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Name: SHareCon
Dates: its precursor: late 1980s and early 1990s -- the modern SHareCon: 2000-present
Frequency: biennial
Location: Maryland
Type: fan con
Focus: slash, gen-friendly
Founder: April Valentine & Flamingo
Founding Date: 1987
URL: Sharecon 2010 website; Sharecon 2012 website
2008 convention program front page
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SHareCon is a Starsky & Hutch slash convention that is held once every two years in Maryland. The convention was originally held intermittently in the late 1980s and early 1990s under a variety of organizers (including April Valentine, Nancy Goodwin and Megan Kent) and titles. See SHareCon/Early SHareCons/SH:101.

It was resumed in 2000 when Flamingo and Kath Moonshine took over the organizing with the intent of hosting the convention during Zebracon's off years (2000, 2002, 2004 etc). It averages 50-60 people. Sharecon bills itself as a slash convention that is gen friendly. It has a program with fan-led panels, an art show and print shop, a vidshow and a dealers' room for fanzines, fanart and other merchandise.

It is at SHareCon where the Paula Wilshe Award For New Writers winners are announced.

SHareCon Virtual Con is a congruent con, held in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016.

Con Zine

The convention publishes a commemorative fanzine, ShareCon.

The Floating Name of SHareCon

The con was called SHareCon. The second con was called, alternately SHareCon and SH:101.

After the second year, Nancy Goodwin was not as involved as a coordinator and April Valentine and Susan E took over the reins. They decided to rename the con:

We're calling it "SH:101" for several reasons. First, we don't want to call it SHarecon, because that's Nancy's baby and we don't want to take that away from her. Second, we spoke a lot at the last SHarecon about interesting new fans in our little world, and even doing some kind of publication to let them in on the history and ways of SH fandom. Thus, the title SH:101 was born. We think of it as a cross between a convention and a SHarecon-type party — and we're hoping to bring long- term fans and newcomers together in the venture. [1]

In 1994, the con was called by both names: SHareCon and SH:104.

In 2000, the series of cons was reinstated by Flamingo, Kath Moonshine, Rosemary C. and L.A. Pinn and took on the original name, "SHareCon," with permission from Nancy Goodwin.


On the origins of SHareCon:

Sharing, thus, has always been a part of Starsky and Hutch fandom. Unlike so-called 'live' fandoms, ours is one that has been around for a long time and has been off the air, not making new episodes, for many years. So the amount of 'stuff' available to SH fans is finite, in that things from years ago aren't getting reprinted, magazines are lost, posters no longer available, tapes gradually degrading. So we have to share with each other what we have...

Just as it is today, SH was a vital community of friendly fans. I vividly recall the inception of SHareCon as we sat around the hotel after ZCon (Zebracon) one year. I believe this was in about 1987. We were saying those long good-byes common in fan circles and still non-stop talking SH with anyone still around. We started telling about some of the goodies we had at home, posters, records, stuff on video tape, and it occurred to us that it would be really cool if we got together to share all those items, to have a whole weekend where there would be nothing but SH going on. My Trek group used to have a retreat type of weekend we called KSCon (Kiss Con) and we borrowed some of the ideas from it for our planned get together.

That's how SHareCon was born, out of the idea to share our SH memorabilia, out of the sharing offered between Starsky and Hutch in that very first episode of the show we love. [2]

ZebraCon vs. SHareCon

In 1990, some Starsky & Hutch fans began to discuss ZCon's ability to provide the kind of SH-focus con they were looking for.

Some comments:


I sent my money in for Zcon '91 and am told I am #11 on the waiting list. 175 people are already signed up, which is the maximum, and the editor of the S&H l/z gets her money in one year and several months in advance and I'm put on a waiting list. What I wonder is...who are those 175 fans, surely not all S&H fans? So, unless the folks ahead of me die or something, the S&H l/z will not even be represented at Zcon. I am somewhat...uh, disturbed by all of this and wonder if anyone else is on a waiting list? Also, has Zcon changed for you? Or, is it still fun? Why do you go? Surely not for the S&H programming, it gets worse every year. The people? And, if it is the people, why not have our own S&H only con established (like SHareCon) and leave Zcon to the professional con promoters and vendors. [3]


Having attended the last 4 Z-Cons, I can say I've enjoyed myself less at each one. I appreciate all the work Karen and Jean put into the gathering, but S&H seems to have become just a side attraction. Yes, there are S&H panels and the same amount of S&H episodes as Pros shows, but S&H fans are the minority at Z-Con (originally conceived as an S&H-only con) and I've felt less enthusiastic about being there every year. I'm not implying that this is a result of conscious, deliberate intentions on the hosts' parts, but neither is it a figment of my imagination, for the past 2 Z-Cons have found more than a dozen of us grumbling about feeling snubbed and lack of worthy programming and discussing alternate gatherings for S&H fans — which led to the creation of the wonderful SHare Cons. Much as I enjoy participating in panels, the trivia contest, Pat's plays and always relish time spent with fellow S&H fans, I've decided I won't be attending Z-Con in 1991. [April Valentine] made a valid point in a phone call to me in July, that S&H fandom will suffer more at Z-Con if less fans turn out for the gathering, but I think suburban Chicago is too far to go, for too much money, for so little S&H. So the APA won't be represented next year, either. I'd much rather take a train to MD or VA for an all-S&H weekend twice a year. I hope everyone attending the next Z-Con has a marvelous time. I'll be thinking of you all and hope to see a number of you in October for SHare Con. [4]


Okay, it's as much PROFS as SH these days, but I'll still go as often as I can. Because - yes, it has to be the people. It's about my only chance to meet so many fans at one time and in one place. Sure, SHare Con and it's ilk are a great idea, but how many purely SH fans are there? Enough to make a SH-only con a viable proposition? Used to be so but is it still? ZirCon over here in late October, is a mixed Con. The little affairs, like the Mediawest splinter-groups and SHareCon, are fine for local people, but less so for those with large distances to travel. I would say that if we could muster between fifty and a hundred fans, then a solely SH Con would be viable If we can get someone to organise it, of course. I would say that we do need ZCon (or something else like it) -- oh, the fandom can exist without it, but the sheer high of getting together and being able to talk and discuss and laugh and generally o.d. on fandom is something I don't want to have to do without. Over here, with the demise of DobeyCon, we have experienced that kind of lack. I only hope that ZirCon can fulfill a need, and be repeatable. [5]


There are a lot of firsts in my life, but my first Zcon (which was Zcon 2) stands out as a real watershed in my life. It marks my first trip alone, my first plane flight alone, my first S&H adventure, my first meeting of our fen. The experiences connected with that con changed my life. I grew more confident, more outgoing, and more eaqer to be a producer in this fandom. I've taken all this personally, you see, as an arena of self-expression and sharing. That's what it has meant to me. And, most of all, Zcon means S&H...not Trek...not Uncle...not Pros but my one fandom. So, I feel a bit out of it anymore. Last year especially was a downer: my first vendor experience in a corner in the other sales room; no S&H play; and, of course, all that energy given to fundraising for PAF, which was great, and a way to mourn, but it certainly didn't lift my mood any. Everybody gets busier and busier at every Zcon doing their own thing. We're so busy being busy we forget that Zcon is all about women sharing their love of relationship and S&H. I feel like an outsider at my own con. Zcon is too important a meeting place to ignore, but it's not meeting my S&H needs. [6]

Charity Auction

photo of some of the items being offered for the auction: fanzines, memorabilia and in the center, Starsky & Hutch dolls with BDSM gear. Year unknown, but the con is 2006 or later

The convention also runs a charity auction. From the 2008 convention website:

In the first three SHareCons, we held charity auctions to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, and raised thousands of dollars. The generosity of SH fans, who donated many valuable items, including original art, rare zines, scrapbooks, posters, photos, and many other items, has been amazing. At the 2006 SHareCon, we split the charity auction proceeds 50-50, with half going to EGPAF, and half going to pay the con's bills. In 2008, with lowered membership, higher costs, and a tight economy, we'll be running two auctions -- a multi-fandom internet auction and a classic all-SH SHareCon acution at the con itself. The auctions will be run for the benefit of the con to help pay the bills and support the con functions. However, any money raised in excess of con costs will be sent, as always, to EGPAF.

Inspiration for Other Cons

ShareCon has also inspired other fans to put on similar conventions: "The seeds of Close Quarters were planted when I went to my first SHareCon (a Starsky & Hutch slash con) in October 2004. I was impressed by the spirit I felt at that con and just tranfixed by the idea of a single-fandom con. I wanted one of those for my fandom." [7]

The Subject of Some Press

The convention has also been the focus of press. In the 2006 article "Holy Liplock" the New York Post lists SHareCon as an example of slash fan culture.

"We do this because it's hot," says a 56-year-old lesbian who writes "Starsky & Hutch" slash and goes by the screen name Flamingo. "In every porno movie for men, there's a girl-on-girl scene. I don't understand why so many are surprised that women find two men together erotic."

"Other fans evidently agree. This fall, Flamingo is organizing the fourth annual SHareCon, a get-together in Maryland of more than 100 "Starsky & Hutch" slash lovers from around the world - just one of a handful of slash-oriented conventions.

