Venice Place Chronicles

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Title: Venice Place Chronicles
Publisher: Venice Place Press
Editor(s): Paula Wilshe and Keri T
Date(s): 2001-2012
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Venice Place Chronicles is a slash Starsky and Hutch anthology.

It has a gen sister zine called Venice Place Times.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Melody P.

Venice Place Chronicles 1 was published in October 2001 and has 330 pages.

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[A Body Worth Keeping]: How the hell do you write like this? It's wonderful and I don't know what else to say. [1]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Venice Place Chronicles 2 was published in 2002 and has 211 pages. B&W cover, design by D.M.K. Illustrations by Julie Henderson.

  • The Week by Nightbird/KAM (As Starsky and Hutch attempt to reclaim their friendship after Kira, Hutch chronicles a pivotal week in which he and Starsky wrestle with forgiveness and a mysterious destiny, finding ultimately the greatest gift of all in the invincible power of love.) (1)
  • A Nod to Regret by Charlotte Frost (This haunting snippet examines a shared evening and a shared bed after Hutch's divorce from Vanessa.) (79)
  • Honesty by Kathy Windrain (Just days before James Gunther's attempt at sweet revenge, Hutch and Starsky are battling against, and toward, what they honestly feel for one another. The physical manifestations of this struggle prove too much for Dobey to ignore, and the detectives find themselves faced with a difficult decision.) (82)
  • Touching Warm by Susan David and Valerie Wells (When Hutch comes home from the hospital after Vic Humphries' hit man tries to kill him, something has changed.) (105)
  • What Yes Means by Charlotte Frost (A missing scene from "Fatal Charm." Starsky deals with the aftermath of Diana Harmon's knife and his own spiraling emotions.) (127)
  • Life Changes by Abigail Crabtree (Enjoying both the excitement and security of domestic bliss, an encounter from the past is remembered as Hutch receives some startling news that will forever change his and Starsky's lives, and force them to redefine the meaning of "family.") (136)

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Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Venice Place Chronicles 3 was published in 2003 and has 246 pages. Color cover, design by D.M.K. Illustrations (sparse) by Julie Henderson.

  • Ormolu by Ellis Murdock (Against the backdrop of the antiques world, Starsky and Hutch attempt to solve the disappearance of a treasure that has torn a family apart, while a mysterious coin with a hidden meaning casts its spell over both men, forging a link between past, present, and future from which there may be no turning back....) (1)
  • Pariah Revisited by Nightbird (As Starsky tries to see Hutch through the devastating aftermath of the shooting of a teenager, he's forced to contend with reactions both familiar and completely foreign, treading over a new landscape punctuated by surprising revelations and navigable only by love.) (91)
  • Sweet Obsession by Tam K. (A drug lord with a penchant for Hutch causes Starsky to confront his own true feelings for his partner. When Starsky acts upon these emotions, Hutch disappears, leaving him to wonder if he is to blame, or if one of his worst fears has been realized.) (111)
  • Springtime by Charlotte Frost (The partners share a morning of reflection while waiting for a witness.) (221)
  • The Moon's Out Tonight by jat sapphire (Hutch is allergic to ceremonies, but Starsky might not be as averse to soapy scenes as we thought.) (228)

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[Springtime]: A little snippet that I could never figure out what to do with before I stopped writing S&H completely. My friend thought it was worth publishing and I didn’t care one way or the other. [2]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Venice Place Chronicles 4 was published in 2004 and has 219 pages.

