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Name: CC (Starsky & Hutch)
Alias(es): CC
Type: fan writer, list moderator
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
Communities: Loveofmeandthee
URL: Stories at AO3
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CC is a Starsky & Hutch fan writer who also moderates the Starsky & Hutch mailing list Loveofmeandthee. Her fan fiction has appeared both online and in fanzines.

She started in Starsky & Hutch in 2001. Unprepossessing, it is nevertheless her firm and gracious hand that has kept the somewhat cranky, recalcitrant and long-lived Loveofmeandthee yahoo group, one of the centers of the Starsky & Hutch fandom, alive for so many years. She also worked closely with Marcy of the Me and Thee Archive in helping to keep that archive active.

CC is also a participant in SHareCon, where you will see her organizing games and parties and helping to welcome new fans to the somewhat rowdy and close-knit shenanigans.

But by far her greatest accomplishment in the fandom are her stories—her deft, sly first time stories that have the boys gently wavering in indecision and tenderness; hope and humor and love.

She's also one kick-ass beta.

Some Fiction

  • April Fool (Hutch has a head injury and amnesia...or does he?)
  • Champagne Wishes (After attending a wedding, Hutch gets a case of the blues and it's up to Starsky to find out what's what.)
  • Change of Seasons (An entry in the Make Hutch Sneeze Challenge on the Me and Thee list.)
  • Christmas Joy (An unexpected guest with an even more unexpected problem threatens to put a damper on holiday plans.)
  • Did I Tell You? (A rewrite of the tag to "Shootout.")
  • Easy Money (Just a little bit of pillow talk and a bet Hutch knows he can win.)
  • Free to a Good Home (Just after they buy a house together, Starsky notices Hutch doesn't seem so happy. Is Hutch having second thoughts?)
  • Getting to Yes (Hutch tries to say no to Starsky's Halloween plans.)
  • Give Me Memphis (Starsky and Hutch's vacation plans go awry.)
  • Hard Times (Starsky and Hutch face financial hardships as differently as one might expect.)
  • It's Light Out (A Christmas morning snippet.)
  • The Reluctant Tourist (International travel isn't for everyone.)
  • Serendipity (Finding something they didn't know was lost.)
  • Shadow of a Dream (What happened to put that beautiful smile on Hutch's face in the tag for "Snowstorm"?)
  • Slightly Left of Normal (A conversation on the properties of being normal.)
  • Sweet Submission (When their sex life hits a bump in the road, Starsky decides a trip to a toy store of a different sort is in order.)
  • Switches and Ashes (Starsky snoops for gifts; Hutch makes him pay. Sequel is "Turnabout.")
  • Thanksgiving a la Starsky, written with Marcy. (Thanksgiving is approaching, and Starsky pulls out all the stops to prepare a special holiday dinner. Unfortunately, events at work and home threaten to spoil his plans.)
  • The Toybox (Starsky's too tired to sleep.)
  • Turnabout (sequel to "Ashes and Switches")
  • The Way to a Man's Heart (Like most holidays, Starsky and Hutch see Valentine's Day differently.)