"And you thought your hobby was niche." [8]

In 2010, SharecCon was listed in an article in a Philadelphia newspaper about the "Top Five Weirdest Conventions in 2010:" "Held every even-numbered year, SHareCon is a slash con devoted to Starsky & Hutch. "Slash" is homoerotic fan fiction, so basically people at this convention sit around and fantasize about Starsky and Hutch handcuffing each other to bed posts instead of arresting criminals."[9]

BAAD SH Theatre

At the first ShareCon (which had only 15 attendees), fans started the "BAAAD SH Theater" by reading stories that weren't particularly well-written. The readers didn't identify the author, although many attendees knew who it was anyway. Fans felt safe doing this because there was no Internet and they felt they were doing it for their own private entertainment and not to make public fun of someone. The attendees also knew each other well enough that they were certain no one would write to the authors in question and make them feel bad.

As the convention grew in size and as, in later years, the Internet brought large communities of readers and writers closer together, BAAD SH Theatre stopped using "real" stories but began writing their own original "badfic."

The Cons

1989-1994: The Proto SHareCons, and SH:101, SH:103, SH:103, SH104, SH:105, SH:106

SHareCon's roots are in the early fan gatherings with the initial title of SH:101.

For more, see SHareCon/Early SHareCons/SH:101.


It took place September 22-24 in Laurel Maryland.

Approximately 70 fans attended. The event received permission from the previous fan (Nancy G.) who had hosted ShareCon in the 1980s and 1990s to continue using the name. Organizers were: Flamingo, Kath Moonshine, Rosemary C. and L.A. Pinn.

2000 Con Zine

See the 2000 SHareCon con zine.

2000: Flamingo Proposes the Con's Revival


[much snipped regarding hotel selection]

[The motel manager: "Cher"]: asks me what kind of group is this? I hedge. Media fans. We like to bring our own vcrs and hook them up to the hotel tvs in the rooms and watch our own tapes. Is that a problem? "Can't see why," she says, "but let's go ask our maintenance engineer." His name was (Monica have you read this far? Kath Moonshine?) Sonny. (It was an omen!) "Oh, no, no problem," this warm bear of a guy says. "I'd be happy to hook the vcrs up for your group. And right now, we're upgrading all the TVs in the hotel over a period of time, so if we know what rooms your guests will be in, we'll slate the first new TVs for their room." I eventually told Cher that the con was a Starsky and Hutch con (and no, I didn't mention slash!) She laughed and confessed that she'd stayed up till 2 in the morning the other night to watch an Emergency rerun that she hadn't seen since.... (When I warned her we could be loud, boisterous, and laughed too much, she also assured me that once we were in our rooms or meeting space, the hotel didn't care *what* we did as long as we didn't make the fire department show up!)

[much about the hotel snipped]

Now, there are a lot of SH fans in the immediate WashingtonDC-Baltimore-Northern Virginia area. Some close enough that they won't need rooms. But if people are interested in doing a SHARECON, I've got to pick a weekend and tell them how many rooms. Here's the deal:

I think I can cover all expenses with a con membership fee of $35.

So, can I get a show of hands of folks who MIGHT want to come to SHARECON in late September or early November, and how many would need a room? I don't want this opportunity to slip through my hands, guys. I told the lady if this worked out we might like to do this every other year (when there was no Zcon). I'm thinking this con will be fairly unstructured, just an excuse for us to watch a million eps and song vids, maybe trade some stuff with each other or pick up a few zines, but nothing too overwhelming. And a good excuse to celebrate 25 years of SH.

Anyone interested???

If we get enough people interested, I can use another list address to keep all interested parties informed without clogging up VP or the other SH lists. And yes, it goes without saying that this con will be very slash friendly but we hope our gen buddies will come and play Starsky & Hutch with us, too! Comfy rooms. Private meeting room. songvids. Good friends. Something to get us through until next year's Zcon. Who wants to come and play? [10]

2000: Vid Show

Flamingo organized the vid show with an eye towards honoring the long history of vidding in Starsky & Hutch fandom: "I wanted to do something special with song vids. Many in SH believe ours was the fandom that spawned vidding -- in those days they were called "song tapes" -- and since there's been a recent surge in new SH vids, I thought it would be interesting to give a history of vid making."

She then went on to describe how she structured the vid show:

I started the show with a recent ad done for the show's syndication on TNN, which was done in song vid fashion -- a bunch of clips attached to music -- in this case, the Allelujah chorus! Then I showed the bloopers in case no one had had a chance to see them yet. (Just to make sure I had everyone's attention!... I talked briefly about what vidding is and how it started. In SH we have quite a few very early vids that basically placed one long clip over a song or part of a song. Watching these now can be hard since vidding is so sophisticated, and these long, familiar clips often don't work -- they were probably inspired by a few lines that did work and having no way to slice and dice the footage at that time, this was the best they could do. I talked about how exciting it was for fans of that time to see this familiar footage with a different soundtrack that attempted to give it a whole different meaning.

I'd found one of these interesting vids in which the song was very meaningful in SH fandom, AND the clip sequence really *worked*. It was (I believe) Kendra and Diana's "The Rose" by Bette Midler. This song is sung at the end of every ZebraCon, a tradition (I've been told) that started at the first ZCon which was a con about the same size as this year's SHareCon. I've been at Zcon when the entire con sings the song and it's very moving. In this vid, Kendra and Diana timed the tag clip of "Starsky's Lady" to the song -- it's the clip where Starsky & Hutch have to open the gifts left to them by woman Starsky had been in love with, and who had died two weeks before. It's a clip instantly familiar to everyone in the fandom and a big fan fave. But most of the fans there, especially the veterans who had somehow never managed to see this rare vid, weren't prepared for how well this vid worked to this sequence of the show. There was complete silence during the vid, and afterwards, several veterans told me they'd never found any of these long sequence vids affective, but this one knocked them out. Needless to say, the newer fans were bowled over and it was an excellent start for the vid show.

I was able to explain how the changing technology enabled vidders to do different things -- from the ragged, static-laced cuts of "I'm So Excited," which is still a hit today, to the clean, rapid cuts and great close-ups of Stacey D's "Little Red Corvette." It was fun to try to explain the hows and whys that made up a 3-4 minute bit of music video that may have taken someone literally days or weeks to put together. Some of the favorite vids were Tolbran's "I Remember LA," any of Beth C.'s vids which everyone loved, and Megan Kent's and LoriG's. terrific vids, and Morgan Dawn's powerful "Don't You Need". We had two brand new vids to debut at the con, Morgan's wonderful Bruce Springsteen vid, "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" (which everyone loved! Including me!) and a vid I turned out real quickly with Kath Moonshine. It's to an early techno number by Yello "Oh, yeah.".... I was told later that everyone really enjoyed the show and the selection of vids and most of all they appreciated the information about the vidders and the history of vidding and what's involved. [11]

2000: Con Reports

Don't let anyone tell you Starsky & Hutch is an old, passe fandom.

Don't let anyone tell you it is a SMALL fandom.

Don't let anyone tell you it is a staid, conservative fandom.

It's time everyone found out the truth about S&H. And those of us who were fortunate to be able to attend SHareCon 2000 this weekend in Maryland found out the real truth about this fandom. It is ALIVE, it is VIBRANT, it is chock-full of INVENTIVE CREATIVE PEOPLE, it is full of LOVING SHARING PEOPLE, it is FRESH, and, sisters, it is ROCKIN'!!! (Can I get an AMEN?!?)

We were expecting 40 people, we got 70!!! And that's not counting the 10+ people who were unable to make it at the last minute. But the numbers aren't really that important. (Unless it was the number 3 -- which was the average number of hours of sleep I got per night.) What was important was the ATTITUDE of everyone there. I am telling you people, traditionally, S&H fans throw the BEST parties on the planet -- at mixed media cons people come from other fandoms just to party with us -- and this weekend was just one huge love-fest of a party.

For me, I felt like someone had drugged my chamomile tea just to convince me that the whole world was in love with Starsky & Hutch. Everywhere I went, somoene was discussing the boys, story scenarios, zine ideas, AUs, lore about the actors and the show. Song vids and eps were showing. People played games based on famous game shows but geared toward information about the boys. People introduced each other to one another -- they had to in order to find their assigned partners. "Anybody know where Dryden is? I'm Simonetti and I can't get my chocolate reward untill I find my partner!"

It was the Weekend Of Love in Laurel Maryland as my hotel room was crammed with fen watching the entire 4 episode arc that culminates in Sweet Revenge. I chose the hotel because it was so close to so many restaurants and because fen love to gather at restaurants, talk and eat. But everyone was having so much fun, we ended up bringing food *in* so that we wouldn't have to leave the main con room.

It was beautiful to see folks who'd been writing to each other finally get to meet in the flesh and getting along even better than on line. You can't help but feel on top of the world getting all those hugs.

It was a beautiful weekend that far exceeded my expectations (of course, some of this euphoria is undoubtably due to the lack of sleep I'm still catching up on!).

I've already talked to the hotel about 2002. They loved our group very much (we were so friendly!), and would love to have us back. The sales manager Neysa said that with enough advanced notice they can make arrangements with the church that's in there on Sunday to vacate for one Sunday so we could have the con room another day, and they could figure into the contract giving me one of the oversized hotel rooms for the hospitality suite so we could have more room in there. Nesya mentioned both the weekend AFTER Labor Day or HALLOWEEN weekend as two really good weekends to get a good price on the meeting room and a block of hotel rooms since they're almost always empty on those weekends.