  • They Fucked With Their Guns On by Dana Austin Marsh (Starsky had been playing the game for years. It was a tried and true method of breaking the tension or simply setting Hutch back on his heels. Until the day Hutch turned the game around on him.) (1)
  • Velvet Chains by Tam K. (A misunderstanding leads Starsky to believe Hutch is leaving him for a woman. After Hutch is taken hostage by a crazed gunman, Starsky is more determined than ever to fight for him at all costs, but a dream helps Starsky put things in perspective - - he has to let Hutch go.) (9)
  • Happy Birthday by Windrain (Set after "Sweet Revenge", Happy Birthday deals with Starsky and Hutch helping a friend deal with a grievous loss, while simultaneously coming to grips--somewhat--with their own mortality. It's a committed relationship story that also touches on some of the prejudices that American society, unfortunately, continues to hold onto so dearly.) (52)
  • The Body Beautiful by MysticWhim (Secrets of the heart are not easily spoken, but sometimes can be revealed in surprising ways.) (77)
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out by Dana Austin Marsh ("Write down what I'm thinking, the man said." And one partner tries to do just that.) (91)
  • Colorado Springs by Denise V. (A routine conference in Colorado turns out to be not so routine at all for Starsky and Hutch.) (98)
  • Blood Ties by Sarah Problem (A sequel to "Blood Test", a gen story by Minnie K., originally published in Venice Place Times, Volume II; Nick Starsky was behind bars and out of his brother's life, or so Starsky and Hutch thought. But circumstances set in motion in the first story continue to play out, and Nick Starsky may just be the catalyst that brings the two detectives together as lovers.) (119)
  • The Week 1980 by Kaye Austen Michaels (A sequel to "The Week" in Venice Place Chronicles 2. Starsky and Hutch haven't wasted the gift of Starsky's survival following the May 15th shooting. One year later, they are fully committed to building a life together with a new home and a new professional adventure ahead of them. Their wildest dreams are within reach, and new friends have broadened their horizons. But where some changes in their lives are obvious and benevolent, others are more subtle and possibly sinister. It is Hutch's turn to hold a secret worry close to his heart that Starsky must decipher in order to keep their sexual relationship on an even keel, and Starsky is faced with the possibility that his brush with death and miraculous return to life may have side effects he never anticipated.) (163)

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Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Lorraine Brevig

Venice Place Chronicles 5 was published in 2005 and has 298 pages.

  • Won’t You Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise? by Dana Austin Marsh (Hutch hopes an unexpected opportunity to get away from it all with Starsky might turn out to be a fantasy come true.) (1)
  • Boys in Blue by Morgan Logan (The guys have just graduated from the Academy, and decide to celebrate in their own, very special way.) (50) (Later reprinted in Boys in Blue)
  • Teacher’s Pet by Tam K. (A dark secret from Hutch's past comes back to haunt him, forcing him to leave Starsky and his job. Starsky is left in turmoil, wondering where things went wrong and how he can fix them before Hutch walks out of his life forever.) (58)
  • Cowboys Are My Weakness by Dana Austin Marsh (From stetson to boots, Charlie McCabe is all Texan cowboy, and more temptation than a poor boy from Argentina can resist.) (105)
  • Thanksgiving a la Starsky by CC and Marcy (Thanksgiving is approaching, and Starsky pulls out all the stops to prepare a special holiday dinner. Unfortunately, events at work and home threaten to spoil his plans.) (111)
  • Handicapped Access by Kathy Windrain (Decades after the events in "Starsky's Brother" the two Starskys meet again in the wake of a shared sorrow. The years have solidified the differences between Nick and Starsky, and Hutch seems to be the de facto mediator, up to a point. But Hutch has difficulties of his own to handle. And he and his partner quickly learn that even after all these years, Nick is still Nick.) (152)
  • Jericho by Morgan Logan (Walls built for protection can so easily become a trap, and a barrier to the truth. And sometimes love is the only thing that can bring them tumbling down.) (185)
  • Never Cry Wolf by Dana Austin Marsh (It took a year for Starsky to regain everything Gunther tried to steal from him. And more than he'd ever hoped for besides. Can one moment, one hour, one night, take it all away?) (255)

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[Teacher's Pet]: I loved this story, but it's a sad little story. I'm just glad that Starsky was there for Hutch. Tam k describes her story this way: A dark secret from Hutch's past comes back to haunt him, forcing him to leave Starsky and his job. Starsky is left in turmoil, wondering where things went wrong and how he can fix them before Hutch walks out of his life forever. [3]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Lorraine Brevig

Venice Place Chronicles 6 was published in 2006 and has 178 pages. Cover by Lorraine Brevig.

