All Sentinel Videos

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Vid Collection
Title: All Sentinel Videos
Vidder(s): Diana Williams
Date: 2003?
Format: DVD
Genre/Theme: slash
Fandom (s): Sentinel, Jim/Blair

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All Sentinel Videos is a song vid collection by Diana Williams agented by Agent With Style.

The distributor's summary: "Picking the perfect moments between Jim and Blair, Diana Williams has put together song vids that will hold you riveted to the screen!"

  • "The Animal Song" (Savage Garden)
  • "I Stand Alone" (Bryan White)
  • "It's Gonna be Me" ('N Sync)
  • "Nobody Else But Me" (Goofy Movie)
  • "Standing Outside the Fire" (Garth Brooks)
  • "Leave" (Matchbox 20)
  • "Don't Let Me Get Me" (Pink)
  • "You Got It" (Roy Orbison)
  • "Don't Speak" (No Doubt)
  • "I Say a Little Prayer" (Cast of 'My Best Friend's Wedding')
  • "This Kiss" (Faith Hill)
  • "It Might be You" (Stephen Bishop)