia Sky

Season One Specials

cover for the Thanksgiving Special, artist: Shar

SVS-S1: Thanksgiving Special by Various Authors (NC-17). Selection of non-canon, no-holds barred, hot and sizzling short stories.

  • The Substitute by Silk. Summary: Blair thinks he's been replaced. Can he persuade Jim to accept no substitutes?
  • Shorts Short by Rogue. Summary: For those of you who have always wanted half-naked handsome men in the Major Crime breakroom.
  • Oral Medication by PJ.Summary: The boys need a little pain relief.
  • Restrained Sex by Alyjude. Summary: handcuffs, silk ties, trust and a gorgeous ass

SVS-S2: Christmas Special by Various Authors (PG to NC-17). Non-Canon Stories for the Holiday Season

  • Never Shall I Fail My Comrades by Lisa, Duncan's Twin. Summary: Jim and Blair take a trip to the past.
  • Winter Wonderland by Rogue. Summary: Jim gets hurt and has to spend Christmas in the hospital. Blair shows off his excellent bedside manner. =)
cover for the Christmas Special, artist: Shar
  • Christmas Interruptus by MrsHamill. Summary: The clue bus finally makes a stop at 852 Prospect, but has to wade through a slew of visitors to get to the guys.
  • Naughty or Nice by KimAnne. Summary: Blairs bakes and manipulates, and Jim sulks and gets suckered.
  • Chest, Nuts, Roasting On an Open Fire by Corbeau. Summary: A little winter holiday in the mountains for our boys. What could go wrong? (If you can't come up with 10 things in 10 seconds, you've been watching some other show.)
  • Star Wars Revisited by Alyjude. Summary: Jim shares New Year's Eve with us and we learn the part Star Wars played in Sandburg's past.
cover for the Valentine Special, artist: Shar

SVS-S3: Valentine Special by Various Authors (PG to NC-17). How many shapes can love take? Selection of non-canon short stories.

  • Being At Home With Sandburg by Silk. Summary: Just a cozy Sunday afternoon at home.
  • Better Than A Box Of Chocolates by Eagle Eye. Summary: Um... kinda a PWP. Sex is involved.
  • Controlling the Controller by KimAnne and Liz. Summary: After a hard day, Jim and Blair try to relax and watch TV. Deciding on a program has never been so much fun.
  • Dropping In by Orange852. Summary: Things are just dropping all over the loft.
  • The Great Valentine Caper by Griffin. Summary: It's time for rain and holiday induced madness in Cascade. Too bad Jim won't get what he really wants for Valentine's Day. Or will he?
  • Paper Hearts by Candy Apple. Summary: Jim and Blair's first Valentine's Day as lovers, paper hearts, chocolate mousse... need I say more?
cover for the Spring Special, artist: Shar

SVS-S4: Spring Special by Various Authors (G to NC-17). Bits of Non-Canon fun!

  • Nothing Like the Sun by Fox.Summary: A lover muses on metaphor.
  • Ain't No Fish In There by Carlito.Summary: Blair and Jim go fishing.
  • Tops To Bottoms by Alyjude.Summary: Blair muses on bisexuality and the joys of being a bottom.
  • Wearing My Heart On... by Shar.Summary: Blair commemorates his birthday in special way, hoping that Jim will approve.
  • Hanging Around by Orange852. Summary: A plotless wonder involving a tall tree and a long... Sentinel. There's a picnic, too.
  • April's Fool by MrsHamill. Summary: Blair wins, then he loses while winning some more. Sometimes it's not nice to play with Mother Sentinel.
  • A Typical Washington Spring by Bluewolf. Summary: A late spring blizzard hits Cascade.
  • The Great TS Slash Parody by Miscellaneous SVS Staff Members. Note: The pictures in the graphics version may take a while to load, but they're worth the wait!
cover for FiveSenses Experimental Theater, artist: Shar

FiveSenses Experimental Theater: Mother Love (NC-17). Non-Canon. A participatory story, with endings contributed by readers. Content may be disturbing. Part One by Alyjude. Continuations: Each continuation follows from Part One, and is separate and independent from the others. Bluewolf, CatMoran, Erica, Fox, Kaci, MadByrd, MizzMarcee, rj, Rushlight, and Sorka.