  • Abyss by Theresa Kyle (Starsky doesn't know how to tell Hutch that he has changed his mind about their becoming lovers after he has a terrifying experience at the hands of Simon Marcus's evil "family.") (1)
  • Night Guard by Dana Austin Marsh (In the wake of the events of "The Committee," Hutch asks for what he needs and receives an answer he didn't expect.) (44)
  • The Price by Morgan Logan (In this first time story, Starsky's rage after Terry's death leads him to say something he regrets, and Hutch makes a decision that could cost them both a possible future together.) (49)
  • Maskerade by Kaye Austen Michaels (In The Week universe, a sequel to The Week, 1980, Phoenix 79 are on tour in Europe, but the pressure of stardom and media attention is weighing heavily on both men, and Starsky is about to break. In his journal, Hutch chronicles several crucial days that could either strengthen or sever his new professional partnership with the love of his life.) (91)
  • Shadow of a Dream by CC (Confronted with betrayal by fellow detectives, Hutch contemplates his fading idealism. Starsky helps him cope by bringing a dream of his own into the light.) (107)
  • Since Sliced Bread by Dana Austin Marsh (Huggy's Halloween Party will be the first social event Starsky has been well enough to attend following Sweet Revenge, but only if he and Hutch can agree on costumes.) (107)
  • Fantasy Friday by Keri T. (Even partners as close as Starsky and Hutch might have a hidden idea or two. A quiet Friday night at home might be the perfect time to reveal them.) (129)
  • Starsky's Girl by Kaye Austen Michaels (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 1966. Hot Palmetto summertime and the Carolina Shag. In a society culturally divided, a country embroiled in an unpopular war, two very different young men meet in the Southern tourist town and find an instant connection that will make them into the men best equipped to clean up LA's mean streets.) (144)
  • Auld Lang Syne by Dana Austin Marsh (The events of the preceding year shape the New Year's resolutions Starsky and Hutch make each year from 1975 to 1980.) (165)

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Issue 7

cover of issue #7, Lorraine Brevig

Venice Place Chronicles 7 was published in 2007 and has 160 pages. Cover by Lorraine Brevig.

  • Veritas by Morgan Logan In this missing scene from "Murder Ward," Hutch is doped up and Starsky has his hands full.) (1)
  • David Starsky, M.D. by Kaye Austen Michaels (In the Affirmation universe, a prequel to Affirmation, Hutch is neck deep in preparation for medical school exams, and Starsky is neck deep in sexual frustration. When Hutch unexpectedly goes from fledgling diagnostician to ornery patient, will Starsky be just what the doctor ordered?) (8)
  • The Caveats of Camping by Tam K. (The boys plan a fun weekend of camping, fishing, and a little alone time. With miles of pine trees and lakes separating them and Bay City, what could possibly go wrong? Plenty.) (28)
  • Clearance by Kaye Austen Michaels (Recovering nicely from the Metro shooting, Starsky is ready for some hard-core action between the sheets. Hutch is more than happy to take him up on it. But underneath their shared humor, joy, and erotic exploration of each other, are they both needing clearance for something even more important than good sex?) (34)
  • Outside In by Morgan Logan (During his recovery from the shooting, Starsky closes himself off, leaving Hutch bewildered. A strange scene makes Hutch determined to solve the mystery of his partner's withdrawal.) (45)
  • Mortal Coil by Elizabeth Lowry (Abused children are turning up dead. Two police detectives want to make it all stop. But Starsky is dealing with the aftermath of Gunther's hit, Hutch is uneasy with their new partnership, and no one seems interested in helping a couple of cops stop a murderer.) (67)
  • House of Cards by Dana Austin Marsh (A novella that explores the question: When does a life turn left instead of right? Can one event, a yes instead of a no, or a simple request to be alone, change the course of a relationship, opening doors to possibilities that might have otherwise always remained closed forever?) (86)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Lorraine Brevig

Venice Place Chronicles 8 was published in 2008 and has 305 pages. Cover by Lorraine Brevig.