I'd love some opinions on those tentative dates (remember, we're talking 2002. We're all going to Zcon for 2001!). We've got plenty of time to plan it since they don't take reservations this far in advance, but it'll take us awhile to work everything out, so let's talk folks!

Thanks to everyone who attended SHareCon 2000 and made it such a wonderful success!!! [12]

It was a slash (and gen-friendly) convention for Starsky & Hutch, a show that went off the air before I was born. 99% of the attendees were old enough to be my mother, and took great delight in telling me that.

Starsky & Hutch is on TNN at the moment, so I'm watching the episodes, trying to get into it. I haven't read much fic, though; I never remember the archive exists and there's so much senslash ...

I wish X-Files or Farscape fandom was more like S&H;, or something.[13]


Held on October 25-27, 2002. 104 fans pre-registered and membership was capped at 110 and a waiting list set up. The convention held a charity auction, proceeds in the amount of $4,500 went to Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Organizers were: Flamingo, Kath Moonshine, Rosemary C. and L.A. Pinn.

Premiering zines

2002 Episode Guide

A 16-page episode guide was distributed at this con.

It was compiled by Flamingo and others.

2002 Con Zine

See the 2002 SHareCon con zine.

2002: Programming


  • Hot Honky-Tonk Sex - the SHareCon Play 2002 (or otherwise known as "Bad SH Theatre," "The ShareCon play is always a sterling representative of the worst of slash writing.").


front page 2004 website

ShareCon 2004 was held October 22-24, 2004 in Beltsville, Maryland. Both a print shop and an art show were introduced that year, both run by Suzan Lovett. Organizers were: Flamingo, Kath Moonshine, Rosemary C. and L.A. Pinn.

SHareCon had its first art show and print shop in 2004, and it was a great success, with a large array of original art and prints, and it enjoyed excellent sales. All artists were paid before the end of the con. The success of the art show was especially gratifying considering that SHareCon is a single fandom con for Starsky & Hutch. [14]

2004 Con Zine

See the 2004 SHareCon con zine.

2004: Programming


  • Alternate Universe Fanfic: The interest in this genre has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. This panel will cover stories already published and imagine plots for stories yet to be.
  • Anger in S&H: Starsky's chair-breaking, the Hutchinson Pointy Finger of Doom: We'll discuss how the boys display anger, sometimes at each other, but especially at outsiders.
  • Breakfast with the Vidders: A small number of fen have expressed interest in a panel on vidding. There's not enough interest for a panel, but we'll have a sign-up board by the registration table for anyone who wants to get a meeting together over breakfast on Saturday.
  • Canon vs. Fanon: Did Hutch really go to medical school? Did Starsky really serve in Vietnam? Are you sure??
  • Davy & Kenny: Another canon vs. fanon panel, this time specifically focused on their childhoods. Based on last year's C vs. F panel, we decided to break this one out into its own time slot.
  • Favorite Sex Scenes: The title is pretty self-explanatory, yes? A two-hour panel. The best part of this panel may be the pre-con research!
  • Fears and Phobias in S&H: ghosts, vampires, and voodoo, oh my!
  • The Gen Panel: Okay, it's not the best title. We're hoping some of our gen friends will suggest something they're really interested in. We've always had genners join us for SH fun at SHareCon, and many of our panels include discussion of the gen aspects of this fandom along with slash. But this year, since we have more room, we wanted to have a panel focused specifically on a gen topic. As is the case with all our panels, everyone's invited.
  • Movie S&H: Criticism, Constructive & Not: Feeling a little used by Stiller & Co.? Did you love all the fannish nods? Hated the way they portrayed Starsky and (especially) Hutch? Were you just glad to see the (real) boys again? This panel is for anyone who wants to discuss the movie, happy or not.
  • Movie S&H: Two Thumbs Up: Did you absolutely love the movie? Are you now renting everything that Ben and Owen have ever been in and going to the zillion movies Ben has out this year? Did you even find SH fandom because of the movie? This panel is for lovers of the film only.
  • S&H Reminiscing: Got some funny tales to tell about how you first caught S&H fever or something that happened at a previous SHareCon? This will be a big getting-to-know-you panel for the entire con on Friday night.
  • Timewarped S&H: What if the whole show was picked up and dumped into 2004? How would cell phones, computers, the Internet change their cases? Would a more diverse society be reflected in their relationships with Dobey and Huggy? Is LA just as dangerous or even more so?
  • What Are Two Nice Boys Like Starsky & Hutch Doing in a Kinky Scene Like This?: For all our BDSM-loving SH fen. (The CONspirators are going to make sure MamaBird makes it to this panel this year if we have to tie her up and throw her into the room ourselves, which she will no doubt truly enjoy!)
  • Where Have All the Novels Gone?: This will either be a panel or a Sunday breakfast meeting. Three authors who have written SH novels will discuss the freedom and difficulties of writing a zine-length story.
  • You CAN Publish an SH Fanzine! Kath Moonshine--fannish publisher for 15 years--will present practical advice on how to avoid many fanzine-publishing pitfalls while presenting the best possible product for the most affordable price. Humorous tales will be liberally sprinkled with hard-won knowledge. (Flamingo sez: I would've never had the nerve to publish my own zines without having Kath's hard-won experience, design sense, and practicality as my best, most reliable, resource. Don't pass up this opportunity to either get started on the road to publishing, or to pick up incredibly useful tips if you've already gotten bitten by the publishing bug. I'll be there!)
  • "You Sold My Car!" : Did you fall in love with the S&H in the cameo in the movie? Have you dreamed about what their lives are like now?


  • SHarades: Ever seen a roomful of fen trying to guess "The Las Vegas Strangler" by watching someone throw air dice in front of an imaginary craps table? Or someone trying to act out the words, "Soon Henry"? You haven't lived 'til you do. Participate in the lunacy or just come to watch, it's all for fun.
  • Huggy Bear Presents a day at Mouse Downs: Huggy Bear (otherwise known as Suze777) will be hosting the ever-popular Mouse Downs. Six radio-controlled mini-Torinos will stand in for the mice, since the hotel does not permit pets. Come and drive like Starsky down the raceway, or perhaps you like to take Huggy Bear up on a little friendly wager? Maybe Charlie or Ramon will drop in if we're lucky!
  • S&H Jeopardy: Hmmm. I'll take "Snitches" for 600, Alex.
  • $20,000 Torino: Based on The $20,000 Pyramid, this game is a SHareCon classic.

Special Events

  • The Carol & SHaron Show: These two fellow fen were lucky, lucky gals this year. Carol won a contest on the "Ryan Seacrest" show to attend the premiere of the movie in LA and meet David and Paul. Sharon attended the London premiere and was also able to spend time with David and Paul. Come hear these two lovely ladies discuss their experiences.
  • SH101: A two-hour journey through the history and culture of SH fandom. It's fun for both newbies and old-timers and, best of all, there's no final exam!
    cover of "Bad SH Theatre."
  • Bedtime Stories: Dress in your jammies and bring your favorite sex scenes to read at this pre-slumber party held in the CONspirator's suite Friday night.
  • Saturday Night Blast: Where we all get together and go a little nuts! We've got a parody play, the infamous Golden Boy awards, and the vid show all lined up in the auditorium, starting at 7:30.

2004: Con Reports

A con report from justacat: Just got back from Shareon, dated October 24, 2004 ("The first thing that I want to say is that this was an utterly delightful con....")[15]

Another fan's report:


We went to the dealer's room to pick up zines and the like. I got both parts of Evolution as well as Paula's slash collection and then went over to see my zine in print. No matter how many times I write stories or whole novels, there's just something special about seeing it lying on a table at con and in print. I also picked up the last two zines from Joyce. This means that aside from one zine (which has a plot I'm not quite ready to read) I own all the slash zines carried out by Lionheart. Since I already own every zine carried out by Linda, it seems fitting. This was the time when I did my preliminary walk through of the art and charity auction items. I got a print of the Blue Eyes, Blue Jeans cover as well as a color print from Lorraine B. Determined that I couldn't let Sel's MPREG toon go without a fight, I bid on it. It was with sadness that I was outbid (doubling my bid). Sel assures me that I can get a print, so I was relieved. The originals in the art auction were amazing. Color illos from Murder on San Carmelitas, Labyrinth, as well as pencil portraits that Sockii did of Starsky and Hutch. They were very large, very detailed, and very beautiful. I opened the bidding on it and was in competition with MamaBird.

The charity auction pieces were amazing as well. The SH Game, which I've been trying to get for three years, a reproduction of the [[Brass Bed]] poster, two pictures of the boys from the premiere (my beautiful older boys), and playing cards that Sharon had the guys sign (I'm bad at that, not even noticing they were signed until right before the auction). All these items were in my sights for the auction.

The canon versus fanon panel was wonderful in the sense that we could all get the discussion of the topic in the open with face to face interaction. My use of the zoom function took Flamingo aback for a moment until I revealed that I was simply looking at their personnel files in Specialist and not other, more sensitive, areas.


Coming back to the hotel, we all went to the Sex Scenes panel then broke off into the BDSM panel (which was just getting good before we had to break up) and that meshed into the Bedtime Stories. A full night of sex with SH, who could ask for more?

