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Name: The Torino, a 1975 two-door Ford Gran Torino
Occupation: car
Relationships: Starsky and the Torino are real tight. Hutch and the Torino, not so much
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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Starsky and his second love, inside art from the zine Evolution, artist is Lorraine Brevig

The Torino is Starsky’s beloved car, a vehicle Hutch claims to dislike.

In canon, Starsky only refers to his car as “The Torino” only a handful of times, but it is the name fans almost universally use. Hutch refers to it, among other things, as a “two-ton piece of junk” and “striped tomato.”

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Starsky’s Devotion to His Car in Fanon

The Torino as a Symbol of Starsky’s Ability to Return to the Streets

In the last episode of the show, Starsky is shot a number of times as he and Hutch are getting into the Torino. Both he and the car sustain massive damage. One popular subject with fans is the Torino’s repair, almost always at the capable hands of Merle the Earl, the Customizing Pearl.

The Torino Origin Story

Another popular subject fans explore is when, where and how Starsky first bought the Torino.

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Some Torino-centric Fiction

Gallery of the Torino in Art

The Iconic Torino Stripe

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