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Are you looking for SHareCon (Starsky and Hutch convention)?

Title: SHareCon
Publisher: SHareCon
Editor(s): Flamingo
Date(s): 2000-
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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The SHareCon zine contains both gen and slash. It is published every two years for the SHareCon convention in Maryland.

Wanna Share? is this zine's predecessor.


cover of issue #1, 2000

SHareCon 2000 has 67 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: 2000

[The Trouble with Stakeouts]: Why this must be read: Starsky's mad and it's all about the lack of sex. "We had time," Starsky repeated. "What one of us didn't have was desire. That simple." But Starsky gets his and Hutch is all the things a good partner should be, even in the confines of the Torino. Huggy's discovery just makes a good thing even better. [1]


cover of issue #2, 2002

SHareCon 2002 has 82 pages.

Reactions and Reviews: 2002

[It's a Wonderful Life]: Like the old movie asks, how does our presence affect those around us? We may think others would be better off without us, but is that necessarily true? Starsky's about to find out. Hutch and he had a fight where the last thing Hutch said to him was that Starsky was the worst thing that ever happened to him. It may be the last thing either of them remember about the other because immediately after that Hutch was hit by a car. Now Starsky thinks that Hutch was right, maybe everyone would be better off if Starsky hadn't ever been in their lives. Huggy sets out to prove him wrong.... So many instances: Humphries, the herion, Vanessa, Gillian, etc. So many times when Starsky was there, able to save Hutch time and again. But without Starsky around, what becomes of Hutch? Huggy reveals all and it's a sobering reality. Starsky learns his lesson well, but will Hutch wake up so that they can get back what they had? [2]
[Lingering]: Set during Sweet Revenge, this was originally in the SHarecon 2002 zine. Simplicity is often more powerful than complication. It starts out as a memory, Ruth Starsky remembering back to when her child was small and had a tendancy to linger. And he continued, throughout his life, to linger. He spent time exploring the world, his place in it, and the beauty that it held. Ruth has come to understand that is her son's gift, to linger and explore and love in his own way. It's what makes him special and makes him unique. [3]
[Talkin' Dirty Bingo and Cheap Toupees]: What other story features a 4 lb. Yorkie (2 lbs. of it teeth), a careening detective Hutchinson crashing into a door on a chase and nearly knocking himself out (“He was holding his nose. ‘Freeze! Bolice!’ he mumbled”), Huggy as a minister (at the ‘First Tabernacle of the Temple of Righteous Compensation,’ no less), and a couple of detectives caught performing a sexual act on Dobey’s desk that includes toupee frottage? Nobody does it quite like Flamingo [4]


cover of issue #3, 2004

SHareCon 2004 has 100 pages. It has been archived online here.


interior art by Enednoviel, Sharecon 2006
cover of issue #4, 2006, by LAPinn

SHareCon 2006 has 79 pages. Cover Illo is by LAPinn. Interior art: Lorraine Brevig and Enednoviel.


cover of issue #5, 2008

SHareCon 2008 has 111 pages.

  • Almost by Dana Austin Marsh (slash)
  • Buggy Wear and the Perky by L. A. Pinn (slash)
  • Close But No Cigar by Pepper Ckua (slash)
  • The Cowboy Code by Pepper Ckua (slash)
  • Decision by Elizabeth Lowry (slash)
  • Dirty Stories and Dirty Underwear or Steve Jobs… by Flamingo and Ro (slash)
  • Dr. Hutchinson: Variation on a Theme 1 by Barrie, poem
  • Dr. Hutchinson: Variation on a Theme 2 by Barrie, poem
  • Electricity by April Valentine (slash)
  • Behind Door Number Three by Dana Austin Marsh (slash)
  • A Little Less Conversation (slash) by LilyK (slash)
  • The Next Step by Ea (slash)
  • Not Now, Not Anytime by Karen B. (gen)
  • Odds Against by Dawnwind (slash)
  • Realization by Viv (slash)
  • Searching the Darkness for Stars by Dawnwind (slash)
  • White by Laura McEwan (slash)
  • You Promised… by Mary Louise Fisher (slash)


SHareCon 2010 has 109 pages.

From the zine flyer: the zine contains:
slash and gen short stories by Dawnwind, xtexan86, Nicky Gabriel, Cyanne, Angel, Laura McEwan, Missy LeHand, Jatona P. Walker, Barrie (MASHFanficChick), LilyK, Chel, jane, mah, Dana Austin Marsh, and another "Venice Place" tale by Rosemary and Flamingo. There are a number of short vignettes by Suz, art and poetry by Vedette Ciel and Moni K., and art pieces by Nicol Tyler, Nicky Gabriel, and Lorraine Brevig. In addition there are puzzles by Hutchlover, a zebra bookmark and a Torino origami by SHaron, Dungeons & Dragons character sheets by Dorothy, and an updated S&H Info sheet by Kat. Cover illo by L A. Pinn.

Complete table of contents.