Saturday—A blur of happiness.

I woke up to both a rush of "I'm late for breakfast" and a terror of "I just dreamed about David Soul." That's right, I dreamed about David and usually this is a good thing. Not this time. No, this time I didn't get nice, pretty, sweet David. I got David Soul, mustache, in a dress and bad lipstick. I told you I'd have haunting nightmares from that video and it came true. The vidder's breakfast was enlightening because I got to talk about programs for grabbing and manipulating source, the one thing I need help on. The lack of that is what got me into doing slideshows.

I won the second round of Torino Races, but next year we should just make it a demolition derby with the zebras. My car actually humped one of them before toppling the frightened creature. Poor, poor zebras.


Lorraine's artwork from Evolution was on display, but not for sale. There are a couple of pieces that I think I'll want a print of when they come out. I did a walk through of art pieces again and seeing that there were not a lot of things going to auction, I put in my final bids. Then it was off to a wonderful dinner with a variety of fans at the Mexican restaurant. Margaritas, good conversation, tasty food, and filtering sounds of Lyrical and Sel planning how Dobey is secretly in love with Huggy and shall bear his child. Maybe there was a little too much margaritas flowing.

Then it was back to the hotel for Shareades. Carol's hair was my prop for Blond Blintz. Seriously, how do you act our Blintz? Jen's performance, though, we should have gotten on tape. Only at a slash con would the gestures for "grease" turn into a full-on recreation of a blowjob. The Saturday Night Blast was about to begin!

At the awards ceremony, I got a Golden Boy Award for Service to Fandom, along with my own Golden Cock (you know, since I don't like saying penis;) I shall wear it proudly. The plays came next and they were both very funny. Then it was time for the art auction. The Starsky portrait was the first piece that I wanted which came up. Flamingo didn't bid against me, so I got that one easily. A few pieces later, the matching Hutch portrait came up. Oh, but this time there was bidding between us. I couldn't let it go, I had to have a matched set, so I finally won the piece. Yay! Matching art! And the first original pieces I own. The other pieces that came up were an interesting mixture and the variety of artwork was amazing to see.

The video show started with older vids, including Somebody's Knocking and The Rose. There is nothing better than having the SH audience singing The Rose. That video is still among my favorites. Newer videos were then shown, Barb Phillips and Bliss' vids are always a treat to watch. Then Cyanne brought up mine, Remember When. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweating, and I was so very nervous. It's an older SH slideshow set to country music, three things that made me believe no one aside from I would enjoy it. I was wrong. I heard clapping and Bella, who was sitting in front of me, told me to stand up. What? Why? I turned around and I was getting a standing ovation, tears were flowing from many faces, and I was blown away. I'm still blown away and it's been a few days to let it sink in. Kim said something that I will never forget. She said that she didn't think anything could move her as much as "I Remember LA", but this did. It's the complete opposite, with no separation and continued togetherness, but people love it just as much as a video that I have long considered a classic. I am very, very pleased that people both enjoyed it and had an emotional reaction to it. Older SH has long been something that I will love above all else and to have others enjoy it just as much makes me happy beyond words.

Sunday—It's not late, it's early.

The novel discussion moved from the original spot in the breakfast room to the con suite by the time I arrived. I was pleased to hear that some of the same things I was going through with writing my novel was shared with other writers. I am not alone! That changed into the "you can make your own fanzine" panel. After Kath's really informative account, I believe that I can make an attempt at some point. I had to duck in and out to pick up my art that I won at the auction as well as other copies of my new zine. During one of the trips I snagged a David Soul in leather picture from Magnum Force. Yes, I know, David Soul in leather.

Our team won $20,000 Torino and I beat MamaBird at SH Jeopardy. I love both the boys equally, really. It's not my fault I know David and Paul's other roles and character names. I just like the pretty. I did not, however, get the Final Jeopardy question of the original Captain Dobey's name. I got Richard, but I couldn't remember the last name. Richard with the Scratchy Voice was my answer. That melded into the SH Anger discussion and was quickly turned to the Dead Dog Panel. There were problems with the hotel, but the con comm handled them very well and created a wonderful con.

When we came back from dinner at the lovely KFC I brought down tapes of the guys. We watched the David Soul documentary ("I'm Starsky, He's Hutch") which I had, along with the Media Tour from March (Cold Pizza is still my favorite of all of those), and watched songvids. As the people filtered out, the steadfast stayed on. Flamingo, Martha, Sel, Jen, and I stayed up until 4:30AM talking. I promise, yet again, that I will not make Starsky pregnant. (I make the same promise about Hutch, but while Starsky just laughs at my suggestion, Hutch has threatened bodily harm). We came back to the room and ... Jen read us Murder on San Carmelitas. I fell asleep around the time buttered Starsky showed up.

[...] [16]


Very little information is available about the 2006 Sharecon convention. It was held October 12-15, 2006 and there were 18 "first time" ShareCon attendees.

part of the 2006 Registration packet

Premiering zines:

We hope to have another terrific art show this year. We're in a new hotel with a large space for displaying art of all forms, and prints. Our art show/print shop takes all forms of Starsky & Hutch art. We are also very interested in resales, so if you've been trying to figure out what do with that wonderful old SH art you've had for decades, but can't find space to store anymore, this is the art show for you. The art show and print shop will be run by Suzan Lovett, so you know your art will get loving care. We will be accepting art and prints by mail. The con only takes 5% of sales and there is no hanging fee. [17]

2006 Con Zine

See the 2006 SHareCon con zine.

2006: Programming


  • Is slash the point? Must a slash relationship be the main point of a slash story?
  • Livejournal blogging
  • Keeping Us Fed: Life & Times of feedback in SH fandom
  • Canon vs fanon panels
  • History of SH Fandom
  • BDSM
  • Psychosexuality of Slash: Why We Write Slash, or Do You Even Figure in Your Own Fantasies?
  • Dangerous themes: are there still themes in SH that we shy from? do we want to overcome this? (MPREG, castration, amputation, partner rape, marriage, RPS, tentacle porn, tattoos, piercing, cross-dressing, gender-bending)
  • Virgin in these Woods (Starsky and Hutch's prior gay sexual experience)
  • Older S&H stories: fiction with older men
  • Making it Write panel - fixing the eps we think are lacking
  • Hurt/Comfort - is heavy hurt a new category?

2006 Vid Show

Vid Show


It was held August 22-24th, 2008 and approximately 57 fans attended.

flyer for 2008

The con com was Anne, Bert, CC, Cyanne, Elaine V., Flamingo, Keri, SHaron, Suzan, Taya, Tiranog.

Premiering zines:

2008 Con Zine

See the 2008 SHareCon con zine.

2008 Programming


Art show:

  • Suzan Lovett's art print "And All the Days In Between" featuring an older S/H sold for several hundred dollars.
  • Fan artist Ebe premiered three new art pieces which can be seen here[18]

2008 Vid Show

Vid Show

2008: Con Reports

Convention Reports

On August 26, 2008, dawnwind posted the following review to the Loveofmeandthee mailing list. It is reposted here with permission:

"What can I say? Sharecon is one of the best weekends of my life and I look forward to it every other year. This time, there were so few of us, it felt intimate and really accentuated the love we all feel for Starsky and Hutch. It was one big happy fest for three and a half days....

Friday morning the con went into full swing right away--dealer room doors swung open and there were mad dashes for new zines, t-shirts and mugs. Keri scolded me for arriving 'late' because she'd already sold ten of my new novel before I arrived. Wow. Can I just say Wow? What an amazing thing to have a whole zine that I wrote? She placed that in my hands and I just stared at the wonderful Lorraine Brevig cover. Starsky and Hutch and Vanessa and Nancy all on the cover--it is awesome and I thank Lorraine for her talent--as well as Julie H who drew the inside pictures and most of all for Keri for holding my hand (for a year, folks!). Oh, Keri plied me with See's, too. Dark chocolate. She knows my weaknesses. The other zines were just as awesome, Keri's anthology and enednoviel's beautiful early boys zine-- pick every one of 'em up, including get a supporting membership just so you can have and read the con zine which has some fantastic stories.

Impressions--Panels, panels, panels (talking endlessly about Starsky and Hutch--what could be better?) and Jeopardy--which I stink at (and I played it both Friday and Sunday, and my team lost both times.) Pepper's utterly fantastic English toffee (I distinctly recall SHaron's British accent and Elaine's Boston one discussing the differences between toffee and taffy). There was some discussion about the fact that having the panels in the same room with the dealers made for noisy times but I really enjoyed having April Valentine, Misty and Suzan (among others) join in the panel discussions while they were still manning their dealer tables.

Friday night was a luau and it was a hoot. I got leid in Maryland at a Starsky and Hutch con. We danced to '70s tunes, had wind-up cockroach races (again, I stink at that. The Cabrillo Kid scuttled off to a good start and stalled completely two inches from the finish line.) There were three cakes and a pie! Excellent fudgy chocolate cake and a be-utiful vanilla cake with one of those photos in icing on the top-- Starsky and Hutch, of course.

Saturday--more of the same with panels and zines. The round table author discussion was really interesting--especially all the classic authors like April Valentine, Suzan, Suz (tm), Ro and Flamingo talking about writing a few years back. That could have easily gone on for two hours because even some of the quieter authors had something to say. We all have such varied ways of creating stories.

