Morgan Logan

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Name: Morgan Logan
Alias(es): Agent Molo, Molo, Arrow, Esteefee
Type: Slash and Gen Writer, Vidder and Artist
URL: Department of Homoerotic Investigations
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Fannish Biography

Morgan Logan discovered fandom pathetically late in life, and as such can be deemed somewhat developmentally challenged. However, she attacked Starsky & Hutch fandom in June of 2004 with an unprecedented vigor and by September of that year had published her first slash story, Blue. Unwary fans were thoughtless enough to encourage her in her porny endeavors, and soon she engaged the two policemen in other unseemly adventures, followed quickly by her first zine publication, Torn.

Agent Molo has since written over 70 slash and gen stories and novellas in Starsky and Hutch and created 15 vids and various artworks, most of which are available on her website. She is also the President, Vice President, Director of Finance, Secretary, Minister of Propaganda, and provider of canapés for the Starsky & Hutch Appreciation Society, a shady organization which meets irregularly at an undisclosed location.

interior art she designed for one of her stories in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions #4

Note: Agent Molo has been recently been working undercover on authoring Homoerotic Documentary Materials under the top sekrit pseudonyms Arrow and Esteefee.



  • June 2004 - Molo purchases Season 1 of S&H in a fit of nostalgia.
  • Late June 2004 - Molo goes on the Internet in search of finding out when Season 2 will be released, and discovers a 'fan fiction' archive.
  • July 2004 - Molo is exposed to her first slash story. Her eyeballs fall out.
  • Sept 2004 - Molo starts writing her first fiction ever. She publishes Blue online and freaks out.
  • Sept 2004 - Hanging On (gen) is published online.
  • Oct 2004 - Molo attends her very first Con, SHarecon.
  • Oct 2004 - Molo publishes her first zine, Torn.
  • Oct 2004 - Riptide is published in the ShareCon zine.
  • Nov 2004 - Family Loyalty (gen) is published online.
  • Nov 2004 - Many Moons is published online.
  • Nov 2004 - Comes the Flood is published online.
  • Nov 2004: attends Bascon and secretly transmits her Notes from the underground: BASCon (2004) report
  • Jan 2005 - Regrets is published online.
  • Feb 2005 - Touch is published online.
  • Feb 2005 - Trust is published online.
  • Feb 2005 - Don't You Know is published online.
  • Mar 2005 - Remember Him is published in Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 3.
  • May 2005 - Precious Things is posted for Me&Thee "Make Hutch Sneeze" Challenge
  • Jun 2005 - A Good Deed is published online.
  • Jul 2005 - Molo gets ambitious when Equilibrium (novella) is published online.