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Sentient!Atlantis is a popular trope in Stargate Atlantis fandom. Although there is little canon evidence for the idea that the city of Atlantis is sentient, it frequently shows up in fanworks.

Debris K.'s Sentient!Atlantis Fanfics blog lists over 100 fanfiction stories by nearly as many authors.[1]


External Links

  • Atlantis Alive LJ community, a community for "discussion, episode analysis, fiction, art, icons, music vids, and links related to the idea that the city of Atlantis as depicted in Stargate:Atlantis is itself/herself/zirself a character."[2]
  • The Sentient!Atlantis Fics Weblog maintained by Debris K.: "the new and improved home of the Sentient!Atlantis Fic Table... a series of posts for the Stargate Atlatis stories which fit the Sentient!Atlantis category, in a one story per post format." It tags stories by whether Atlantis communicates, meddles, has feelings, or is regarded as female (or not).


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