And Keri is a fantastic moderator. All my panels tended to be free- for-alls but Keri can keep order like nobody's business.

The BAAAD theatre play was--as always-a riot with Kath Moonshine as Alaster Cooke. Suz as Hutch once again lost her blond wig, but her mustache stayed put! Sonia made a perfect Huggy bear in a huge pink zebra striped pimp hat and Taya is the quintessential Starsky with her masses of curly hair. Elaine, Jen, Laura and I mugged in the background as gay bar patrons. I kept rearranging the toy zebras on the bar in (hopefully) naughty positions. There were these squishy plastic penis things, too.

Awards--so many congrats to the Paula Wilshe winners Pepper and Susan. They are wonderful writers and I'm so pleased when something like this comes along as tangible proof. I got a golden boy penis award! I wasn't totally paying attention when Flamingo was reading the little speech about 'a name that keeps popping up as a editor and helper' so when she said my name, I squeaked!

One of my favorite parts of the vid show is that everyone sings along to all the songs! But The Rose just chokes me up every time (that and Kimberly's older guys vid--the name of which I forget). All those female voices raised together singing The Rose is so so special.

Sunday is the day when we start realizing that the con is drawing to a close. People start leaving! Waah! Keri's table was bare--she sold nearly all her zines before she left on a jet plane. Luckily, most were still there when Flamingo gave out a golden boy award she'd forgotten to give out on Sunday to our own Marcy who keeps the archive so up to date. More panels, Jeopardy--there were Torino races in there somewhere but I think that was Saturday? I stink at Torino races, too, so I didn't even try this year.

By the mid afternoon with the dead dog panel when we talk about the good and bad points of the con, there were so few of us, I felt depleted. Pout. And there were very few bad points this year--the love was in the air and I'd say that a good time was had by all. I was certainly floating on chocolate, zines, fan art and squee. Rae's bottle top magnets were pawed through for the best ones (I got a shot of Starsky's butt). Having reviewed the room in my suitcase, I was able to buy another print by Suzan Lovett (Starsky as a devil and Hutch as an angel) and a mouse pad on Sunday morning just before everything closed up because, gee, I didn't have enough S&H things to take home!

Two years from now cannot come quickly enough for me. Thank you so much, Flamingo, for setting this in motion. I love you--dangly pink flamingo earrings and all. Thank you to the con committee (Taya, Elaine, Cyanne, SHaron, Keri, Suzan. Ro and I know I left someone out) Anne for her quiet presence. All the wonderful ladies (and Nik's husband!) at the con. All the people who did NOT evoke the 'Shut Up, Dawn' button I was wearing from the Buffy 'verse since I know I tend to chatter on at the panels. Thanks to my roomies Kat and Pepper, I'll sleep with you two any time. I had a grand and glorious time. I didn't want it to end. Big, big, big hugs to you all.

But my room is scattered with new art, zines on the floor, DVDs all over (from that 'other' fandom we weren't allowed to mention the name of but is British and starts with a 'P') and my gorgeous Starsky and Hutch watch that I got at the charity auction which SHaron made.

Any of you who are shy, not sure you could face coming to a con--put those fears aside. It's a ball. Money angles are a different matter-- but it's two years from now. Start saving your pennies and dimes. I want to see you there!"


SHareCon 2010 was held October 8-9, 2010 in Laurel, Maryland and featured panels, games, vidshows, and much more.[21] Topics were decided by the ConCom after input from members of the SHareCon mailing list. Approximately 60 fans pre-registered. A twitter account was set up for ShareCon 2010 here.

Premiering zines:

2010 Con Zine

See the 2010 SHareCon con zine.

2010: Programming


  • The History of Vidding in SH
  • Different Strokes: Differing slash viewpoints between veterans & recent recruits [22]
  • Constructing a Sex Scene: a new look at an old topic
  • Does Your Universe Need a Bra? What in canon supports your slash universe & what conflicts? [23]
  • S&H 2.0 Fandom today: LJ Comms; Dreamwidth, podfic, and other big surprises
  • Tickle the Pickle: Your kink fic or mine.
  • SH: Myths & Legend: When does fanon overtake canon?
  • Art Panel - Tell the artists what you're dying to see! Plus - special artist presentation
  • Hearts & Flowers, Mush & Lust Romance & SH
  • Next Week on SH 2010: Can we write the guys as young cops living today?
  • It Hurts So Good! Why we love h/c

Games: Taboo, What's My Line, Jeopardy, Cockroach Races, Charades


2010 Vid Show

While the complete vid show playlist has not been made available, a few vids have found their way online. They include:

2010: Con Reports

Convention Reports:

The learning opportunities were wonderful. Each panel was informative and the discussions were rich and lively and insightful. Of course, being me, I wished the H/C panel could have just lasted and lasted and lasted! The real life police officer had such a practical insight and was so funny, his stories and delivery were a cross between stand up and the true life of a cop. During the art panel, Moni presented a chronology of her work, her muse, her development into different types of art - enthralling! It reminded me again of the deep talent pool here, and the true professionalism all around us. We watched "Death in a Different Place" interspersed with discussion facilitated admirably by Sue - so many insights!...From the "new recruit" perspective, I sincerely appreciated the encouragement of veterans to write stories, contribute, ask questions, and participate. S&H is an intimidating fandom, my view only here - because of the talent residing herein. It's easy to ask yourself, "How can I possibly do anything worthy?" I am putting that view in the rubbish bin. I am now so much more energized to write stories, put them out there, and allow myself the freedom to grow as a writer, storyteller, and fan with much less fear. [27]

As has been reported, SHareCon was FABULOUS!


As soon as we hit the hotel, the fun began as we encountered fellow SHers. The hotel had wisely put us down at the end of a long hall, so we had a place to sit and visit and could be as rowdy as we liked without disturbing anyone else. (I'll bet that was Flamingo's doing!) Thursday night we helped set up for the con. With the mighty SHaron in charge, we efficiently stuffed the con bags with loads of goodies. All kinds of nifty stuff, including the con zine and a fabulous SH sippy cup (?) designed by Suzan with pictures of our guys--from the series and current day--on it. Lovely! It was great meeting new recruits like Carmen, Franzi and Angel. Later Cyanne came in and those of the crew who are still flexible and limber helped her hook up her equipment and tape the cords to the floor. Franzi, a sharp-witted girl, made a comment along the lines of, "Sure, you SAY you want new recruits to keep the fandom going. You really just want us because we can get down on the floor!" <g> Cyanne was brilliant, as always. Technical issues, large or small--she knows what to do!

What I remember most about the con is the people. I'm so pumped that thirty-five years after it aired, SH is still drawing so many interesting, talented, fun people.

I loved the games! Another new recruit was Jennifer (oh, please let me have gotten that name correct; I'm afraid I didn't), who was VERY enthusiastic about them. Thanks, CC, for all the hard work you put in on the games. They were loads of fun! And Rosemary and I actually got to play SHarades together! 8-)

Speaking of people, it was also wonderful getting connecting rooms with the crew that I've been seeing at SHareCons since the very first one in 1989: Nancy, Suz and Lorraine. We could travel back and forth between when we wanted, and Suz and Lorraine could sleep in cozy warmth while Nancy and I cranked the AC up to OUR comfort level. <g>

I know there were several other new folks that I didn't have the opportunity to meet--and probably some I did--but my brain's a sieve. It was a great group, veterans and new arrivals alike!

The Art Show was gorgeous! Thank you, Suzan, for all the effort you put into it, and for being your sweet, mellow self.

Saturday night's Baaaaad SH Theater had to be seen to be believed. A reminder, as if we needed it, that none of us will ever be running for public office. 8-o

The vids were all fantastic. There's nothing like watching the guys in action to get one in the mood for more! Disco night was a blast. I'll never forget Dawn in her green short shorts, demonstrating that she's just as fit as ever, and the whole group singing "YMCA" along with The Village People. Kim did a great job with party favors--funky glasses, deely-boppers, and little disco ball necklaces. As always, food was an important component of the con. Between the hotel breakfast, the fruit and cheese platters, and the planned meals each night, there was plenty to satisfy the hungry fan. Eating at Pasta Nostra Sunday night kept the fun rolling. The food was great! I felt sorry for the poor servers, trying to deliver food to a room of people who wouldn't stop talking long enough to listen to what they were trying to deliver. I don't think they ever found a home for those stuffed shells...

Flamingo and Keri, you two make a great team; you seem to complement one another very well. Flamingo is always determined that people know SHareCon is not The Flamingo Show. Thank you, ConComm members. Thank you, Anne, for all you do to facilitate so much fun for so many others. And it's not even your fandom! ;-)

Laura, Chel, Verlaine and I rode with Diana to the airport Monday afternoon, and extended our connish fun. Having checked my bag in ample time, some food seemed a good idea, so we searched until we found the restaurant with the World's Worst Waitress. Am I right? We played Straws As Weapons and had a lot of good conversation. I ended up running in my sock feet down the concourse to the last gate (of course) to catch my plane, but I made it and it was worth it!

Thanks to all involved in any way in making this such a wonderful escape from Real Life. If you thought about coming, but couldn't/didn't, I really recommend it. Consider me signed up for 2012! [28]


Attendees: there were about forty-five attendees.

