I Remember LA

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Title: I Remember LA
Creator: Tolbran
Date: 1997?
Format: VCR
Music: Celine Dion's "I Remember LA"
Genre: gen?
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Footage: UNSUB

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I Remember LA is a vid by Tolbran.

One place it appears is on Starsky & Hutch Historical Vids.


"Use of a different show to create a different reality -- one of the few sad SH vids. The other who was UNSUB, starring David Soul, which only aired 8 eps. The show was about serial killers and the people who hunted them, but networks thought it was too dark a subject matter. It was ahead of its time." [1]

Reactions and Reviews

Yes, [I Remember LA] was strictly from Hutch's POV, and this vid works on every level. In the first place, it is about Hutch not being Hutch anymore, (as in Starsky and...) but having a different career in a different place, being essentially *someone else*, so the use of extra source material was very appropriate (there would been *no way* to do this terrific vid using just source material from SH), and the clip use was masterful. The subject matter and the way it was handled totally knocked me out the first time I saw it (I believe Zcon 97?) While SH fans are notorious for not wanting to see the guys separated, I don't know an SH fan who doesn't like the vid because of the way it was done (they may find it too sad for repeated viewings). It is also extremely rare in that it is a *sad* SH vid, almost unique in that. (The vid proposes the guys are separated for good.) It is one of my absolutely favorite vids of all time, and probably more responsible for me doing vids than anything else. (Yet, I'm not ready to try my hand at anything "serious" yet. Plain chicken, I guess.) [2]


  1. ^ from Flamingo, Starsky & Hutch Historical Vids
  2. ^ In 2000, Flamingo posted this review of "I Remember LA" to the Vidder mailing list. It is reposted here with permission.