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Name: Candy Apple
Alias(es): Candy_A
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, Sentinel, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Donald Strachey Mysteries, Hogan's Heroes, Nip/Tuck, Starsky & Hutch
URL: (Candy's Place)
Candy_A (AO3)
Candy Apple's Nip/Tuck fanfic (WWOMB)
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Candy Apple is a multifandom slash fanfiction writer, especially well known for her work in The Sentinel fandom. In 2001 she participated in the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season and an interview with her can be found at the Sentinel Slash Virtual Season website. In 2012 she was writing in the Donald Strachey Mysteries fandom.

From the AO3 profile:
I discovered fandom in 1995 via Starsky & Hutch, when TNT was doing reruns. It's ironic that in 2014, I'd find Hawaii Five-0 the same way, on the same network. Between then and now, I've written for S&H, The Sentinel, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Hogan's Heroes, Nip/Tuck, Donald Strachey Mysteries (Movies), and now Hawaii Five-0. I contributed to The Sentinel Virtual Season project, and co-managed and contributed to the Starsky & Hutch Slash Virtual Season project, which produced three online "seasons" of stories, artwork, and special features (and corresponding printed zines) following S&H after the final episode of the series. I co-published two zines for the Donald Strachey Mysteries in 2013 and 2014 with a friend and fellow fan, StoryFan, under the name StoryCandy Press.



Notable Works

Comments on Her Sentinel Stories

Warnings: Some of her stories contain violence and or rape themes. They aren't shown, but are discussed. So you should be wary if you don't like that. None of it is J/B hurting each other. There is some h/c going on alot and some healing. None of it is too bad and the relationship between the guys is so loving it tempers that and helps the healing process. Thought you should be warned though. Candy is my absolute favorite Sentinel writer. I love her stuff so much I can't just rec one of them, so I'll just point you to her page and peruse through them all. She is wonderfully talented and has a gift for rich characterizations. The characterizations she weaves are who the guys could be to one another if they opened up to each other and let their real selves that we can all see be shown. She has a serious addiction to pet names, but you get over it as you read. Sometimes the need for them by the characters as security is why she uses them. She can put the characters through the wringer, I'm telling you, but the love they feel for one another always shores them up whatever the painful circumstances. A while ago on a list a newbie to the fandom asked for Sentinel rec's, Candy was recommended by everyone that answered the post, along with saraid and Francesca also rec'd here. The thing everyone agrees on is that these are wonderful writers. I love all of their work. My suggestion is to just start with her standalones and then work your way through each of her series. Don't forget her Starsky & Hutch crossover, you can find a rec for that on my X-Overs page, it is what turned me on to the S/H fandom. If you wonder how she worked that out, S&H are older, not the young bucks they were on the show. Give her stuff a shot, anyone will tell you it is not to be missed.[1]


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