Premiering zines:

The 2012 Paula Wilshe New SH Writer winners:

For fans who could not attend the convention in person, a Virtual Con (or V-Con) was held at the Starsky-Hutch LJ community. Some of the V-Con posts are tagged here.

2012 Con Zine

See the 2012 SHareCon con zine.

2012: Programming


back page of program cover for 2012
front page of program cover for 2012

2012 Vid Show

Fandom Title Vidder
Uncategorized Opening film
Multiple Fandoms Pressure California Crew
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) Superman Tonight kat-byrd
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) Rumour Has It - Someone Like You xtexan86
Starsky and Hutch Breathe Me vidding concept & film by Vedette Ciel
Starsky and Hutch Cowboys Are My Weakness , For Dana [D.A.M.] Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch Commercial 1 of British Ad for new SH movie feature Paul and David
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) Ghost Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch Working for a Living TM Productions (2008)
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) Fuckin' Perfect Nicky Gabriel
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) A Person Like You Franzeska
Starsky and Hutch I Like the Way You Move SH911
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) Never Alone xtexan86
Starsky and Hutch Still the One Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) Take It Off kat-byrd
Starsky and Hutch Commercial 2 of British Promo for new SH movie feature Paul and David
Starsky and Hutch Discovery Channel Flamingo and Crow
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere) We're Still Here Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch Commercial 3 for a British insurance company featuring David Soul as "Hutch" and the Torino
Starsky and Hutch The Real Slim Shady Gianduja Kiss

2012: Con Reports

Con reports:


SHareCon 2014 was held October 17-20.

Some links:

2014 Con Zine

See the 2014 SHareCon con zine.

2014: Programming




  • Registration
  • Dealer's Room Setup
  • Icebreaker Game

1030am-12 noon

  • Welcome
  • Episode & Discussion
  • Box Lunch


  • Game: Starsky & Hutch Bingo


  • Panel: Threats to their Relationship: "Their relationship can be anything you want: partners, best friends, lovers. Either way, we have a tendency to see them as "The Perfect Couple." But every relationship faces threats. What threats are there to Starsky and Hutch's seemingly rock-solid foundation."


  • Video Shorts


  • Panel: Future of our Fandom: "Fandom has become a chaotic playground filled with so many distractions and new technologies that it's harder than ever to keep up. Older fandoms like ours run the risk of being left behind or fading away altogether. Let's find some creative ways to keep S&H moving forward in today's fandom-saturated landscape."


  • Organize for Dinner


  • Dinner at Olive Garden


  • Panel: Technology, Fandom, & S&H: "Email groups ruled the 90s and LiveJournal the aughts, but in this decade, fandom is expressed across a wide variety of platforms. Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, Redbubble, and Etsy are just some of the places you can currently find fans and their works. In this workshop, we’ll pool our collective understanding and experience of this brave new world and equip ourselves to represent S&H fandom in it."


  • Girl (and Two Guys) Dance Party


  • Game: You Call Yourself a Detective
  • Panel: Canning vs Cunning: "Starsky, Hutch, Huggy, Dobey -- who are these people, really, at their core? What characteristics do you see in them? What personality archetypes do they fit into? And in contrast, how do you think they see themselves? What image of themselves do they live with, cling to, or strive for? A panel in which we dissect the heart, soul, and psyche of the characters we love."

1030pm until...

  • Games/Panel/Eps



  • Early Bird Topical Potluck


  • Platonic Intimacy: "Why is there slash fic in S&H with no sex? Why do some gen stories get called out as really being slash? S&H broke modern, Western cultural norms by portraying a relationship between two men who loved each other deeply and intimately but were not sexual partners, and we as fans are still discussing the impact of that breakthrough today. Is our bipolar terminology of ‘gen’ and ‘slash’ too simplistic to encompass this relationship? In this panel, we’ll discuss the aspects of a loving relationship - friendship, romance, intimacy, and attraction- and the dizzying number of ways they can be combined to describe how our boys love each other."


  • Deli Lunch


  • Panel: Before Photomanips: "We Had Starsky & Hutch (subtitle: They did that On TV?). A blatant excuse to view and discuss some of the slashiest moments on the show."


  • Surcon Panel: "Discussion of the Surcon 2013 & 2014 Events with fans who attended."


  • Bay City Game Night


  • Art Panel: "Our resident artists will show some of their art and discuss various techniques they use when crafting stunning works using our stunning boys."


  • Organize for Dinner


  • Dinner at TGI Friday's



  • Games: Fan Choice/Charades/Taboo
  • Panel: Anger in Starsky & Hutch: "Starsky's chair-breaking, the Hutchinson Pointy Finger of Doom -- Let's discuss how the boys display anger, sometimes at each other, but especially at outsiders. And how hot that is!"

1030pm until...

  • Late Night Eps & Vids



  • Early Bird Topical Potluck


  • Game: What's My Line

11am-12 noon


  • Panel: Making it Write: "Stories that fix broken eps. Which eps would you want fixed?'


  • Game: You Call Yourself a Detective 2


  • Ep & discussion


  • Organize Caravan for Dinner


  • Dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse

630 until...

  • Eps
  • Vids
  • Games
  • Hanging Out

2014 Vid Show

SHareCon 2014 Dance Vids
Fandom Title Artist Vidder
Starsky and Hutch Get the Party Started Pink Enednoviel
Starsky and Hutch Like Steve McQueen Sheryl Crow Bliss
Starsky and Hutch More (Premiere) Usher TM Productions
Starsky and Hutch Word Crimes Weird Al Yankovic (for the writers)
Starsky and Hutch Ugly Heart (Premiere) G.R.L. xtexan86
Starsky and Hutch Sway Dean Martin Cynatnite
Starsky and Hutch Don't Leave Me This Way (Premiere) The Communards with Sarah Jane Morris Franzeska
Starsky and Hutch Affirmation Savage Garden Dunalqua
Starsky and Hutch Bohemian Like Me The Dandy Warhols Enednoviel
Starsky and Hutch My Life Would Suck Without You Kelly Clarkson kat-byrd
Starsky and Hutch Wiggle LMFAO T.M Productions
Starsky and Hutch I'm So Excited The Pointer Sisters Pam Perry
Starsky and Hutch You Make Me Feel So Young Frank Sinatra Morgan Logan (Molo)
Starsky and Hutch La Vida Loca Ricky Martin Flamingo and Crow
Starsky and Hutch What Is Hip Tower of Power Morgan Logan (Molo)
Starsky and Hutch Working for a Living Huey Lews & the News T.M. Productions
Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino Uh Fujiya & Miyagi xtexan86
Starsky and Hutch Tubthumping Chumbawamba Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch I'm Too Sexy Right Said Fred Bliss
Starsky and Hutch Let's Dance Chris Montez Beth C
Starsky and Hutch World Cup Song by Ricky Martin Flamingo and Crow
Starsky and Hutch The Lovecats The Cure Morgan Logan (Molo)
Starsky and Hutch Still the One Orleans Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch I Want Your Sex George Michael Enednoviel
Starsky and Hutch Holding Out for a Hero Bonnie Tyler Lori Githens

SHareCon 2014 Premiere Vid Show
Fandom Title Artist Vidder
Starsky and Hutch If I Had a Million Dollars Bare Naked Ladies moondropplette
Starsky and Hutch Dream On (Premiere) Aerosmith Duluth
Starsky and Hutch Forever Lost God Is An Astronaut Biene074
Starsky and Hutch Till My Last Day (Premiere) Justin Moore Morgan Ballard (Amber Raine)
Starsky and Hutch Gibbons Love Story Henry Mancini CC with help from Molo
Starsky and Hutch Shattered (Turn the Car Around) O.A.R. xtexan86
Starsky and Hutch So Cold (Premiere) Breaking Benjamin kat-byrd
Starsky and Hutch (Premiere first shown at Dance Party) More Usher TM Productions
Starsky and Hutch Friends for a Lifetime Michael W. Smith Nicoltyler
Starsky and Hutch Don't Leave Me This Way (Premiere first shown at Dance Party) The Communards with Sarah Jane Morris Franzeska
Starsky and Hutch That Was a River Collin Raye Beth Cambre
Starsky and Hutch Ugly Heart (Premiere first shown at Dance Party) G.R.L. xtexan86
Starsky and Hutch Say Something (Premiere) A Great Big World Morgan Ballard
Starsky and Hutch Chosen One Alabama 3 TM Production
Starsky and Hutch Chasing Cars Snow Patrol Laura McEwan
Starsky and Hutch Let's Give Them Something to Talk About Bonnie Raitt Laura McEwan


SHareCon 2016: October 14-17

The con committee, transcribed from the program book:

  • Anne (in spite of herself)
  • Jane of all trades and resident Saint
  • CC - Programming/Games/Hostess with Mostest/etc
  • Cyanne - WebWork/SHareCon Zine/Technical Troubleshooter/Surveys Sublime Inc./Flamingo-herder, etc
  • Flamingo - Mama Bird
  • Keri - Organizer/Programming/A wards Management/Flamingo's Personal Prodder
  • Sonia - Welcome Wagon/Auctioneer
  • Suzan - Art Show/Print Shop/etc.
  • Taya - Party Planner/Panel Programming/etc.
  • Tiranog - Programming/Troubleshooting/Resident Bee/etc.