  • Machismo by Kaye Austen Michaels (Starsky and Hutch have a good thing going. They have a partnership that works, a friendship second to none, and occasionally, they hit the sheets. Nothing complicated; nothing serious. Love just might have other ideas.) (1)
  • 'Frisco Fantasy by Dana Austin Marsh (Serendipity, Starsky's persistence, and Hutch's lusty imagination combine to give the lovers a fantasy to play out during their weekend of freedom in San Francisco.) (56)
  • The Quiet by Gayle Smith, poem (A vignette exploring Hutch's joy and sorrow.) (69)
  • Like Bedrock by Morgan Logan (A sudden tragedy forces Starsky and Hutch to travel to NYC to solve an all too personal case. Their partnership must withstand the turbulence of Starsky's grief, and hopefully grow stronger as a result.) (70)
  • Silver Lining by Dana Austin Marsh (Hutch discovers clouds really can have silver linings when a disturbance in his neighborhood sends him to Starsky's place looking for an uninterrupted night's sleep.) (107)
  • Wading in Da Nile by Dawnwind (Shakespearean quotations, tainted soup, and a desperate, real-life version of hide and seek all bring changes, but the end of the game is only a new beginning for Starsky and Hutch.) (114)
  • Frog and Toad are Friends by Sylvia Bond (Starsky can't sleep, and he doesn't want to tell Hutch why.) (127)
  • Reprieve by Kaye Austen Michaels (Hutch suffers potentially fatal "side effects" from vested-chest gunshot injuries sustained during the race to find Joanna Haymes. Is Starsky fresh out of chances to tell his partner the truth about their relationship?) (135)
  • Nailed by Gayle Smith (A torn pants leg opens up new possibilities in this vignette.) (154)
  • An Unfolding by Jennifer C. (Something unexpected happens to Starsky and Hutch a week into a new phase in their relationship. Starsky tries to deal with it on his own, but will Hutch let him?) (157)
  • Sabotage! by Kaye Austen Michaels (Hutch has a new diet kick. Starsky has concerns. With the Tallman trial underway, and the Henderson case solved, Starsky has time to put a plan in motion that will show Hutch the downside of "far-out" food choices.) (184)
  • Out of the Ashes by Dana Austin Marsh (Starsky and Hutch both try to deal with unexpected feelings while investigating two cases that strike too close to home to be coincidence.) (191)
  • A Very Good Tradition by Morgan Logan (Starsky teaches Hutch that holidays can be enjoyable after all.) (237)
  • Corduroy Starsky by Sylvia Bond (A companion piece to "The Velveteen Hutch" in Turned to Fire. Starsky finds a place for himself at Hutch's side.) (256)
  • The Truth Comes Out by Kaye Austen Michaels (Post-Gunther, Starsky has a new jacket and a new lease on life. Unfortunately, Hutch has new shoes, with dangerous shoelaces. One wrong step in a back alley of their district could change the entire course of their revived partnership and friendship.) (278)
  • A Trick of the Light by Gayle Smith, poem (A vignette from Starsky's point of view, as he wonders why something is so tantalizing.) (286)
  • Living in a Moment by Dana Austin Marsh (Hutch had heard it said that, when you're dying, pivotal moments of your life pass before your eyes. After the Gunther hit, he discovers the same is painfully true when waiting for his reason for living to die.) (288)

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Issue 9

Venice Place Chronicles 9 was published in October 2012 and has 159 pages. Cover art is by Lorraine Brevig; interior art is by Nicky Gabriel, Kym Hansen, and TACS. The TACS art was a gift from the estate of Marian Kelly.

cover of issue #9, Lorraine Brevig


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