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Synonyms: Characters Exceedingly Fond of Their Mode of Transport
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See Also: Anthropomorfic
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I Love My Car! (Spaceship, Ship, Whatever) is a trope found in some fandoms where one of the characters displays a very strong attachment to their vehicle (or spaceship or blue box).

Many fanworks in the fandom will remark on the loyalty and love shown to the ship or car, and some may ascribe sentience or feelings to (and being returned by) the vessel or car.

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

Doctor Who

Fans have been convinced of The Doctor's warm regard for his time-and-space-traveling vessel the TARDIS for a very long time, going so far as to ship The Doctor/TARDIS[1]well prior to the 2011 episode The Doctor's Wife where the pairing pretty much became canon.

  • See the TARDIS page for more background and links to Doctor/TARDIS pairing fics.


Fans have paired engineer Kaylee Frye with the Serenity, the Firefly-class cargo-spaceship most of the show and film's action takes place on.

Gundam Wing

The five pilots have relationships with their Gundams of various closeness. The Gundams sometimes show up in fanworks - usually in a gen capacity but there are a few Pilot/Gundam stories[2].

Knight Rider

Michael Knight and his car, KITT, were friends as well as partners, in fighting crime.[3][4]

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow is really very fond of his ship, The Black Pearl, isn't he?

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

Ryu Nakanishi aka The Owl/G5 drives the team's ship, the God Phoenix, and is quite devoted to its well-being. One particular author took it a step further as to actually ship them together, even giving the ship a human form named Naolin.

Star Trek

"She's a beautiful lady, and we love her," is a line from canon, one Captain James T. Kirk seemed to take to heart. Some would say he is more devoted to the U.S.S. Enterprise than to any woman.... [5]

Stargate Atlantis

In SGA fanworks, the city (which flies, so also a spaceship) or the Puddlejumpers may be described as having very strong (warm or possessive) feelings for John Sheppard more often than the other way around. Sheppard has been paired with the city in several fanworks.

  • In Coup by rageprufrock, "Rodney and Atlantis trade bodies and a fight for John's luv ensues." Pairings: John/Atlantis, John/Rodney. (2006)
  • In The Best Thing by elayna88, Atlantis takes on Rodney's shape and offers John emotional and sexual comfort in his loneliness. (2005)
  • See the Sentient Atlantis page for links to more fics featuring a close connection (romantic/sexual, and not) between Sheppard and Atlantis.

Starsky & Hutch

Starsky's love of his car, The Torino, is very clear in canon, leading to a number of fanworks building on it.


Dean Winchester's devotion to his car, The Impala, is obvious in canon[6], leading to the Impala regularly featuring as a character in her own right devoted to Dean and his happiness in gen and slash fanworks, and to the Impala herself being paired with Dean[7] in multiple fanworks.

  • See the Dean/Impala page for links to several pairing fics.


  1. The TARDIS has also been paired with Captain Jack Harkness, but since he's been paired with everyone and everything, this does not seem to have negatively affected Doctor/TARDIS OTP-ers.
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  7. Sometimes, though more rarely, the Impala is paired with both Winchester brothers.