2016 Con Zine

See the 2016 SHareCon con zine.

2016: Programming

See: SHarecon 2014- Panel Decriptions, Archived version


  • Fannish Scavenger Hunt (Main Con Space)
  • Game: SH Bingo (Main)
  • Box Lunch (Main)
  • Ep: Death in a Different Place: Open Discussion (Main)
  • Panel: How do today's stories differ from yesteryear's? (Room 115) ("Is there less hurt/comfort now? How do angst-filled stories from the 70s, 80s, and 90s stack up to today's fic? Is there less dark fic?")
  • Panel: Let's put together an SH play list. (115) ("What songs evoke the show, the boys, or specific scenes? Would you use modern music or only period tunes?")
  • Organize for dinner (Main)
  • Dinner at Outback Restaurant
  • Panel: History of Vidding (Main) ("Starsky & Hutch fans invented vidding. But most of those early vids will never be online. Let's watch some of the first song vids ever created in our fandom and see, through the vids themselves, how things progressed over the following years.")
  • Dance Party w/Vids (Main)
  • Episode drinking game: (no alcohol required) Satan's Witches (Main)
  • Panel: If this were 1976...(115) ("Do we need to keep our fics in the '70s or is this less important as time goes by? Let's talk about slang, fashions, and happenings of the disco era, and explore how modernization can happen and still stay true to the flavor of this uniquely ‘70s universe.")
  • Afterparty (vids/eps/requests) (Main)


  • Early Bird Topical Potluck ("Okay, all you early risers. Come join CC and other morning people (a concept Flamingo will never understand) to share coffee, tea, and some fun SH talk as we kick start the day.")
  • Game: S&H Bunco Squad (Main)
  • Panel: Our Changing Cultural Lens (Main) ("Starsky & Hutch premiered just six years after the Stonewall Riots and three years after the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality as a mental disorder. We've written about our boys through the AIDS crisis, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Ellen coming out, hate crime legislation, and domestic partnerships. Forty-one years later, gay marriage is legal in the United States. How have these foundational changes in public mores affected the way we've portrayed their relationship and the world they lived in through the years?")
  • Deli Lunch (Main)
  • Panel: Canon vs Fanon: Does it affect your reading pleasure? (115) ("What do we think we know about S&H after watching all those eps and reading all those stories? Does it matter? Do you have your own personal canon you use when writing, i.e., Hutch's mother was cruel, Starsky's mom was sweet? If a writer strays far from your concept of the SH universe, does it affect the enjoyment of that story?")
  • Game: And You Call Yourselves Detectives. (Main)
  • Ep: Hutchinson for Murder One (Main)
  • Panel: Sweet Revenge Addict or can we fix our craving for The Fix? (115) ("It hurts so good! What is it about these two episodes that pull us to read everything or write our own take on them, while lesser episodes languish in fiction obscurity?")
  • Organize for dinner (Main)
  • Dinner at TGI Friday's
  • Auction
  • Awards
  • Panel: Hearts & Flowers or Friends with Benefits? (115) ("When does the show support your slash universe and when does it interfere? Do you see the guys developing a romantic or strictly sexual relationship during the run of the show or did things only change for them after the Gunther hit?")
  • Panel: Vidding Workshop w/Kat (Main) ("How do people make vids these days: software, equipment, formats? Let one of our resident vidding experts show you!")
  • Afterparty (vids/eps/requests) (Main)


  • Early Bird Topical Potluck ("Here’s a challenge to you early risers. By Sunday only the strong survive. Can you make it? Come join CC and other surviving morning people to share coffee, tea, and some fun SH talk as we kick start the day.")
  • Game: Jeopardy II
  • Panel: Comatose Spotted Dog (See the dog, Starsky?) (Main) ("Here's your chance to tell the con committee what went right and what went wrong with the con. It's face-to-face feedback, both good and bad.")
  • Panel: Modernizing S&H (115) ("How would it affect their characterization if they were Millennials or Gen X-ers? Imagine Starsky with a cell phone and an iPad or Hutch being retro or in skinny jeans and chucks. What car would Starsky drive? Can't we see Hutch in Dockers and a polo shirt talking about recycling, going vegan, driving a Prius?")
  • Game: Fandom Feud (Main)
  • Ep: Bust Amboy: Open discussion (Main)
  • Organize caravan for Bella's
  • Dinner at Bella's
  • Eps, Vids, Games, Fan's choice (Main)
  • On Monday we will be using the con space to socialize, hang out, play games, and watch eps & vids. We have to be out by 5 pm but that still gives us a place to hang out or stash luggage while folks say farewell to new friends.

2016: Vid Show

  • Behind Blue Eyes (song artist: The Who) (a freeze frame vid with one frozen image throughout, fans did not watch it all the way through)
  • All the Time (song artist: Barry Manilow) (a freeze frame vid with one frozen image throughout, fans did not watch it all the way through.)
  • "Kiss You All Over" (song artist: Exile) (has the 7 frames from the episode The Fix that makes it appear that Starsky & Hutch are kissing) (by Kendra and Diana.)
  • "I Am a Rock" (song artist: Simon and Garfunkel) and "The Rose" (song artist: Bette Midler) (both by Kendra and Diana.)

Some of the vids inspired by those vids:

  • "Somebody's Knockin'" (song artist: Terry Gibbs) by Dargelos
  • Pressure (song artist: Billie Joel) to show how vids were actually made.

Then some vids made after Kendra's and Diana's:

  • People Will Say We're In Love (from the musical Oklahoma, sung by Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones) vid by April Valentine
  • "I'm So Excited" (song artist: the Pointer Sisters), vid by Pam Perry
  • Leaving the Straight Life Behind (song artist Bobby Goldsboro), vid by Kandy Fong
  • Losing my Religion (song artist: REM), vid by Kandy Fong

The second vid show was a dance party on Friday night:

  • Get the Party Started (song artist: Pink) (this might be Enednoviel's vid, or it might be by someone called wordonthestreet, but there are no credits)
  • I'm So Excited (song artist: the Pointer Sisters) by Pam Perry (not online)
  • Like Steve McQueen (song artist: Sheryl Crow) by Bliss (not online)
  • More (song artist: Usher) by T.M. Productions
  • Word Crimes by Weird Al (not an SH vid, it was shown for the writers)
  • Sway (song artist: Dean Martin) by cynatnite (can't find online)
  • Hippy Hippy Shake (song artist: The Swinging Blue Jeans) by Karen B. (can't find online)<
  • Affirmation (song artist: Savage Garden) by Dunalqua
  • My Life Would Suck Without You (song artist: Kelly Clarkson) by kat-byrd (can't find online)
  • Wiggle (song artist LMFAO) by T. M. Productions * * Don't Leave Me This Way (song artist: the Communards) by Franzeska
  • Bohemian Like Me (song artist: Dandy Warhols) by Enednoviel
  • What is Hip? (song artist: Tower of Power) by Morgan Logan
  • La Vida Loca (song artist: Ricky Martin) by Flamingo
  • Gran Torino (song "Uh", song artist: Fujiya and Miyagi) by xtexan86
  • I'm Too Sexy (song artist: Right Said Fred) by Bliss
  • Workin' for a Living (song artist: Huey Lewis and the News) by T.M. Production
  • Let's Dance (song artist: Chris Montez) by Beth Cambre
  • Holding Out for a Hero (song artist: Bonnie Tyler) by Lori Githens

The third show was the "premiere" vid show on Saturday Night after the con skit:

2016: Con Reports


SHareCon 2018 was held October 19-22

From the program book:

A New Home (We Hope) In A New Hotel

This version of SHareCon started back in 2000. This is our tenth con and our fifth hotel. If we’re really lucky, it’ll be our new home. The Homewood Suites by HIlton Baltimore-BWI Airport (say that 5 times fast) in Linthicum, MD, has so far had one of the most helpful sales staff we’ve ever worked with. It also has some extra perks--each room is a suite with full size kitchen, and either a king-sized bed, or two queen beds. Each suite has a sitting area with a sleeper sofa.

The con has a main meeting room (the Mallard) on the second floor and a smaller room for panels (the Drake) on the first floor. We learned our lesson and will not schedule panels during meals. We’re also allotting more time for meals.

During the 2018 con, Flamingo announced that SHareCon would switch to odd years starting in 2019 to avoid conflicting with a Professionals convention. Con attendees were generally favorable to the change and were excited to have SHareCon two years in a row.

2018 Con Zine

See the 2018 SHareCon con zine.

The 2018 SHareCon zine is 200 pages long, making it the longest SHareCon zine yet.

