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Name: CC (Starsky & Hutch)
Alias(es): CC
Type: fan writer, list moderator
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
Communities: Loveofmeandthee
URL: Stories at AO3
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CC was a Starsky & Hutch fan writer who also moderated the Starsky & Hutch mailing list Loveofmeandthee. Her fan fiction has appeared both online and in fanzines.

She started in Starsky & Hutch in 2001. Unprepossessing, it was nevertheless her firm and gracious hand that kept the somewhat cranky, recalcitrant and long-lived Loveofmeandthee yahoo group, one of the centers of the Starsky & Hutch fandom, alive for so many years. She also worked closely with Marcy of the Me and Thee Archive in helping to keep that archive active.

CC was also a participant in SHareCon, where you could see her organizing games and parties and helping to welcome new fans to the somewhat rowdy and close-knit shenanigans.

But by far her greatest accomplishment in the fandom were her stories—her deft, sly first time stories that have the boys gently wavering in indecision and tenderness; hope and humor and love.

She was also one kick-ass beta.

She passed away unexpectedly on November 3, 2021.

Some Fiction

  • April Fool (Hutch has a head injury and amnesia...or does he?)
  • Champagne Wishes (After attending a wedding, Hutch gets a case of the blues and it's up to Starsky to find out what's what.)
  • Change of Seasons (An entry in the Make Hutch Sneeze Challenge on the Me and Thee list.)
  • Christmas Joy (An unexpected guest with an even more unexpected problem threatens to put a damper on holiday plans.)
  • Did I Tell You? (A rewrite of the tag to "Shootout.")
  • Easy Money (Just a little bit of pillow talk and a bet Hutch knows he can win.)
  • Free to a Good Home (Just after they buy a house together, Starsky notices Hutch doesn't seem so happy. Is Hutch having second thoughts?)
  • Getting to Yes (Hutch tries to say no to Starsky's Halloween plans.)
  • Give Me Memphis (Starsky and Hutch's vacation plans go awry.)
  • Hard Times (Starsky and Hutch face financial hardships as differently as one might expect.)
  • It's Light Out (A Christmas morning snippet.)
  • The Reluctant Tourist (International travel isn't for everyone.)
  • Serendipity (Finding something they didn't know was lost.)
  • Shadow of a Dream (What happened to put that beautiful smile on Hutch's face in the tag for "Snowstorm"?)
  • Slightly Left of Normal (A conversation on the properties of being normal.)
  • Sweet Submission (When their sex life hits a bump in the road, Starsky decides a trip to a toy store of a different sort is in order.)
  • Switches and Ashes (Starsky snoops for gifts; Hutch makes him pay. Sequel is "Turnabout.")
  • Thanksgiving a la Starsky, written with Marcy. (Thanksgiving is approaching, and Starsky pulls out all the stops to prepare a special holiday dinner. Unfortunately, events at work and home threaten to spoil his plans.)
  • The Toybox (Starsky's too tired to sleep.)
  • Turnabout (sequel to "Ashes and Switches")
  • The Way to a Man's Heart (Like most holidays, Starsky and Hutch see Valentine's Day differently.)


Morgan Logan: The world can ill afford the loss of such a wonderful person. CC was my very first fandom friend. I came to SHareCon not knowing a soul in fandom, and it was her warm heart and wry humor, her generous willingness to spend her weekend shepherding a hapless fandom noob, that made me love her instantly. I spent the next 4 years writing all my S/H fiction with her in my mind as my audience. "What would CC like?" as my only guide. But as it is with fandom, our friendship went beyond online, to meeting in Texas and visiting Keri T., biking around Austen, sharing exercise tips, late night phone calls about our work woes and career decisions... CC was a precious individual, so thoughtful in her opinions, so easy to laughter, so caring at all times. I will miss her forever.[1]

Tammy E: I’m saddened to hear that CC had passed away. I love her work and I would usually email her to chat with her about her writings. She once told me to get over my shyness and write something and don’t be afraid to post whatever I wrote. I didn’t know her really well but I knew that she was a lovely, talented person. I think that I have saved most if not all of her stories that I could find. I don’t think that I could read her stories as of yet as I wouldn’t be able to see her words through my tears. Rest In Peace, CC. [2]