Season 2

  • SVS2-01: Eye of the Storm by Rushlight (R) - A series of strange murders lead Blair to explore the mystical realm.
  • SVS2-02: Sky by Bluewolf (R) -A bitch in the loft sends Jim and Blair's life to the dogs.
  • SVS2-03: Into the Woods by Corbeau (R) -When a body is discovered in the woods in the outskirts of Cascade, Jim and Blair must solve a challenging case that takes them to Little Moscow once again.
cover for Into the Woods by Corbeau, artist: Virginia Sky
  • SVS2-04: Witnesses by Toshua (R) -A victim's family asks for Jim's help in Texas.
  • SVS2-05: The Iceman Cometh by alyjude (R) -As Halloween approaches, strange things happen around the Cascade Police Department building -- cold spots, objects moving without being touched... Could the PD be haunted?
  • SVS2-06: Dark Knights by VampyrAlex (NC-17) -Jim and Blair join forces with Earl Gaines to investigate a possible gang-related murder.
  • SVS2-07: A Little Fault's a Bitter Sting by Fox (NC-17) - Jim and Blair learn who their friends are when a local veterans' organization is threatened.
  • SVS2-08: Past Imperfect by Ceares (PG) -This time it's a piece of Blair's past that shows up, bringing trouble and a few surprises.
  • SVS2-09: Matters of Choice by Winds-of-Dawn (G) - A desperate father tries to save his son, forcing others to make some difficult choices.
  • SVS2-10: Fathers of the Bride by MrsHamill (PG) -Jim and Blair travel to help their Sleeping Beauty marry her Prince Charming.
interior art for Into the Woods by Corbeau, artist: AgtSpooky
  • SVS2-11: Guardians of the Gate by Carlito (NC-17) -When a mysterious artifact with a deadly secret is stolen from the National Archeology Museum Of Cascade, FBI Agents Mulder and Scully are hot on the trail.
  • SVS2-12: Shattered by Griffin (NC-17) -The earth moved -- and not in a good way.
  • SVS2-13: Six Weeks to Live by Bluewolf (PG) -Blair and Daryl have disappeared without a trace.
  • SVS2-14: Who You Gonna Call? by Fox and MrsHamill (NC-17) -Who was that masked man?
  • SVS2-15: Brackett's Game by MrsHamill (R) - Jim and Blair turn to an old enemy to solve a new crime.
  • SVS2-16: Gift Exchange by Corbeau (NC-17) -Change is inevitable. Jim has to decide how to handle it, while Blair makes some decisions of his own.

Season 3

cover for A Toga Party by Marion, artist: Lyn
  • SVS3-01: Tricked or Treated by Kerensa (PG-13) -On Halloween night, the men and women of Major Crimes are in danger. A plan to kill them all keeps the detectives on their feet. The plans to keep them alive are given a little, unexpected, and surprising, helping hand by some unusual friends.
  • SVS3-02: Revenge by Kerensa (R) -Someone from Jim's past wants to hurt him. The best way to do that is to hurt the person he loves the most. Can Jim find Blair in time?
  • SVS3-03: Two Birds with One Stone by Rae Evans (R) - New Detective Blair Sandburg kills a man in the line of duty. Why is Internal Affairs so ready to accept the worst?
  • SVS3-04: Thanksgiving Past by Kerensa (PG) -On Thanksgiving Day, Blair remembers another lifetime. Will a Pilgrim Jim and Indian Blair still be Sentinel and Guide?
  • SVS3-05: A Toga Party by Marion (R) - A weekend party away from Cascade, a chance to relax and let their, well, Blair's hair down. No mayhem or murder. You'd think the guys would know better by now.
  • SVS3-06: The Spirit of Evil by Bluewolf (R) -Investigating an apparently minor crime leads Jim and Blair to a major one.
  • SVS3-06: Chimeara By Elvenwolf (R) - Crossover with The Dead Zone, set shortly after the events of TDZ's first season.
  • SVS3-06: Warrior By Rae (R) - There are two new players in Cascade. One of them is a killer, but what or who is the other

Season 3 Specials

cover for Happy New Year by Rae, artist: Pete Neverland

SVS-S1: Holiday Special by Various Authors (PG-13 to NC-17) - Non-Canon Stories for the Holiday Season

  • Once Upon A Sentinel Clear by Kerensa - Summary: Blair and Jim reminisce and remember the very first Christmas in the loft. Blair and Jim were just becoming friends and Blair was new in Major Crimes. What kind of Christmas was it?
  • The Cold Case by Bluewolf - Summary: A weekend party away from Cascade, a chance to relax and let their, well, Blair's hair down. No mayhem or murder. You'd think the guys would know better by now
  • Happy New Year by Rae - Summary: There's an old Scottish tradition that Blair wants to keep very much alive in Cascade. Jim's not so sure.


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