2018: Programming


  • Fandom’s Life Blood: The Fiction
    • What are the essential qualities each guy has to have to remain in character, no matter what universe or time they inhabit? Does Starsky HAVE to be a tough New Yorker vs. Hutch as a sensitive Mid-Westerner? Old fashioned vs. new age? Any two guys or our two guys? Moderated by Keri.
  • Is Slash The Point?
    • Does the slash relationship have to be the main point of a slash story? Think about those stories that are only about the sex and the guys could be ditch diggers for all the readers know? Love them? Hate them? Moderated by Dawn
  • Canon vs Fanon
    • Does Canon interfere with your headcanon? Certain topics in SH feel so familiar we know they were in an episode. Starsky’s sweet mom, Hutch’s cold parents, Starsky following in his late father’s footsteps and becoming a cop. But none of these things were actually in an episode. What happens when your favorite headcanon is built around fanon? Can you rebuild it when actual events conflict with your fav fantasy? Let’s discuss why fans feel secure in their headcanon and whether they’re resistant when real canon contradicts that. Moderated by Kath Moonshine.
  • Duality of S&H
    • and Why it’s Important to the Series and to Storytelling. So, we have two men who could not be more different in so many ways: food choices, cars, backgrounds, temperament, and yet they mesh together, clash, argue, and cleave one to the other like no other pair. Let’s discuss this and why it makes them who they are. Moderated by Lucy.
  • What Makes A Good Hurt/Comfort Episode or Story?
    • What do we want? Realism? Pushing the bounds of sanity in the partner who hasn’t been hurt? Watching/reading about the agony or recovery of the hurt partner? What pushes our buttons? Moderated by Keri.
  • Unrequited Hutch
    • Who took the first step? Or the first kiss? Which one initiated or was it a mutual desperate grab? Is our favorite blond the one usually longing for his partner? If you disagree, share the titles of fics where Starsky is the one in the unrequited chair. Keri’s our moderator.
  • Making It Write
    • Let’s discuss stories that have fixed eps that make us go “what the--?” We’ll also explore eps begging for more fic to do the work the original writers didn’t. What ep would you fix? What stories fixed it for you? April Valentine will be our guide.
  • What If..?
    • Starsky loves the what-ifs in life, so let’s discuss what might have been if he had fallen for Gillian. Or if Hutch had been shot in Shootout. Would Starsky have gotten them out alive? Blackbirdsong moderates.
  • How SH Changed My Life
    • This one gets personal, and who better to lead this than Flamingo. How the hell do you think we all got here?


  • The Fannish Scavenger Hunt
  • Fandom Feud
    • This game isn’t based on factual knowledge; it’s based on how likely you are to name the most popular responses to survey questions. The survey went out to our own fandom so who knows what they’ve come up with! CC compiled the survey, so don’t expect any mercy!
  • SH Bingo
    • It’s really bingo but with an S&H twist. Each square on the bingo cards is an episode title. Cyanne will be your bingo caller and will either give a clue about the ep or a quote from it. Players can shout out the answers. You don’t need detailed knowledge of the show to play--but it doesn’t hurt! First player to get a bingo wins! Unless you get an infield fly.
  • And You Call Yourselves Detectives?
    • A game of observation. You think you know the eps? We’ll watch some clips and test your detective skills. Come to play or watch. Quote reference from Snowstorm. CC will be standing in for Captain Dobey.
  • SH Cards Against Humanity
    • We usually don’t have two-track programming, but we’re making an exception. If you ever wanted to make fun of Murder Ward join us. Or watch or join the action for the funniest card game ever. And you know what happens after 11:30.
  • Porny Pictionary
    • Kath Moonshine will be testing your artistic abilities or at least your porny inclinations in what is bound to be a hilarious event.

Episode Screenings

  • Deadly Imposter
    • Any libation will do: punch, coffee, water, milk, soda, tea, or even alcohol. Watch Deadly Imposter with us, and try to keep up as we take a drink every time the boys… well, you’ll have to be there to find out.
  • Iron Mike
    • Yes, you read that right. We’re starting at 8! Hotel breakfast is served ‘til 10, so all you early birds, grab some coffee and breakfast, and join Keri and CC for Iron Mike and discussion. Don’t look for Flamingo, but she’s sure you’ll have fun without her.
  • Murder Ward
    • As MST3000
  • Fatal Charm
    • Join CC and Keri for one of the most blatant examples of Bad Girlfriend Syndrome. If you see Flamingo, she hasn’t been to bed yet. Be gentle.
  • Blindfold
    • Watch Starsky suffer. Watch Hutch suffer when he can’t help. Does Hutch really fall down the stairs? Let’s fight… er, discuss!
  • 90 Lbs of Trouble
    • Pocket Program says 90lbs of Trouble but if the majority wishes something else that could happen. Flamingo is prepared to negotiate.

Other Programming

  • History of SH Fandom
    • The last time Flamingo did this presentation was in 2006. Imagine what’s happened since then. This talk may go over. The bird does go on. Maybe she’ll cut out the stuff about the invention of paper and the printing press. But don’t ask her to leave out the mimeograph machines!
  • Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly Award Winners
  • Baaaaaaad SH Theatre
    • The 2018 play was inspired by Saturday Night Live’s “Dick in a Box”
  • Raffle
    • raffle prizes included a S&H backpack, fanzines, and posters.

2018: Vid Shows

  • 2018 Dance Party Vid Show: Friday 3:30-5 pm
    • We’re switching things up this year and holding our main events in the afternoon. No, it’s not because we’re old, you whippersnappers, it’s to minimize noise issues with the hotel’s other guests. We’ll be showing fun S&H vids you can dance to. Let your hair down and boogie with 50 of your closest friends ‘til the break of… early afternoon? Or feel free to sit and watch some groovy vids. Taya will have some special treats for us.
  1. Raising Hell sung by Trooper, vid by Karen B
  2. Get Off, sung by the Dandy Warhols, vid by Molo
  3. Money and Time, sung by Willie Nelson, vid by Milkweedy
  4. La Vida Loca, sung by Ricky Martin vid by Flamingo & Crow
  5. Bohemian sung by the Dandy Warhols vid by Enednoviel
  6. Sway sung by Dean Martin vid by Cynatnite
  7. Bad Bad Leroy Brown sung by Jim Croce vid by Beth Cambre
  8. Affirmation sung by Savage Garden vid by Dunalqua
  9. Wiggle sung by LMFAO vid by T.M Productions
  10. Beautiful sung by One Direction vid by Amber Raine
  11. What is Hip sung by Tower of Power vid by Molo
  12. Like Steve McQueen sung by Sheryl Crow vid by Bliss
  13. My Life Would Suck Without You sung by Kelly Clarkson vid by kat-byrd
  14. Hippy Hippy Shakes sung by the Swinging Blue Jeans vid by Karen B
  15. I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor vid by Laura McEwan

  • 2018 Premiere Vid Show Saturday 3- 5 pm (after the Awards and the Play)
  1. (Premiere) Enchanted sung by Adam Young, vid by amber Raine
  2. Somewhere in the Night sung by Michael Bublé, vid by Milkweedy
  3. I Touch Myself, sung by The Divinyls, vid by Bliss
  4. (Premiere) When the Night is Over, song by Lord Huron, vid by Strohller27
  5. If I Had a Million Dollars sung by Bare Naked Ladies vid by moondropplette
  6. All Goes Wrong, sung by Chase & Status, vid by kat-byrd
  7. Happier sung by Ed Sheeran vid by Amber Raine
  8. Trailer for Starsky & Hutch by TM Productions
  9. Gibbons Love Story, music by Henry Mancini, vid by CC with help from Molo
  10. (Premiere) In My Blood sung by Shawn Mendes, vid by Amber Raine
  11. Guy Love, from the TV show Scrubs, vid by ____________
  12. (Premiere) Drive sung by Halsey, vid by Garrideb
  13. Black Velvet sung by Alannah Myles, vid by TM Productions
  14. (Premiere) A Fire is Burning sung by Oyster Band, vid by kat-byrd
  15. Anchor sung by Mindy Gledhill, vid by Strohller27
  16. (Premiere) Knocking on Heaven's Door sung by Raign, vid by Amber Raine
  17. (Premiere) Hero, sung by David Crosby, vid by TM Productions
  18. Still the One sung by Orleans vid by Laura McEwan
  • The History of Vidding in SH (vidding panel)
    • The first “song vids” were created by S&H fans. But most of those early efforts will never be available online. How did those creative pioneers figure out you could put a different soundtrack on video tape? Before computers, you needed two VCRs, a stopwatch, a calculator, an audio tape-- well, let Flamingo show you with some amazing early vids.

2018: Con Reports

Me and Thee and Three, a Starsky & Hutch fan podcast, had three episodes involving SHareCon 2018:

  • Episode 18: SHareCon! (Part 1)
    • What do you get when 50-some fans gather in Baltimore to celebrate Starsky & Hutch? SHareCon! Monica and Rachel tell Jen all about the great time they had, the zines and merch they got, the vids they watched, and the games they played!
  • Episode 19: ShareCon (Part 2): The People of SHareCon
    • What do all SHareCon attendees have in common? A love of Starsky and Hutch, and a desire to befriend other fans. Other than that, the differences abound! We set up a microphone at SHareCon and interviewed a flock of fans: fans from the original broadcast run, new fans just discovering the show, long-time con-goers, first-time con-goers, cosplayers, artists, vidders, readers, writers, and editors!
  • Episode 20: ShareCon (Part 3): The Flamingo Special
    • As the current runner of both SHareCon and the S&H Advent Calendar, Flamingo has a big hand in keeping the Starsky & Hutch fandom vibrant and alive. Come listen to Monica and Rachel interview her about what it takes to run a convention, a particularly disastrous SHareCon of the past, and what it takes to be in one fandom for decades.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual Sharecon was held over the weekend of October 15-17, 2021. 120 people from across the world registred.

Convention Reports

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