Keri T: A terrible, terrible loss. One that’s as unreal to me at 2 in the morning as it was when Kathy called to tell me hours ago. I can hear Cammy’s sweet southern drawl in my head right now. I threw many Starsky and Hutch house parties over the years, and Cammy was at everyone of them, because it was nothing for her to drive from Tennessee to Texas to hang with friends and talk about the guys and life and friends and everything in between for three or four days. She was my dog’s second favorite person in the whole world. A wonderful writer, who never knew how good she was. A wonderful friend, and I can only hope she knew how much her friendship was treasured. I was the friend she reached out to after the virtual con to tell me she was reading SH again and really enjoying it. I was so excited to get that email that I called Kathy and said, “guess what, I think we’re getting Cammy back!” I was so happy to think she might be coming back to fandom. The last in person con , Cammy and I went out for a quick taco on Thursday night and came back two hours later because we got lost, but we were laughing so hard and having so much fun, I think we were really enjoying being lost together for a while. I’ll miss her forever and feel very lucky to have called this wonderful woman friend.[3]

hardboiledbaby: CC's presence at SHareCons was a welcoming beacon to friends old and new. She was always ready to laugh, quick with a wry quip, and invariably gracious, encouraging, and kind.

The memory that keeps coming to mind now is the end of an in-person con, 2018 I think. Chatting and laughing while getting the room cleared and packed, everyone tired but happy, reluctant for it all to be over. CC was going on to take some vacation time before returning home. When it was time to leave, we hugged and wished each other safe travels.

I'm so grateful we had her in our fandom, and that we have her stories still. I'm grateful that she was at the virtual con and that it brought her joy; it certainly brought us joy that she was with us. I'm grateful that I was able to meet her and for the times, too brief though they were, I got to spend with her.

My condolences to her family and friends, and to all of us who were touched by her words, her generous spirit, and her love for the fandom.

Safe travels, CC[4]

Laura McEwan: I recall at VegaSHcon in 2009, I was shocked and surprised to learn I'd won the Paula Wilshe award that year. Flamingo said my name, and I shook my head. No! I looked at Cammy, standing there with the award in her hand. She nodded. YES. Got the best hug. My gosh. I'll never forget. [5]

Flamingo: Very sad news of a terrible loss.

This is one of the hardest emails I've ever had to write. One of my dearest friends, a major supporter of our fandom, a SHareCon CONspirator and game creator, a mailing list mom of the LoveofMeandThee mailing list, an amazing slash writer and creative person, and a woman who was kind, loving, and just plain fun has left us way too soon. Cammy Chapel, known in SH circles as CC, passed away November 3rd. We only learned about it tonight when a fan friend was notified by a lawyer handling CC's affairs. We're still processing this news and finding it hard to accept.

CC joined in some of the fun at the virtual SHareCon in October, and made us laugh when she talked about how much she enjoyed the con, even though she had one complaint: she said the "room service" was deplorable, that her bed hadn't been made all weekend, and the food service was even worse. Since the virtual con only existed on our computers in our own homes, her wry comments made us all laugh. That was so typically CC, saying some droll and subtle comment that could break up a room in laughter.

I had the privilege to visit CC at home many times and travel with her on several occasions. She was always quick to laugh, quick to share joy. She loved her baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, loved her neighborhood restaurants, and good food. An exercise enthusiast, in recent years an injury had sidelined some of her activities, but she continued taking her walks. For many years, she was an active blogger, using her writing talent in different ways.

CC created games that brought so much joy to our in-person SHareCons. One game she named, So You Call Yourself a Detective, was a favorite. CC would pull up a clip from the show, show it to the "detectives" attending the game, and then challenge them to find obscure things in the scene. It was always one of our most popular games.

CC was a great supporter of other writers, and was always a kind and gentle editor. She helped produce the Starsky and Hutch VegaSH con with Marcy, and helped produce the zine for that con. CC was always ready to offer help to new writers, or support and encouragement to any writer who needed it.

CC said the virtual SHareCon inspired her to get back into Starsky and Hutch fandom. In recent years, her participation in the fandom had been limited to her SHareCon activities. But she told a friend v-SHareCon reminded her how much fun SH fandom was, and she had just started reading fic again after a long absence. We were all hoping she might start writing again.

CC was a slash writer, and also, with Morgan Logan, created the slash vid, "Gibbons Love Story," using photos CC took at the local zoo of two Gibbons who behaved too much like our guys in love. I don't think it's online anywhere; we show it at SHareCon regularly. [6]

Lilyk: CC and her diet Cokes. I will always treasure the early morning talks and how she always had a diet Coke for breakfast. She was bright and funny and that accent always made me smile. Her games were wonderful. The fandom and her friends will always have that hole that can't be filled. She was a jewel.[7]


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