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Title: Olliethology
Publisher: SH911 Press
Editor(s): Vedette Ciel
Date(s): 2010-
Series?: planned
Medium: print
Size: 225 pages, 100,000 words
Genre: gen and slash
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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Olliethology is a slash and gen Starsky and Hutch fiction, poetry and art anthology.

The zine is named after Ollie, a teddy bear left to Hutch in the episode "Starsky's Lady."

From the Publisher

From the publisher:
Olliethology, is an anthology series of diversified works in the Starsky and Hutch fandom created by SH911 authors. This first-in-the-series mixed zine was incepted by a vision of bringing authors and artists together in this well-established genre to share their interpretations of the world of Bay City. Over a dozen new, established and multi-language authors collaborated with several artists to create works from drabbles, snippets, poetry and novella length stories. Topics range from comedy to romance to drama, in canon and fanon, intermingled with wonderful artistic pieces. Loaded with drawings, every story has an artwork especially created for the authors. Stories of hurt and comfort, slash, romance, AU, drama and action.

Issue 1

Olliethology 1 was published in 2010 and contains 225-pages (100,000 words) . Artists include: Anja, Miss_hs, Moira and Moni K. Creators of poetry and stories include: Chel, Granderobino, Moira, Monika, ProvencePuss, RaffertynObrien, Sparkle, Tatgoat and Vedette Ciel.

cover of issue #1
  • Perfect in Form by Monika (gen) 1
  • Email 101 by Granderobino (slash) 2
  • Solitary by Moira (slash) 8
  • First Kiss by Vedette Ciel (slash) 10
  • Sound of Rushing Blood by Chel (gen) 25
  • Home for Christmas and Morning Glory by Chel (slash) 26
  • Adapting by Vedette Ciel (gen) 29
  • Dreams and Fears by Monika (gen) 30
  • Salvation by Moira (gen) 38
  • Fire and Wash It All Away by Chel (gen 44
  • A Matter of Survival by Sparkle (slash) 45
  • My Stalker by Moira (gen) 70
  • From Darkness to Light by Povencepuss and Anja (gen) 72
  • A Different Kind of History by Tat ("By default I must categorize this story gen. But if it is gen or something else that is for you my reader to decide...") 81
  • Driving Lessons by Chel (gen) 153
  • Sweet Revenge: Ponder On by Moira (gen) 154
  • The Agenda Series by Vedette Ciel (slash) 155

Issue 2

Olliethology 2 was published in 2012 and premiered at SHareCon.

  • Introduction (x)
  • Goodbye by Monika (gen) (1) (gen)
  • Another Second Chance by Hutchynstarsk (gen) (2)
  • Just For a Second by Vedette Ciel (slash) (9)
  • Partners by Sam K.W. (slash) (20)
  • Wounded Knights by RaffertyOBrien (slash) (76)
  • Check Please! by Kuonji (gen) (78)
  • Song For Hutch by Didi (gen) (82)
  • Ollie's Thoughts by Sketchy (gen) (83)
  • On the Dark Side by Sparkle (gen) (87)
  • Growing Pains (part 1 of 3) by Provencepuss (gen) (137)
  • The Jungle and How to Survive It (part 2 of 3) by Provencepuss (gen) (158)
  • The Hat by Barancoire (gen) (191)
  • Dream of Terror by Moira (slash) (197)
  • White Hot by Vedette Ciel (slash) (199)
  • Therapy by Susannah Powell (slash) (204)
  • The Real World by Youtooblondie (poem, slash) (211)
  • The Facing Series Parts 1-3 by Vedette Ciel (slash) (212)
  • A Special Place by Monika (slash) (218)
  • Painted Angel by Vedette Ciel (slash) (219)


  • Soul Kiss by Moni K. (gen) (cover)
  • Vital Need by Moni K. (gen) (2)
  • Partners by Sam K.W. (gen) (20)
  • Gruesome Duty by Moni K. (gen) (76)
  • Ollie's Thoughts by Sketchy (gen) (83)
  • In His Destiny by Moni K. (gen) (137)
  • Artwork by Ana (gen) (158)
  • Being There For You by Moni K. (gen) (192)
  • Starsky in Shorts by Starskinsons (gen) (199)
  • Wet Passion by Moni K. (slash) (210)
  • Facing Reality by Moni K. (gen) (212)
  • Facing Answers by Anja (gen) (214)
  • Facing Despair by Moni K. (gen) (216)
  • Sleeping Hutch by Starskinsons (gen) (228)

Issue 3

Olliethology 3 was published in 2012 and premiered at SHareCon.

  • Introduction (x)
  • Hot and Cold by Monika (gen) (1)
  • Inner Dialogue by Didi (slash) (2)
  • Heartstrings by Vedette Ciel (gen) (5)
  • Corridors by Hutchynstarsk (gen) (12)
  • Joy Ride by Kuonji (gen) (46)
  • The Decision by Monika (slash) (53)
  • Going Postal by Vedette Ciel (slash) (56)
  • My Hair Like Jesus Wore It by Your_Woman_Now (slash) (61)
  • Tested by Vedette Ciel (slash) (99)
  • Finding His Feet (part 3 of 3) by Provencepuss (gen) (107)
  • On the Dark Side (part 2 of 2) by Sparkle 731 (gen) (125)
  • Baron by Anxious Alien (slash) (199)
  • Tone of Voice by Moira (slash) (215)
  • Huggy's Game by Susannah Powell (slash) (217)
  • Because You Love Me by Youtooblondie (poem, slash) (231)
  • The Facing Series Parts 4-6 by Vedette Ciel (slash) (232)


  • Burdens of Life by Moni K. (gen) (cover)
  • Starsky & Hutch by Hutcherie (gen) (4)
  • Starsky by Miss H. S. (gen) (46)
  • Final Decision by Moni K. (gen) (54)
  • Safe Again Tears by Moni K. (gen) (64)
  • Fixing Hand by Moni K. (gen) (100)
  • Bound in Pain by Moni K. (gen) (124)
  • Savior in the Dark by Moni K. (gen) (200)
  • Impassioned by Moni K. (slash) (214)
  • Facing Pain by Moni K. (gen) (232)
  • Facing Confessions by Moni K. (slash) (234)
  • Facing Home by Moni K. (slash) (236)