  • Impossible by Dawnwind
  • Starsky & Hutch film classics by Suz (tm)
  • Holding Quicksilver by Lorraine
  • No Regrets by xtexan86
  • Starsky & Hutch film classics by Suz (tm)
  • Zebra bookmark by SHaron
  • Place on Earth by Nicky Gabriel
  • Stakeout by Cyanne
  • Answer Box Puzzle by Hutchlover
  • No Storms Come by Angel
  • Love Me by Nicky Gabriel
  • A Golden Devil's Angel by Laura McEwan
  • Starsky & Hutch film classics by Suz (tm)
  • Dungeon & Dragons Character Sheets by Dorothy
  • Joy by Lorraine
  • Calling on Sunday by Missy LeHand
  • Starsky & Hutch film classics by Suz (tm)
  • Love is the Key by Jatona P. Walker
  • Coming Home by Barrie (MASHfanficchick)
  • Words Between Us by LilyK
  • Code Word Puzzle by Hutchlover
  • The Mother Lode by Chel
  • Saying goodbye by Jane
  • Starsky & Hutch film classics by Suz (tm)
  • Torino Origami by SHaron
  • Conundrum by Vedette Ciel and MoniK
  • Embrace by Nicol Tyler
  • Morning Glow by Dawnwind
  • Starsky & Hutch film classics by Suz (tm)
  • Puzzle Answers by Hutchlover
  • The Things I Cannot Change by Dana Austin Marsh
  • The Droid Wars by Rosemary C and Flamingo
  • Starsky and Hutch Info by Kat
  • Cabrillo Con and Zine ads
  • Hand to Hand and Heart to Heart by Lorraine


SHareCon 2012 contains 99 pages and was published in 2012. It contains a color illustration by Lorraine Brevig.

cover of 2012
  • Candle on the Water by Dawnwind (1)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (7)
  • Cover and Protect by Nicol Tyler (8)
  • Unfinished Business by Nicky Gabriel (9)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (12)
  • Interregnum by Moni K. and Vedette Ciel (13)
  • What's In A Name by Heather Powers (15)
  • Starsky & Hutch Episode Titles Word Search by Deb Walsh (16)
  • Helping Scars Heal by xtexan86 (30)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (31)
  • David Soul Portrait by Enednoviel (31)
  • She Didn't Ask by Dana Austin Marsh (33)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (35)
  • Starsky & Hutch Christmas Bauble by SHaron (36)
  • Starsky & Hutch Word Search by Cyanne (39)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (40)
  • Say what, now? by Deb Walsh (42)
  • The Visiting Team by Nicky Gabriel (43)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (44)
  • Those New Car Blues, A Bay City Adventure by LilyK
  • tv on mute by youtooblondie
  • Starsky & Hutch Episode Titles Word Search Answers by Deb Walsh (50)
  • Chasing Cars by April Valentine (51)
  • S&H Film Fun by Suz(tm) (60)
  • Starsky and Hutch Word Search Answers by Cyanne (61)
  • Cabrillo Con & New Zines (62)
  • Viral Hutch by Rosemary C. and Flamingo (63)
  • 2012 Offerings by The SH911 Press (93)
  • Starsky & Hutch on the Internet 2012 (95)
  • Art by Lorraine Brevig (back cover)


cover of the 2014 issue
From the editor:
The cover for the 2014 SHareCon zine is a lovely celebration of the names our boys have for each other. Some endearments are the same, some are halves of a whole, and others are unique to the character of each man, but all of them say Starsky & Hutch and the love they have for each other.

It's a joy to be editing this zine once again; this is my fifth zine and seventh SHareCon overall. Once again, our con members, supporters, and friends have come through with wonderful stories, art, poems, puzzles, and crafts, each of which is very different but shows the common love we have for Starsky & Hutch. I hope you have as much fun reading as I did compiling.

Each creator has an email address listed. Please consider dropping them a line to let them know what you thought. Feedback doesn't have to be long to be greatly appreciated.

I'm thrilled to be one of the crazy people bringing you this year's SHareCon and we hope that you have a wonderful time at the con, whether you are attending in person or with us in spirit.

The content is almost all online here.

  • SHarecon 2014 Cover by L.A. Pinn and Flamingo
  • Front Cover (above)
  • SHareCon 2014 Logo Art by L A Pinn
  • Table of Contents
  • Note from the Editor by Cyanne & SHareCon Committee
  • Rings by Lisa C
  • Parry and Thrust by Dawnwind
  • Come Here by kat-byrd
  • The Difference Between Now and Forever by Dawnwind
  • Starsky & Hutch Word Search by dotsonga
  • Him by wightfaerie
  • Angel Starsky by kat-byrd
  • Angel Hutch by kat-byrd
  • Just a Case of Misspelling by Sam KW (samudee)
  • Where I Belong by Sparkle731
  • Looking at 40 by Lisa C
  • Offer Up Your Best Defense by Cyanne
  • Tender Moment by Virginia Sky
  • Not Quite A Hundred Percent by Blackbird Song
  • Husky and Starch by Duluth and Anachron
  • Hawaiian Undertaking by Kathy Windrain
  • Starsky and Hutch by Annie
  • Starsky & Hutch Do Bay City by LilyK
  • Sofa City by Lisa C
  • Retirement by Lucy
  • Fifty Shades of Cake by wightfaerie
  • Starsky & Hutch Word Search Answer Key by dotsonga
  • Annoyed Starsky & Dejected Hutch by sagitta (pending)
  • Hand Against the Wall by Lucy
  • Closing in on Three A.M. by Mary Louise Fisher
  • Red Sky at Night by Dawnwind
  • Friend of the Devil by Cyanne
  • Origami Zebra by SHaron
  • Weekend in the Woods by Amber Raine (pending)
  • Being Psychic by Lucy
  • Starsky & Hutch Do Bay City Answer Key by LilyK
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes... by Flamingo and Rosemary (an example of tuckerization)
  • Starsky & Hutch by Lorraine
  • Back Cover by Lorraine


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