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Name: Lorraine Brevig
Type: Fan Artist
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Starsky & Hutch, The Sentinel, The Professionals, Due South, House, Star Trek: TOS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Stargate Atlantis, Sherlock (BBC)
URL: art website, art website, AO3
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Lorraine Brevig is a fan artist who specializes in portraits, and works in traditional mediums, especially charcoal on canvas board and oil on canvas board. She has contributed both cover and interior art to zines in different fandoms, including Due South, The Professionals, The Sentinel, and Starsky & Hutch, and she created the cover for the print version of the original m/m erotic romance novel Out There in the Night.[1]

Her online work is archived at her website, but also in various fandom-specific places, such as the Still Life Starsky & Hutch fanart archive (go here to see Lorraine's work), the Professionals Circuit Archive (go here to see Lorraine's work), and in the gallery on TheOneRing.Net.

She has also participated in fandom by running art shows at several cons, including EMC2 and Close Quarters 2007, and by donating her art work for charity auctions.

Lorraine was nominated for a 2013 FanQ for best slash artist.


Cover & Art Gallery

Art has been included with artist permission.

Starsky & Hutch

Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes

The Professionals

The Sentinel

Star Trek: TOS

Lord of the Rings

Stargate Atlantis


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