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Spaceships are a staple of science fiction and a popular subject in fanart and other fanworks, as well as in professionally produced comics, television shows, films, and cover art.

Real-life spacecraft, especially NASA vehicles, are also the subjects of fanworks.

Any spaceship depicted on television or in film is guaranteed, sooner or later, to show up in someone's fanart. Spaceships are also a staple of model building and fan craft. Technical specs for spaceships are a common type of fanwork, especially in Star Trek, and spaceships feature heavily in canon resource compendia for sf sources.

In media and slash fanzines and online fanfic-producing fandoms, spaceships are less likely to be the subject of fanworks; this is due in part to the emphasis on characters and relationships in fanfic, but also due to the popularity of non-sf canon sources. However, fans have been known to add spaceships back in if the canon is lacking.

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