Donald Strachey Mysteries

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Name: The Donald Strachey Mysteries
Creator: Richard Stevenson (books), Ron Oliver (movies)
Date(s): 1981-present(books), 2005-present(Movies-for-TV)
Medium: books, TV
Country of Origin:
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The Donald Strachey Mysteries technically refers to the series of movies, produced by Ron Oliver, although the title is used by fans to collectively refer to the books by Richard Stevenson as well.

Background on both main characters is contradictory between the books and the movies; writers in the fandom often use a mix of both, or exclusively use movie canon.

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Brief Canon Overview

Donald Strachey is a gay man, living in Albany, New York. He is a private investigator, and his clients often feel that his sexual orientation makes him more sympathetic to cases involving the gay community.

  • Book canon: Donald was previously employed in Army Intelligence and then at the Robert Morgart Agency, a large investigation firm in New York city. He was also married, is now divorced, and at the start of the books, has been involved with Timothy Callahan for three years, although they are not exclusive and have separate apartments. During the course of the books, they move in together and become more or less monogamous. Little is known about his family.
  • Movie canon: Donald was once in the Army but was discharged when he and his lover, Kyle, were discovered. Kyle subsequently committed suicide, and both incidences continued to haunt Donald through the first two movies. Donald and Timmy are living together from the start and consider themselves married, wearing wedding bands on their right ring fingers.

Timothy Callahan is Donald's partner and a legislative aide to a New York state senator.

  • Book canon:
  • Movie canon: Timothy is estranged from his father because he "switched sides", from Republican to Democrat. His mother is still close, and sends him and Donald ugly sweaters at Christmas. Tim's sister, Kelly, was estranged from both parents and left home, and Timmy hadn't seen her or talked to her for years at the time of "Ice Blues".

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