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Name: Diana Williams
Alias(es): dkwilliams
Type: fanwriter, vidder, archivist, moderator
Fandoms: X-Files, Sentinel, Highlander, Harry Potter, Due South, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Donald Strachey Mysteries, Big Eden, Quantum Leap, Batman, Star Wars, Torchwood, From Eroica With Love, Sherlock, Good Omens
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URL: dkwilliams at AO3
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Diana Williams is a fanwriter and vidder. In her own words:

Diana began writing fanfiction at an early age - at 8, when she wrote a story in Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" universe. She didn't know it was fanfiction, she just knew that she wanted more stories about the characters. She also didn't realize it was fanfiction when she and her best friend wrote Dark Shadows stories, inserting themselves into new plots in what were probably the worst Mary Sue stories ever.

She also wrote original (unpublished) stories through her mid-twenties centering around a space colony of Welsh refugees, but gave up writing due to marriage, children, and intense involvement with the Society for Creative Anachronism. In her forties, following divorce and less SCA activity, Diana rediscovered her love of writing and The X-Files at the same time.

Today, she is still writing, as well as vidding, and vows to someday find the time to go back to those original stories.[1]


Some 2006 Comments on Fandom Visibility

When I first started reading fanfiction back in the 70s, you practically had to swear a blood oath to get someone to slip you their photocopy fanzine, pledging death before disclosure (and this wasn't even slash, which I didn't find till the 90s). I remember how concerned some people were when fanfic stories were published in "Star Trek: New Voyages", worried that their favorite writers were going to be slapped down by TPTB. I was warned to lie-low when I started writing X-Files stories because of Fox's actions, although they were mostly against photo sites. And then more recently, the Harry Potter fandom has had a couple run-ins with lawyers - I've had to password-protect the archive I run, and more recently, the distributer selling my music vids had to stop selling my most recent set because there's a Harry Potter vid on it and they're in the middle of legal action over HP zines.[2]


Diana's first adult fandom was The X-Files in 1997, shortly after the first movie came out. Her first stories in that fandom were short Mulder/Scully stories, followed by Mulder/Skinner stories as she discovered slash via Xanthe's Subterfuge. Then she plunged into writing the "Chains of Desire" universe, stories set around an exclusive BDSM club in D.C.; both of the current stories in this universe are unfinished WIPs at present.

Her next fandom was The Sentinel, where she began a series of stories set in an Alternate Universe called "Tales of the Jungle" as well as a few shorter pieces. She also dabbled a bit with Star Wars, writing an AU version of "A New Hope" as well as another series set in the Prequel universe, plus some other stand-alone stories.

Highlander was the next fandom to catch her attention, and she wrote a couple of short stories, primarily for challenges, before embarking on what became her longest completed work. "Misconceptions", a Methos mpreg epic story, originally was planned to be ten chapters long but finally clocked in at 60 chapters. A sequel is planned but as yet is unwritten. However, a "ten years later" story has been added to the series.[3]

Towards the end of writing this epic, Diana discovered Harry Potter and has written over 30 stories in this fandom. The most recent is a reworking of "Gaudy Night" by Dorothy Sayers with a sequel in the works.

In 2004, Diana's writing tapered off, due to Real Life concerns that led to a bad case of writer's block. She has written a couple stories since, one-offs in various fandoms including Big Eden, Donald Strachey Mysteries, Quantum Leap, Batman, Stargate Atlantis,Torchwood. Recently, the block has been lifting and she has several new stories, including her newest fandoms, Sherlock and From Eroica With Love.


Diana learned about making vids while in college but never thought about using it in a fannish way until she attended Connexions in 2000 and saw the vids presented by Media Cannibals and Flamingo. It was love at first sight. She went home and started vidding.

"You Can Leave Your Hat On", a multifandom vid, debuted at Connexions the following year and was well-received by the audience. Other popular vids have been "Your Mistake"Sherlock Holmes, "Grace Kelly" Stargate Atlantis, and "So Damn Hot" From Eroica With Love.

To date, Diana has made over 50 vids, many available for download at the video site above or streaming on Youtube. For a while, her vids were collected on DVD under the title Songs for Slashers and sold by Agent With Style. Her vidding fandoms are the same as her writing, with the addition of Due South, and Brokeback Mountain. She is currently working on vids in her newest fandom, Sherlock (BBC).

Notable Works