The Diary Series

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Title: The Diary Series
Publisher: AMC Press, Lionheart Distribution
Date(s): February 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by TACS

The Diary Series is a slash 191-page Sentinel anthology zine with stories by Candy Apple. The cover and interior art is by TACS. Available as print and PDF zine from Requiem Publications as of 2018.


From an unknown source:
Three cases from the first few years, and the private moments that accompanied the work.
From an AMC flyer:
The zine consists of the three diaries of Jim and Blair as they handle the cases that came up in the first few years they were together but also about the private moments in their lives as they became closer than friends.


  • For Better Or Worse
  • The Sandburg Chronicles
  • The Ellison Reports

Reactions and Reviews

This wonderful, first-time story is still available online, but you won't want to miss this in 'zine format with TACS wonderful illustrations. This 'zine includes For Better Or Worse, a wonderfully, angsty story where Jim and Blair face trouble because of their love for each other. One thing I loved about the 'zine that you can't really do online is flipping back and forth from Blair's journal, The Sandburg Chronicles, to Jim's journal, The Ellison Reports, and reading each viewpoint as events unfold. I read it straight through the first time, and the other way the second time and I enjoyed it even more the second time around! I hope we will get the rest of the Diary Series in 'zine format someday! You just don't get the same ambience with printed or online reading as you get from cuddling up with a good Candy Apple story in a wonderfully illustrated and bound 'zine format! [1]
Candy Apple's "Diary Series" introduced me to Sentinel slash and will always hold a special place in my heart. Admittedly its first two parts are essentially renarrations of seasons 1 and 2 (with an added dose of UST) and are therefore a bit boring for fans who've watched the respective episodes. Furthermore, Candy likes to put a lot of emphasis on the "in love" part of the J/B relationship which, in addition to the constant use of endearments, can become a bit much, but the series' conclusion is a perfectly written drama showcasing the fallout from a dangerous undercover assignment, and presents a vulnerable Jim that's without equal in the fandom. A classic, and a must-read. [2]
Summary: We see the events and aftermath of the show through the writings of Blair and Jim, each of whom has kept a diary of his experiences and perceptions. Reccer's Notes: I always like getting into these guys' heads; so often it helps makes sense of things that were simply glossed over. These are the first two stories of a much larger series , but the two that fit the theme. Candy writes long, emotionally-charged romances. Enjoy. [3]


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